As the games in London have come to an end, we have seen many accomplishments whether they were winning a gold and breaking a world record, or inspiring others to become great as well. Although, we saw returning stars from Beijing like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt, we also saw some undiscovered stars such as Missy Franklin or Gabby Douglas. So let's start with men and women's basketball. Both were favorites to win gold as they did, but did encounter a challenge along the way. In men's basketball they started of strong with a couple of big victories, but then they were tested in later rounds against Lithuania or Argentina but they were able to pull away in the 4th quarter. In the final round, against Spain with NBA player Pau Gasol, the game was tied at the 3rd quarter. But a tired and sweaty Spain could not keep up with the clutch shooting Team U.S.A including Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and LeBron James...yes, LeBron James is clutch, he's proved it this year. And lets not forget Anthony Davis, the kid from Kentucky who although has never played a real NBA game has a gold medal. For the women, they usually appear even stronger than the men, (winning 5 straight golds). They cruised past France 86-50, and proved that the U.S.A are dominate in women's and men's basketball. Now lets move on to track, and although Usain Bolt is probably the first name that pops in your head, they were many other great runners that deserve credit. David Rudisha a true Olympic hero proved himself with leading from start to finish in the 800 meter final, the party was on when he got home to his tribe in Kenya. The Americans were also quite successful with winning a couple golds, the men had some success in running winning a couple of gold medals, in actual running however they came up short, but the relay's they were able to win some of their pride back. Women again had a great performance in track, winning many golds and although the fastest women in the world is from Jamaica, the Americans still had a lot of success. Now, lets go to Jamaica, with no doubt they have the fastest runners in the world. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who ran 10.75 sec. in the 100 meter, just .300 of a second ahead of the American Carmeilita Jeter. However, the Americans were able to win in the relay ahead of the Jamaicans. Finally, we come to the great, cloud pleasing Usain Bolt who won 3 gold medals, (100m, 200m, 4x100m relay). In is highly anticipated 100m dash, he was able to prove he was still the king, beating Yohan Blake easily, and leaving the rest in his shadows. He also won the 200m and anchored his team for the relay, he really is a real life bolt. Bolt has confirmed that he wants to return to Rio and add an event, he will be 30, but never doubt Bolt and what he can do. Last but no least, Oscar Pistorius although he did failed to medal, he really had an impact on many Olympic viewers, an inspired many by pursuing his dreams no matter what life threw at him. At the end of his race, the winner asked him to exchange name tags to show how he respected him. Track as always did not disappoint, Bolt continues to shine on and we will wait till the day he is beat. Now we come to swimming, which is the most popular event in the Olympics, (to Americans). We saw many great races and as always they were complete nail bitters until the end. Lets start with women's swimming, the two most popular being Missy Franklin and Alison Schmitt, both brought back goals in their events and also worked together forming an unbeatable relay team! On the women's side they were almost unbeatable, setting record after record with a smile on their face all the time. For the men, it was also a successful Olympics (except for one relay against the french). Ryan Lochte really got lots of publicity, like he's the successors of Phelps. The men's swim team brought lots of hype, either if it was single events trying to win gold or the big showdowns between Phelps and Lochte. Finally, we get to Phelps, who added another 4 golds and 2 silvers to his collection of medals. He know has 22 Olympic medals making him the most decorative and greatest Olympian of all time. His last events being the 4x100 relay, at the end all he wanted to do was absorb the moment of his last Olympic games. This truly was the end of an era, the most dominant in Olympic history. Some of the other events included Andy Murray was able to triumph over Roger Federer and win gold, a little pay back from a month ago when Federer defeating Murray in Wimbledon, which completely tore Murray apart. Then we saw Serina Williams win gold in women's tennis, playing the best she ever has and blowing away her opponent. We then saw Misti May and Kerri Walsh win gold for the 3rd straight time, but this time they lost a set to Poland. Misti May is retiring while Kerri will go on and find a new partner. And in gymnastics Gabby Douglas put on a fabulous show and brought home gold and the crown jewel of gymnastics. This is how the games of London ended, we said good bye to great's like Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant but welcomed in lots of young talent. In the end, the U.S pulled away from China and ended with 104 medals, 46 of them being gold, China had 88 with 38 of them gold, and Russia in third with 82 and 24 golds.
August 16, 2012  11:10 PM ET

Nice blog. However, have you ever thought about using paragraphs? Just an idea.

August 16, 2012  11:16 PM ET

Could be using Google Chrome. Paragraphs aren't allowed.

Very nice blog, though I now have a slight headache.

August 17, 2012  12:06 AM ET

Thanks for your comments, it means a lot. I am using google chrome, I'll try Firefox next time. Thanks for the advice!


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