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The Stack joins you on this Friday and we have a few headlines to talk about other than the Olympics.  Imagine that.  We'll get to those headlines in a second, because the Olympics are dominating headlines especially after last night's 200 IM race between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps and the women's all-around in gymnastics.  So let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Friday, August 3:

Day 6 Olympic highlights 

Wow!  Another day of exciting Olympic action.  It was a wild day and saw some impressive performances.  We'll get to a few of them and the top highlights from Day 6 of the Olympics coming up right now...

  • The USA men's basketball team destroyed Nigeria 156-73 and set some pretty impressive records in the process.  Among them include:
      • Largest margin of victory (83 pts)
      • Most points in an Olympic game (old record was 138 pts)
      • U.S. records for 3-pointers (26), field goals (59) and %age (71)
  • Well done USA basketball, well done.
  • Kayla Harrison won a surprise gold medal for the US in Judo, a rare medal for the US in the event.
  • The U.S. women's eight rowing team won gold, another gold for them in the event.
  • The men's indoor volleyball team beat a very good Brazil team 3-1.  The US is looking good.
  • The men's water polo team beat Great Britain pretty easily 13-7.
  • Big night in swimming for the men and women.  First to the women.  Rebecca Soni set a world record in winning the gold in the 200m breaststroke with a time of 2:19.59.  Missy Franklin failed to win a medal in the 100m freestyle.  She's still had an amazing Olympics.
  • For the men, Tyler Clary stunned the stadium crowd when he beat teammate Ryan Lochte for the gold in the 200m backstroke.  Clary set an Olympic record with his time of 1:53.41.  Lochte won the bronze.  Lochte had another chance to win gold in the 200m IM when he battled Michael Phelps in their last meet in the pool.  But Phelps had other ideas winning the gold medal while Lochte won silver.  It's been a little disappointing for Lochte since he won a gold medal in his first race.  Phelps has another couple of chances to get a couple of medals.
  • Finally, in women's all-around gymnastics, young Gabby Douglas won gold, becoming the first african-american woman to win the all-around gold in the event.  Good for her.  She is very talented.  And congrats to all of the winners.  They're doing great and have pushed America ahead in the medal count with 37 medals, eighteen of them gold.

New owner by the lake

The Cleveland Browns have been through a lot since coming back into the NFL.  Unfortunately, they have not had a lot of success.  Perhaps a change of ownership will bring about success, because that is exactly what happened.  Current Browns owner Randy Lerner has sold the Browns to businessman Jimmy Haslam for $1 billion.  That seems like a lot of money, but it is a fair amount for an NFL franchise.  What's interesting is that Haslam is a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns biggest rival. I'm guessing he'll trade in his minority ownership for this bigger piece.  Of course there are plenty of questions like what this will mean for the current coaching staff and front office, but my guess is that since head coach Pat Shurmar and general manager Tom Heckert are still getting their feet wet in the job.  The bigger question is what this will mean for the future of Mike Holmgren who came in a few years ago to oversee the transformation of the franchise.  Will he be out?  It is going to be an interesting dynamic and storyline to watch.  Browns fans haven't always been happy with Lerner.  They are probably feeling better about this new ownership deal.  We'll see how this works out.


NFL Hall-of-Fame induction and game this weekend

Canton, Ohio, is the place to be this weekend if you're a football fan.  That's where fans and hall-of-famers assemble as this weekend marks another year of inductees into the hall.  The inductees are:

  • Jack Butler 1951-59, Cornerback, Pittsburgh Steelers: Senior Committee electee 
  • Curtis Martin 1995-2005, Running Back, New England Patriots/New York Jets
  • Dermontti Dawson 1988-2000, Center, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Willie Roaf 1993-2005, Offensive Tackle, New Orleans Saints/Kansas City Chiefs
  • Cortez Kennedy 1990-2000, Defensive Tackle, Seattle Seahawks
  • Chris Doleman 1985-1999, Linebacker/Defensive End, Minnesota Vikings/San Francisco 49ers/ Atlanta Falcons

It is going to be a very nice ceremony.  Expect plenty of tears and cheers.  Definitely no jeers.  All of the inductees are very deserving of this high honor.  Everything begins Saturday afternoon.

The hall-of-fame game features the Arizona Cardinals against the New Orleans Saints.  Understandably, the Saints should be in the hall-of-fame game with a former player in Willie Roaf, one of the best offensive lineman ever to play the game, being inducted into the hall.  But the Cardinals?  No inductee ever played for the Cardinals.  Normally you want two teams that have a former player being inducted to play in the game.  It is a little puzzling.  Maybe the NFL chose the Cardinals because Larry Fitzgerald will be in the hall one day.  The game starts at 8:00 PM ET on the NFL Network.  Should be a good one.


College football coaches poll comes out

The college football season is coming up soon and most teams will begin camp next week if they haven't already.  And that means there will be plenty of polls and rankings coming out.  One already has...the coaches poll.  And the coaches have declared that the top team coming into the college football season is...LSU.  Wait, LSU?  The team that lost to Alabama 21-0 in the BCS Championship game?  Where's Alabama?  Number two.  By the slimmest of margins.  Four points to be exact.  There's really not much you can take out of a poll, especially one at the beginning of August.  It perhaps gives extra motivation to the teams not in first and puts a bigger target on the backs of the team that is voted number one, but it isn't that big of a deal.  LSU has a lot of guys that will step up this year.  They are very deep and good across the board.  The full ranking can be found here.


We'll try to get Olympics thoughts and highlights from Friday and Saturday in  blog on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Coming up Monday: Olympics reaction and highlights plus other top stories from the weekend in sports.





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