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Recently I have read a TD topic, Reyes and Cabrera... which guy has the less valid title?


In my honest opinion I would say neither. But if I had to pick a side to defend, I'd chose Cabrera. Why? Well after hearing what Victor Conte was saying on the radio and the developments of what happened to Ryan Braun, last year's NL MVP, I say Cabrera took a chance on giving not only himself a fair opportunity to compete at the highest level, but took one for the team.

I don't believe PED/Roids has truly gone away from MLB. There are way to mainly loopholes and most of all, PED/Roids has been around since the 1930's and also was the "Savior" of MLB after the strike season in the 90's (didn't Google this info yet). MLB's testing has a major lapse in their system, and IMO MLB wants it this way.

Without going into to much detail, I say Cabrera's actions, although it was wrong, may have given the SF Giants their first Title since leaving Broklyn. If ARod and David Ortiz can come out saying that they did PED/Roids and the Yankees & Red Sox Titles weren't stripped from them, then I don't see Cabrera's use of PED/Roids as being totally wrong but rather he tried to "level the playing field" so to speak.

On the other hand, Reyes should be embarassed for his actions or lack of. MLB is a team sport and although the team won, Reye's didn't man-up and play the game with integrity. He chose to get a batting title with a bunt? That is not a heroic way to gain any awards IMO. What if King Felix decided to stop throwing in the 7th inning to protect his ERA or scheduled throws per gm instead of manning up and taking his chances for a shot at a no hitter win?

MLB is not "Clean" IMO. It's a professional sport and the higher ups have used Public Relations to market MLB to it's fans. But are they doing enough to keep PED/Roids from "polluting" their talent pool? What Cabrera did only seemed worse, but it's more the "norm" were MLB is concerned. Cabrera took a chance at leveling the field and got caught and has taken his medicine. Do you think the Owners/Managers didn't know what was truly going on for his sudden performance increase when history is pointing at them with the Bonds Episode?

In Reye's case, he wouldn't get his teammate's respect. He bunted and then proceeded to remove himself from the "fight". Was Reyes hurt? No. Was he a Pitcher that had to keep track of the number of throws he has done in the gm? No. He shamelessly bailed on his teammates for a shot at personal glory. Cabrera on the other hand, tried to level the playing field.


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