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If you were born in the early1980s or before the 1980s, you probably remembered the Unted States Football League. and some of you folks probably still remembered or have a USFL t-shirt or Whatever it may be, the USFL is coming back in the Spring of 2013, but before we talk about the new USFL, let's go back in the 1980s.

In May of 1982, David Dixon, a New Orleans antiques dealer and also wanted the City of New Orleans with the help of John Mckeithen the Govonor of Louisiana, formed the USFL at the 21 Club in New York City to begin play in 1983 with 12 teams, 9 cities that alredy have a NFL team and 3 were not. Chet Simmons who was president for ESPN, was the firt commissioner for the USFL. also in order for them to be on National tv, they quickly sighned with ABC and Espn, and the deals were $13 million in 1983, $16 million in 1984, including $9 million per yer from ABC. ABC had options for the 1985 season at $14 million and $18 million for 1986.

All right 1983, the League begins wth a nationally teleised game between Hershal Walker and the New Jersey Generals against the Los Angles Express, and the Express won 20-15 in their first game, many people were so happy about this new spring football and it was almost was going to be better than the NFL, if you remebered back in the day if you wanted to play in the NFL, you had to play 4 years of college football, but in he USFL they would accept Underclassmen Playes and worst part about the NFL was that they were in Strikes at the time ecen when Professional Football overtook baseball in America's Favorites Sport, also the tv ratings and attendence were wonderful incuding the playoff and the USFL Championship not to mention that there was a time when the USFL Championship was better than Super Bowl because if you remeber about the Super Bowl back in the 80s some of the Super Bowls were very boring. The USFL Championship Between the Michigan Panthers and the Phialiadelpha in Mile Hig staudium in 1983 were people such as Bobby Hebert, Kelvin Bryant, Scott Fitzkee and Jim Mora, the Michigan Panthers won the Championship by 2 point 24-22.

In 1984, The USFL added 6 more teams, Pittsburg Maulers, Houston Gamblers, San Antionio Gunslingers, Memphis Showboats, Oklahoma Outlaws. If you lived in New York, you heard about Donald Trump who came from a rich family and was married to Ivana Trump, before Trump bought the New Jersey Generals, if you wanted to read a newspaper about Donald Trump, Trump was in the Gossip Page, But when he Bought the Generals,he was in the first Page of the New York Post. He Tried to Hired Don Shula as Head Coach for the Generals, but that diddn't happen, he also made some changes Trump fired Chuck Fairbanks and relpaced him with Walt Michaels, he also sighned Tom McConnaughey, Brian Sipe former quarted for the Cleveland Browns, Gary Barbaro, Jim LeClair and Bobby Leopold, during that season, Walker and fullback Maurice Carthon rushed for 1,000 yards Walker had 1,339; Carthon 1,042 as the Generals went 14-4 also beat the stars twice during the season but the Generals Lost to the Stars 28-7 in the first round of the playoffs. During the 1984 season, attendance and tv ratings were down by 10% also owners were also complaining about losing money and also asking Chet Simmons to step down as commissioner and he did. The 1984 USFL championship was held in Tampa Bay who just already hosted a Super Bowl in January when the Philly Stars Beat the Arizona Wrangles

In 1985,The USFL had its second Commisioner named Harry Usher an american attorey,since Usher was the new Commisioner, his next was to excute Donald Trump Franchise from getting all the good playes, there was also a debate that should the league move in to the fall in 1986 most of the owners voted yes except for Tampa Bay Bandits Owners John Bassett who team got out of the USFL at the end of the 1985 season, but sadly died the Next Year due to Cancer. The last USFL Championship was held in Giants stadium where the Baltimore Stars beat the Oakland invaders 28-24.

 All Right 1986, Donald Trump asked the USFL to sue the NFL for Monopolizing which they were but here's the crazy part, since Donald Trump was so rich and trying to acquire a NFL team, they gave the USFL a check of $3.76 in 1990.

 And now for my opinion, If you want this new USFL to be established as a Professional Spring  football league here are my key points,

1. Cities- this is very imortant since there not expanding cities that have NFL teams, there Expandng cities that do have a NFL team. Look for cities that do care about fooball such as Oklahoma or Akron etc.

2. Ticket Prices- this is mostly common in sports, since the economy is bad, try lowering down the ticket prices to $10 or do  family packge so that  will let you know that you care more about your fans rather than your franchise, even though your business is important, customers should be the #1 priority in every business.

3. former players- there are some players that are trying to go back to the NFL, but this is a god idea for former or players who were terrible in the NFL can work their way up and by the time there free agents, they can come back in the NFL.

4. Do Not Compete against the USFL- Even though you were the fun league than the NFL in the early 80s please do not compete against the NFL.

5. Video Game- I would like to see a USFL video game, now it doesen't have to be from EA Sports, it can be from Activision, Sony, Microsoft, Sega, 2k Sports OR 505 games the company that created Backbreaker.

Have a nice wonderful Day 


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