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The Stack returns on this Tuesday ready to talk about the home run derby last night as well as some of the other top headlines in sports.  It's a shorter blog today, but we still have plenty of good stuff to talk about so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, July 10:

1. Prince Fielder wins home run derby

For the second time in the last four years Prince Fielder is the the home run derby champion.  Sneaking in as the last player to make it out of the first round, Fielder brought the lumber in each of the next two rounds, hitting eleven in the second round and then twelve in the finals to top Jose Bautista 12-7.  Multiple shots went into the fountain in right field to the delight of the fans.  But Fielder wasn't the big story coming out of the home run derby.  Nor was the fact that the captains of each roster failed miserably.  Matt Kemp hit one homerun for the national team.  Robinson Cano hit none, zip, nada, squadoosh for the american team.

The big story was Cano getting booed relentlessly by the crowd, many of them Royals fans.  Every ball he got a piece of that didn't go out, well for that matter every pitch he saw he didn't get out of the park, fans cheered like crazy.  What do Royals fans, what does Kansas City have against Cano?  What did he ever do to them?  Tough to say, but unless you're a New York Yankees fan, everyone hates the Yankees.  Still, I don't recall any Yankee getting booed the way Cano did last night, especially at a home run derby.  Were the fans having fun?  Most likely.  I'm not going to say this was all in bad taste because I don't think it was.  It was a tad sad, but very funny.  The fans kept the boos coming throughout the entire Cano at bat.  Cano understood why, but it had to bother him at least a little bit.  Next year, what will you remember more, Fielder winning the derby or Cano getting booed?  Most likely it will be Cano getting booed.  At least it will be for me.  I'll take your thoughts on this.

As for the all-star game which begins at 7:30 PM ET on FOX, Justin Verlander takes the mound for the American League against Matt Cain who gets the start for the National League.  The national league has won the past few all-star games and as everyone should now by now, the winner of the all-star game has homefield advantage in the World Series.  Granted they won't be on the mound long, but Verlander is better than Cain, despite Cain's perfect game.  Why isn't R.A. Dickey from the New York Mets starting?  Cain is probably the better pick.  It should be a good game.  Recently, we've seen low scoring all-star games as pitching has dominated.  I see no reason for that to change, but I like the american league pulling out the win 5-3.  Kansas City has been a great host so far and Kauffman Stadium is beautiful.  I see no reason why tonight won't be an overwhelming success.  Enjoy it.

2. Other sports headlines

The Brooklyn Nets are closing in on acquiring Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic.  The proposed trade involves four teams: the Nets, the Magic, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Clippers.  There are a lot of moving parts to this trade and nothing is finalized yet, but this trade looks like it will get done.  They finally will get their man...The New York Knicks got their man in Marcus Camby in a sign-and-trade with the Houston Rockets.  The Knicks sent several players to the Rockets for Camby, but he will help bolster the Knicks defense.  The Knicks, in adding Kidd and Camby may have gotten older, but they are better today than they were two weeks ago.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has hired Roger Clemens former attorney Rusty Hardin to defend him against the charge of resisting arrest early Saturday morning at a Houston night club.  In fact, Hardin says that Peterson is the "victim" in all of this.  Peterson suffered a black eye when he was taken down and Hardin says that if Peterson had pushed the off-duty police officer, that more charges other than resisting arrest would have been pursued.  Fair points, but we still need to see the video of the incident before believing one party over the other.  More facts will come here soon...And it is looking increasingly likely that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees will not sign a long-term extension and will play under the franchise tag.  That would be $16.371 million to play this year.  That would possibly mean that the Saints would have to pay Brees over $23 million the following year.  Why the Saints are taking forever to sign Brees to a long-term deal is beyond me and experts everywhere.  Brees helped deliver a Super Bowl to the city.  The Saints would be nowhere without Brees.  They should give him a blank check and say, "name your price."  The Saints need something good to happen after what has been a nightmare offseason with the bounty scandal.   This is not helping.

And finally, the buzz in Minnesota regarding the Wild's signing of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter still hasn't died down.  Over 2,000 new season tickets have been purchased and jerseys are flying off the shelves.  The pair was introduced at a press conference yesterday in front of a ton of fans and media members.  The Wild may be the NHL's version of the Miami Heat.  A lot of expectations are on their shoulders.  I think they're ready for the challenge.


Not sure about a blog for Wednesday.  If there is one, all-star game talk and NBA trades will lead it I'm sure.

Coming up later this week: Reaction to sports biggest headlines.

Comments and suggestions on what to write about are always welcomed and appreciated.


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