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The Stack is back on this Wednesday with a couple of quick things to touch on.  Kind of a quiet day in the world of sports.  I'll have a British Open preview tomorrow published before the tournament gets underway (4:30 AM ET on ESPN).  For those of you wanting to get up that early, and yes I will be among them, it promises to be an exciting tournament.  What happened yesterday that is leading headlines?  Let's find out in "the stack" for today, Wednesday, July 18:

Knicks opt not to match Lin offer sheet

The New York Knicks at one point said they were going to match whatever offer Jeremy Lin was signed to.  Last night, that ended up not being the case as the Knicks declined to match the three-year $25 million deal that Lin got from the Houston Rockets.  The major sticking point for the Knicks was the $15 million that Lin is due to receive in the third year of the contract.  Carmelo Anthony surely must agree with this decision.  He was wondering why the Knicks would even think about doing it a couple of days ago.  Sure he eventually backpeddled enough to say that he did want Lin back, but Anthony really didn't.  I can actually see both sides to this.  What Lin did to revitalize the New York Knicks last year was extraordinary.  Everywhere you went in New York you saw Lin jerseys and shirts.  Sure the craze was very much overblown, but there is no denying just how enthusiastic fans were about Knicks basketball again.  And Lin had some pretty good games.  Very good as a matter of fact.  But can he put up similar numbers on a consistent night-in, night-out basis?  I have my doubts.  It would be nice if Lin proves me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath on this one.  Going to Houston though is a good move.  With all of the success that the Rockets had with Yao Ming in terms of marketing and revenue making, it was a success.  They won't get quite that much from Lin, but they'll gladly trade that in for some playoff success.

In other NBA news, O.J. Mayo signed with the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic are engaging in more trade talks regarding Dwight Howard.  Just trade him already.  Howard says he won't sign an extension in L.A., but he may very well reconsider if the Lakers reach the NBA Finals this year.  Who knows though.  Just get the damn thing done already. 


Banner says to take down JoePa statue

While this isn't huge news, it is an excuse to plug yesterday's blog with my thoughts on the whole Penn State dilemma on the state of their football program.  First off, the university it will respond within a few days to the NCAA inquiries as to what penalties the university is going to impose to its football program.  No matter what the unversity decides is appropriate, the NCAA needs to come down much harder.  Like I said yesterday, the death penalty is acceptable to me as long as the current players are allowed to transfer and play immediately plus gain an extra year of eligibility and you help the other sports at Penn State that rely on the football revenue stay afloat.  We'll see what the university comes out with.  My guess is it won't be much.  Simply tearing down the statue, putting a bowl ban on yourself for a few years and cutting some scholarships isn't going to cut it.  

Also in the news regarding Penn State is a report by ESPN's Outside the Lines saying that in 2004, the Penn State board of governors passed on a reform proposal that would have given the board more authority and kept a more watchful eye on campus leaders, including then president Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno.  Hindsight being 20-20, I'm guessing they wish they could have had that vote back.  Still, it wouldn't have helped the fact that Jerry Sandusky had been at his worst for quite some time.  Some victims are now coming out saying Sandusky started raping them in the 1970s.  Don't know if I can quite believe that, but it certainly wouldn't be shocking if they are true.

And as if the talk about what penalties the football program and university should accrue, as well as the talk about tearing down Paterno's statue, a banner was flown over Beaver Stadium yesterday that said "Take the statue down or we will."  That message reflects what I feel a lot of Americans are thinking.  Those with ties to Penn State are a little more reluctant, but I feel that they are getting closer to the point where they are trying to rid themselves of this situation and get a fresh start.  I'm sure as the days continue to go by, we'll have more on what's going on at Penn State.


Jose Bautista headed to the DL

One of the most entertaining players in the game today, Toronto's Jose Bautista is headed to the 15-day DL with a sore left wrist.  Not that the Blue Jays are going anywhere this season anyway, but Bautista is a major reason to watch Blue Jays games to see if he'll jack one out of the park.  


Coming up Thursday: British Open preview

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