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It has been a topic of much debate and finally today the announcement came:

-$60 million fine
-112 wins taken away
-4 year bowl ban
-loss of scholarships
-AD on probation

Depending on what radio/TV station you listened to or where in the country you are located the opinions ranged from anywhere to being way to lenient (WHAT???NO DEATH PENALTY) to way too far (HOW CAN THEY TAKE AWAY WINS??)

Everywhere people seemed to be trying to add up the punishments and wonder what to make of the ruling, and what it actually means for Penn State. People have taken sides, and they act like you can only have two opinions. It's as though if you disagree with the punishment then you have to be crazy, and clearly pro-child abuse.

 I heard one local radio personality play part of an interview with the Bears Gabe Carimi where Gabe said " i feel for the players" (when being told about the bowl ban and football sanctions) treat this like a ridiculous thing to say. "What about the victims?" the host screamed. (of course not during the interview but later when he played the bit)

You see here is the thing. No matter the sanctions or how you add them up; they are not going to equal the crime committed. The world has become so involved in this case thanks to the overwhelming media exposure that everyone demanded punishment. They wanted the NCAA to act..............and they did. But what did that reaction really do?

Are the victims really helped by this or does this help prevent anything like this from happening again?

I would have to say no to this, and to me these are the questions that should have been at the forefront. Lets' be honest. The rulings don't really help the victims, nor do they hurt those that committed the crime. The evil **** who committed the crime is in jail and will be sued for every penny he has; and the guy who has been made the face by the media, Joe Pa, is dead.

I mean look over the fines and sanctions and find me one thing that really helps the victims or hurts Penn State. The football program is still going to attract players; and get donations. If anything it will be the other programs/clubs that get their money from the football revenue that get hurt.

Is it wrong for me to feel for the players like Carimi? Is it dumb of me to think that players and coaches who had nothing to do with the situation should not be punished. Please tell me how these current sanctions or the much called upon death penalty would help the victims? To me it seems to be just punishing for the sake to appease the angry mob

I admit this would not be easy to deal with if i was part of the group who had to come up with punishments. But with no prescient the possibilities to create some are endless. How   about rather then a bowl ban; any money made from a bowl appearances goes to THE CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION CHARITY. Then not only do the innocent kids on the football team get to play; but they get to work and their success helps out those in need. Create a culture of helping; and tie the school in with fighting rather then facilitating sexual abuse. Or banning advertisements in the stadium and instead suggesting they put numbers of charities or groups to call to seek help or make donations for those who have been abused.

No matter what the ruling was their would be no winner, but at least with some creative thought someone might have been helped rather then more people getting punished.

July 23, 2012  10:24 PM ET

It's clearly impossible to punish an institution without it affecting the innocents from that institution. Taking away the wins in the Paterno/Sandusky era is harsh. No matter how hard the current and future players play it won't be enough for 4 (5) years. But something had to be done by the NCAA to show others with NCAA teams that what happened at Penn State (not reporting-covering up) will not tolerated.

I wish all involved good luck.

July 24, 2012  12:30 AM ET

Nice post Lady. I agree that the vacating of the wins was a step I didn't expect the NCAA to take and seemed harsh.

As for the victims, the sanctions don't change what happened to them and it won't change what they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. But knowing that Paterno and Penn State, who took steps to cover up the scandal that could have conceivably prevented 8 of the 10 victim's molestation, must now suffer consequences... it may give them some small victory of validation while they deal with the lifelong adjustment they are unfortunately faced with.

I do feel for PSU athletes, students and alumni that had nothing to do with this. But PSU will be better for it in the end. It can't be seen right now I'm sure, but they will be better for it.


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