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As many Dallas Mavericks fans can attest, see signing after signing, and trade after trade made many of us think that Dallas was going to throw out on the court  a D League team along with Dirk Nowitzki and say "Play ball".  Now things have changed ever so slightly in Maverickland with the signing of Chris Kaman and the trade for Darren Collison and Dahntay Jones (sometimes parents get too creative when spelling names, huh).  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  So just going by this, we have:

PG-Darren Collison/Robby Beaubois

SG-Vince Carter/Jared Cunningham/Dominique Jones

SF-Shawn Marion/Jae Crowder

PF-Dirk Nowitzki/(Elton Brand if signed)/Brandon Wright

C-Chris Kaman/Elton Brand if signed)/Brandon Wright/Bernard James

Better, not great but it has peaked my interest.  We now have a point guard that can defend the quick points in the league and be effective as a penetrator, distributor, and shooter.  Few are quicker than Roddy B, but he plays so out of control and he is so inconsistant.  There was hope that he could turn into something special, but I think that hope is gone.  However, if he can take a big step forward, he still could become a solid point guard in the NBA.  This year might be his last in Dallas.  Vince Carter best days are far behind him, but he still demands respect when he is on the court.  But I do hope that Jared Cunningham can turn those talks of him being Russell Westbrook like (but more controlled) into reality.  If he can and if he is, we might have one of the quickest, youngest, and most talented backcourts in the league next season.  Shawn Marion is getting older but he plays with the heart of a 27 year old.  His defense is greatness and with Collison around, he will help improve the Mavs defensively and take some pressure off of Marion.  The selection of Crowder might be a Shawn Marion starter kit.  His passion for the game, his toughness and heart, and his defense is Crowder's calling card.   I am interested in seeing him play just to see if he can be a legit 3 in the NBA.  The drafting of Bernard James allows Dallas to move Brandon Wright to his more natural position of Power Forward.  And if Dallas does get Elton Brand, then Dallas will be able to play Wright at the 4 and 5 positions.  Not too bad.    As an former soldier myself, the player I am rooting for the most is Bernard James.  No he will never be a star, and if you expect great offensive numbers from him forget it.  But what he can do is make his mark defensively.  I see him in the D-Leagues playing for the Texas Legends.  But if he can get his poor footwork, smooth out some of that rawness, and improve his game offensively, I can see him being a solid center coming off the bench.  If Dallas is able to sign Elton Brand, that changes things a lot.  Brand would not only back up Dirk, but would be our backup for Kaman as well.  He might even end up as the starter at the center position.  His presence along would improve our inside game tremendously.  What would I do if I were the Mavericks?  I would go after another point guard and 2 or a 3.  for the point guard I would attemt to sign Jerryd Bayless.  Maybe I am the only one but I think Collison and Bayless would be a nasty point guard tandem.  Nest I will throw out a name for you.....wait for it......wait for it.......almost there..........Carl Landry.  Having Marion and Landry as our small fowards would be nice and and I actually think give this team a change to not only make the playoffs but advance in the playoffs.  Plus you now have trade bait.  With this team, you could look them down and add Al Jefferson and Monte Ellis next season at Center and you have a team that could do more than compete.  The worst thing that can happen to a team is mediocroty.  Right now Dallas is hanging right there.  I think some added additions would save Dallas that fate, help to get players for next season, and still have the cap space that Mark Cuban desires.  What do you guys think?

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