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So here I sit wondering what Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks are doing. Wondering what type of team we will field this upcoming season. Wondering who will help Dirk survive this upcoming season. We lost Deron Williams, but to be honest, I was not expecting to get him without Dallas making a move for a real third scoring option. It's Dirk and who else? What make the title run so special is that they came together as a team that understood their roles, and played them to basketball perfection. You don't need more than one superstar if you have the right pieces in place that are a real threat to score offensively, and can play solid defensive at the other end. Case in point, during that magic championship run, Dallas limited the damage that LeBron James did, while basically eliminating any damage by Mario Chalmers or Mike Miller and the rest of the bench. Whereas Dallas' bench dominated with Deshawn Stevenson, Jason Terry, JJ Barea, and gang scoring points and either kept Dallas in games or took over games. Remember Peja Stojakovic and Jason Terry blowing the Lakers out in Game 4 of the Western Conference second round playoff series? So if Dallas is to improve, what should they do now? I have an opinion on that matter. Like to hear it? Hear it go! First, Dallas must identify players that will be a real threat offensively, yet can play solid defense. Since I know that Dallas is not in the mood to spend a great deal, let's try and identify players that will be affordable, yet will improve the team from last season. Ramon Sessions is in talks with Dallas right now so I will suspect he might be a Maverick soon. He would be a interesting addition because he does play good defense. However, he is inconsistent offensively. The player I would go after if I were the Mavs is JERRHD BAYLESS. You have to respect this kid on both sides of the ball. He has the potential to become a real star in the league in his own right. He is young, athletic, and explosive. And on top of all of this, Bayless is plain fearless. Since Toronto rescinded their qualifying offer, he is unrestricted. Dallas go get him@!! Dallas won't give up on Rodrigue Beaubois so he is not going anywhere. And I must say that Bayless as the starter and Delonte West as the backup is not a bad pair of point guards. At the 2 guard, personally I would have go back to get DeShawn Stevenson. Loved him in Dallas. But that is that. Dallas did draft Jared Cunningham and Jae Crowder. I would work these two guys in this position. Who will you play? Dominique Jones? Roddy-B? Vince Carter will be a decent for a time but his best days are behind him but he is what we got at the 2. So with that Carter will be the starter with Cunningham and Crowder coming off the bench. Bye bye Dominique Jones. Now this is where it gets interesting. We have Shawn Marion at Small Forward. Love him. He is my starter. But how about trying to add someone like Nic Batum. I know he is restricted but he is a talent that would improve our team. Derrick Brown would be an interesting addition as well. I would prefer Batun but I would like Brown and what he brings. He brings energy, toughness, and a defensive presence. What he also brings is a few nice points off the bench. I will combine the power forward and center together. But let me digress. I imagined Lamar Odom being a force for Dallas but, well, you know how that turned out. Dirk does not play great defense. So when he is out, I want a defensive minded power forward. Jared Jeffries comes to mind. Great defender who I think can play the 4 and 5. Imagine him playing the 5. Can he be successful at the 5? Dallas did draft Bernard James as a center. Not sure what he brings but man, having Jeffries and James would make for one tough group of defenders but they will not produce a great deal of points. Sign Chris Humphries. With Dirk and Chris at the 4, Jeffires giving you time a the 4 and 5 with James, this does not sound too bad to me. Not championship but very respectful and you have pieces to trade to go after some big free agent next season. What do you think.


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