Now I don't know how many NFL players get arrested every year, but it appears to be quite a few as exhibited by this year alone. Now, being a retired Police Officer I can tell you if the NFL wanted to pay me to go to each camp during the early part of training camp and conduct training pertaining to what to do and not do and advise the players I would gladly do so. I know people always want to give these guys a pass. They are just young, they don't know how to act now that they have all this money. They need a mentor or father figure. Truth is, the  players need to stay the hell away from the people they grew up with, stop going "clubbing" until all hours of the morning, stop carrying weapons, although I know blacks must feel like a man all the time and they think a gun makes them a man. I say that from years of law enforcement experience and countless interviews of killers and gang members. No good can only come from you being out at 3 in the morning at a club. You players have enough money to go to classy places not located in the ghetto or worst parts of the city. We all know this is true but no one wants to speak the truth. If you go drinking, the NFL has a program for you to be picked up and taken home or to a safe place. Quit getting behind the wheel and driving and for heaven's sake, stay away from the drug scene, either buying or selling. Ask Mercury Morris, Bam Morris, Johnny Jolly and a host of others who have served prison time for dealing. Stay away from people who lead you to believe they are your friends and have your best interest at heart. This includes unscrupulous females. When someone has the money and notoriety that you players haveit is like a shark feeding frenzy. The difference is that you can usually see the shark coming. Take heed players, take heed. And Commish Goodell, start hitting these guys hard. Don't let them back into the league. Ban them for life.THAT will stop all this.
July 30, 2012  01:00 AM ET

No matter what program is in place or what passes for player protection, the league can only do so much. Maybe this year will be different since the rookies got the 'warning-don't-do-what-I-did-talk' from those who made the mistakes and paid for them dearly. And it's not really a race thing it's a young man who suddenly has a truckload of money.

August 2, 2012  10:48 PM ET

It really does boil down to a race issue and the so-called "culture" that these guys are allowed to "lean" on like an excuse crutch. Easily solved..first conviction, one year ban without pay. It would stop soon enough.


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