There's no crying in Baseball!

If the American League wants to continue to use the DH as part of their game, okay. However, it is time to drop the DH position in MLB.

Why? Well, to start with it is not even used anymore. Of the 14 teams in the AL only 6 have legitimate DH positions labeled to a player. That being Boston, Cleveland, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Toronto and of late, Baltimore.

All the other teams in the league fill the DH on the line up cards basically by committee. They use one of their "bench players" for the DH role for that particular game.

Even though I am at heart, a NL fan, I understand all the arguments about using the DH to make the games more interesting. I have heard all the adages about how a player can extend his career in the American League if he can still hit. But the truth is, the AL teams do not use those older guys for those roles anymore. They do NOT want to pay large salaries for guys to come off the bench and only hit.

There are those very rare exceptions like David Ortiz and Travis Hafner. Big Papi has only played in the field 7 games this year and Hafner has not played in the field in like, well, forever.

However, Encarnarcion and Montero have played in the field in over half the games they have been in yet they are still listed as DHs.

I heard that Eldred for Detroit has been designated for assignment due to his troubles trying to fill the role of DH. And with the signing of Thome over to Baltimore that leaves us with a grand total of 7 players with the designation of DH. That is seven total from 14 teams all of whom use someone as a DH every game.

Keep the DH spot on the line up card, just drop the DH as a position designation. The announcers of the game could give a short intro like, "and batting DH for the Yankees today will be 1st Baseman, Freddie Fuchitall." Big Papi could even be announced as, "batting DH for the Red Sox is 1st Baseman David Ortiz."

There is only about 3 truly used as only Designated Hitters anyway so I say lets get rid of the term.

July 16, 2012  11:41 PM ET

Your so called non-legitimate AL DH players would be the 1st players to come in PH on a NL team. So why not let them PH or DH in the 1st or 2nd inning?

July 17, 2012  08:38 AM ET

Your so called non-legitimate AL DH players would be the 1st players to come in PH on a NL team. So why not let them PH or DH in the 1st or 2nd inning?

I think you missed my point. I am NOT saying kill the DH in the line up. Just quit using DH as a position designator.

July 17, 2012  12:24 PM ET

Just keep that lazy-**** designation (DH) outta the National.

July 18, 2012  02:21 PM ET

I hate the DH, but I'm too tired today to list the myriad of reasons.

July 18, 2012  02:42 PM ET

All the reasons except, "I don't want to see any automatic out when the pitcher comes up" has become obsolete. And at that, IF managers and coaches alike would have their pitchers put in more work, not all of them would be such an automatic out.

July 19, 2012  06:53 PM ET

"I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter."

the smartest thing said in the movie Bull Durham.


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