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The Stack is back with another day of Olympic reaction and results, but we also have some other things to talk about today as well.  What are those stories?  Find out now in "the stack" for today, Tuesday, August 7:

Day 10 Olympic highlights

Great storylines, some fantastic competition.  Yes it is just another day at the Olympics in London.  Let's get right to some of the headlines and highlights from Monday in London:

  • Team USA had a close encounter with halftime.  Holding just a one-point lead, USA turned it on in the third quarter, knocking down some threes and beating Argentina 126-97.  They play Australia in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.
  • An upset in men's beach volleyball as the last American team of Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal lost to Lativa in three sets.  They struggled at times and couldn't overcome those mistakes to advance to the semi-finals.  No medal will be won by an American in men's beach volleyball.
  • In case you didn't see it, I highly encourage you to check out the replay of the men's track sprints in cycling.  Incredibly entertaining and shocker, Great Britain won another gold medal.  They dominated cycling.  They also won two medals in equestrian.  Not a bad day for the host country, who's really turned it on after the first few days of the Olympics.
  • The US women will not advance in field hockey following their 7-0 loss to South Africa.
  • The all-around gymnast champion did not have it last night as Gabby Douglas was last in the uneven bars.  The competition was very steep.  No faulting Douglas here.
  • There were more fantastic handball matches yesterday with five of the six games decided by five goals or fewer.  Only Iceland's match with Great Britain was a blowout at 41-24.  Iceland is the best handball team in the world.
  • What a day on the pitch in women's soccer!  Two semi-final matches, two great matches!  Japan knocked off France 2-1 and the USA beat Canada 4-3 behind Alex Morgan's magnificent header from a cross by Heather O'Reilly as time was expiring in overtime.  It was awesome!  And they won despite the hat trick from Canada's Christine Sinclair.  She was brilliant.  The US will look to avenge their loss in the championship match of the 2010 women's world cup against Japan now.
  • In track and field, history was made in the men's 400m where Kirani James of Grenada won the country's first ever medal and he made it a gold one to boot.  The country has to be going crazy right now.  American Jenny Suhr outlasted Russian Yelena Isinbayeva to win gold in the women's pole vault.  And Felix Sanchez of the Dominican Republic won gold in the men's 400m hurdles and got very emotional during the medal ceremony and during the national anthem.  It was a pretty cool moment.  There were a few other medals awarded in track and field too.
  • The US men had no problem destryoing Tunisia 3-0 in indoor volleyball.  They are the top seed in group B and will play Italy in the quarterfinals Wednesday.
  • The American men have picked a bad time to start playing their worst in water polo.  They lost to Hungary 11-6 and now face undefeated Croatia in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.  The U.S. men are in a lot of trouble.

For more Olympics info including schedules, results and highlights lilke GB's track sprint gold in cycling go to


NFL quick hits

Plenty of NFL news to get to as training camps are in full force and the first preseason games for every team apart from Arizona and New Orleans is approaching.  With that said, here is some of the bigger news that made headlines Monday:

  • Terrell Owens is back in the NFL.  He's headed to the great northwest, siging with the Seattle Seahawks.  Ownes had a tryout with the team Monday and the Seahawks did not want him to leave town.  So the Seahawks get rid of an aging wide receiver in Antonio Bryant and sign aging wide receiver Terrell Owens.  Ok then.  Here's hoping Owens is on his best behavior.
  • The last first round player in the 2012 NFL draft has signed.  Wide receiver Justin Blackmon and the Jacksonville Jaguars agreed on a deal.  What held up the deal was language the Jaguars wanted to insert into the contract after Blackmon's DUI earlier this summer.  The Jaguars hope it's worth it as they need a weapon to go along with quarterback Blaine Gabbert and help him take that next step. 
  • In a move that surprised no one, the Cleveland Browns named rookie Brandon Weeden their starting quarterback.  Given how much they're relying on other rookies and new ownership being point blank asking whether or not Weeden can play, it makes complete sense for Weeden to start.  Feel a little bad for Colt McCoy.
  • And history will be made Thursday as Shannon Eastin will become the first woman to officiate an NFL game when she works the Green Bay Packers-San Diego Chargers game Thursday night 8:00 PM ET ESPN.  Eastin has reffed games in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.  I'm sure she'll be fine.  Let's treat her like an official.  And be classy.

Finally, in slighlty bigger news, ESPN reported last night that the NFL was negotiating a deal with New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma about dropping the suspension to eight games down from the season long suspension initially handed down.  This is supposedly contingent on Vilma dropping the civil suit, the defamation suit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  The NFL came out Monday and said no deal was made and no deal has been presented.  Perhaps they're just being coy.  That could very well be.  There may be a deal that will eventually happen, but as of now, nothing has happened and it appears ESPN may have jumped the gun a little bit.  Wouldn't be the first and it certainly will not be the last.  I think ESPN may be right about this, but perhaps there are more details that need to emerge, before coming out with something definitive.  This would not look very good on Goodell, having him backdown from his authoritative stance on the bounty case.  May show a sign of weakness and may show that he jumped the gun with his suspensions and didn't gather enough evidence.  This bears watching.  Something will happen soon.


MLB fastballs

Red Sox management is standing behind manager Bobby Valentine, giving him the dreaded vote of confidence.  And while it is very true that the Red Sox's struggles this year have not been all Valentine's fault (injuries have plagued the team and they've been very inconsistent), Valentine has played a role in the culture and chemistry of this team.  He butted heads with Kevin Youkilis, who eventually got traded.  His bullpen has been awful.  The starters have been inconsistent.  It just hasn't gone the way Red Sox fans were hoping.  You have to wonder when management pulls the plug on Valentine if the team continues to struggle and the fans continue to show their dismay.

The Minnesota Twins put up a ten spot in the 2nd inning in their 14-3 beatdown of the Cleveland Indians.  The Twins have been playing better of late, but it's too little too late.  The Indians are really struggling.  

Justin Verlander returned to form last night as the Detroit Tigers ace fanned fourteen as the Tigers beat the New York Yankees 7-2.  The Tigers will need an effort like that every time Verlander takes the mound here on out the rest of the season if they want to make it to the postseason.

And Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton will undergo knee surgery and miss the rest of the season.  Helton was having the worst season of his career.  The nightmare is over.


Coming up Wednesday: More Olympic reaction and top sportsnews from Tuesday.


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