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Firesale, Ozzie, Hanley, Heath, Eduardo, Beinfest, Loria, Samson, St. Claire.... The list goes on. It varies at any given point in the season as to who is responsible for the ugly results from this club for the past several years. As an avid Marlins fan, it pains me to watch this year's team. I tolerated a lot of bad baseball the past two seasons while waiting for the "Promised Land" of the new stadium and larger payroll spent on Free Agents. Yet, at this point, the Song Remains The Same. I believe the failure for this club lies primarily in two areas. The once vaunted farm system is barren. The collection of prospects is as thin as the current team's margin for victory. So many promising draft choices and traded players have failed to develop and sustain any growth once called up. The current AAA version has the Marlins trot out the endless circle of Peterson, Cousins, Murphy, Hand, Hatcher, Gaudin, Jennings, and Sanabia from New Orleans to Miami and back to New Orleans. All just the perennial "AAAA" players who play well at AAA, but cannot produce at the major league level. It's also disappointing that the prospects they received during the July trades did not net them much certainly for their farm system and not any MLB ready players. This scenario repeats previous mass trades from this administration. Which prospects are left from all the mass trades of talents over the past 8 years? While there have been bright spots, there have also been a large number of flash-in-the-pans who quickly flamed out and were never able to develop into everyday MLB players. The Marlins are not the only club with such a story, but it appears some clubs are doing a better job. Look no further than across the state. The farm system which was once stocked, is in horrible shape. The next area of failure is the scouting and talent evaluation for player personnel. The Marlins held onto players far past their prime trade value, despite obvious signs of deterioration. While this is a tricky skill, who would argue the obvious recent scenarios? Even Beinfest stated in Oct. 2009 that "inconsistency proved costly" in his evaluation of his squad. A recurring theme seemingly. Gabby Sanchez began his descent just prior to the AS game and worsened during the back half of the season. Hanley was a different player for several years. Ugla had much higher perceived value far earlier than to his actual trade. Cody Ross brought nothing despite interest in him prior to the trading deadline while the Marlins held prayer vigils of still making the playoffs. The net effect was dealing, just too late, and rarely for players of value. Therein lies what I believe is the true story of why the Marlins have not been a good team for quite a long time. This management team appears to continue "hoping", well past reality for different results. You either spend big for proven good players (not 'recently' good) or trade for good prospects that develop and can fill spots for minimal financial investments. Both of which this management team have failed at doing. I'm even sad they chose to spend money this year, and it turned out to not be well spent. What changes in this management team need to happen? Until someone figures that out, the Song Remains The Same.


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