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The circus has just started and clown Ryan just informed us that Sanchez was his starting QB, wait a minute I got to throw up, I'm OK now.

I'll have to give this guy credit, he has some cojones to stand there and tell the media that story.

Everybody understands the reason why Tebow was signed, anyone with a half brain can figure out that Mr. Tebow is there to run clown Ryan's run, run, run offense, even my dog Ralph knows that.

Please Mr. Ryan, PLEASE TELL THAT STORY TO THE EASTER BUNNY, he may be the only one who believes you.

It's a safe bet that by the fifth game of the season Mr. Tim Tebow will become the starting QB, this will happen by one of two ways, if the Tebow Zombies start to chant his name every time Sanchez trows an incomplete pass, I believe the Jets brass will give in to the cries of the paying customers and make the king the starter. (I bet on this scenario)

Fair enough, it is a business, they got to keep the clientele happy, no crime in that.

The second way will probably be a bogus story about how they need to shake up things and give Tim-the King-Tebow a shot.

Don't forget who told you folks. Oh, I'm sure I'll remind my hater fan base.

Folks I'm on board wit ESPN's S.A. Smith who said - the fix is on - I'm on board with that quote, I believe Sanchez is being set up to fail. Ryan wants Tebow as his QB.

Here is a fact that many fans just don't get, TEBOW IS NOT AN NFL QB, the guy is a wonderful man, I wish he was my son but he can't throw the ball at an NFL level.

What part of that don't Tebow Zombies understand, can't you folks see, please open your eyes.

The good news for the Jets will be that after the huge Tebow failure and an 8-8 season Mr. Ryan can seek his true love, being a stand up comic.

Him and Tebow will be taking the same bus out of town.

As always this is just a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said.
July 27, 2012  11:51 PM ET

Is that like the huge failure in Denver when Tebow got them their first playoff win in about half of forever?

July 28, 2012  12:00 AM ET

Don't forget who told you folks.

What you claim to have "told" us is being said by the majority of talking heads on the airwaves.
You done got scooped bro.

'nuff said.

August 24, 2012  09:12 PM ET

your right just ask pittsburgh how it felt to be a spectater at the playoffs last year after he took an 0-4 denver team over and turned it around hahahaha.....


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