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The Chosen Few
After watching the 2012 Open and listening too Curtis Strange constantly criticized Tiger in the final round of Open play on national TV . I came away thinking who is he to criticize one of the greatest golfers ever in the hunt for major win number 15 . The only relevant golfer who can double and triple the national TV ratings and bring people to ESPN to watch a game most of them can't afford to play. I know Tiger won't speak negatively on the subject of those small minded announcers or play by by loser Curtis Strange about his hatred toward Tiger and wanting him to lose . Because he is a winner and a bigger man than Strange . If you look at his professional record he has less PGA wins , less green jackets , and less major wins than Tiger yet he of all people found it necessary to be critical of him . You never hear Jack Nicholas say one negative thing about Tiger when he is playing in his or Arnold Palmerwhen playing in his  tournaments . Curtis Strange was constantly bashing Tiger to the point of calling him stupid . While singing the praise of the real loser Adam Scott thinking he had this major win in the bag . Here's an FYI to Curtis , Adam Scott is no Tiger Woods and never will be no matter how long he plays , he's a choker . He choked in the end Curtis Strange and made you look like the hateful damn fool that you are and all those watching witnessed it on ESPN . I'm sure you were also ready to sing the praise of Tigers once hateful caddy Steve who made all that money with Tiger until he got fired . Not one time in the final round did he bash Scott for taking stupid shots or choking nor anybody else like he did Tiger . Get over it you hateful HB Tiger at 35 is still better than most of the players on the tour and has the more PGA and Major wins than all of them . Curtis you couldn't carry Tiger's bags or wear his dirty socks . Don't hate Tiger because he's the best and richest golfer playing today . Don't hate him because Jesper Parnevick intrduced him to his Swedish baby-sitter who hit the lottery when he said I do . Other than being blonde and baby-sitting she had no talent but thanks to Tiger she is getting paid dearly . Don't hate Tiger because of his talent , fame , and game for doing something that over 50% of married men do or wish they could do when their hanging out drinking and freaks want to get freaky. Take your anger out on a certain group of tramps who throw themselves at him and men like him with money and fame even US presidents . Their motive isn't love it's lust , money , and 60 seconds of fame . I'll end this with the street vernacular to all you internet playa's . Don't hate the player hate the game because the game is sold not told . 
July 25, 2012  05:48 PM ET

Many good points but.......Tiger is a dewsh bag. An extremely taleneted at his craft one no doubt , but a dewsh just the same.


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