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The Stack is back after a longer than expected vacation.  For those of you who were checked back last week, sorry for no posts.  A new week is upon us and there is plenty to talk about.  We'll have a college football and NFL preview coming up here at a date TBD.  But for today, a little laid back as we get roaring backc into the swing of things so let's get to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Monday, August 20:

Pirates outlast Cardinals in a wild one

We start Monday's blog talking about the wild one in St. Louis yesterday where apparently the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals decided to give the fans two games for the price of one.  And what I mean by that is that the two teams played a nineteen inning game.  Nineteen innings!  And the Pirates prevailed, beating the Cardinals 6-3.  Pedro Alvarez hit the go-ahead homerun for the Pirates in the 19th.  Big win for the Pirates who have been struggling as of late and are trying to stay in the NL Central race and get one of the wild card spots.   Here are some impressive numbers from the game:

  • 16 total pitchers used (eight by each team)
  • 574 pitches
  • Three players with minimum of seven plate appearances that did not get a hit (Michael McKenry for the Pirates, Matt Holiday and David Freese for the Cardinals).
  • Game time of six hours and seven minutes.  So yeah, basically two games for the price of one.


In other baseball news, suspended San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera, currently serving a fifty game suspension for using PEDs, apparently doctored a website in an attempt to plead his case on the product that he got that caused him to be suspended.  That's right, he created a fake website with a fake product.  That seems very sleezy.  Here's an idea Cabrera.  How about you not put anything illegal in your body that will cause you to be suspended?  That seemes like it would be the best thing for you to do.  Now, baseball is going to be leary of anything you say in the future.  Actions speak louder than words.  This action by Cabrera speaks of his desperation and stupidity.


NFL preseason week 2 toughts

There were plenty of storylines heading in to week two of preseason football and there were plenty of storylines that came out of the games.  We have one more preseason game to wrap up week two, Philadelphia @ New England 8:00 PM ET ESPN.  Here are some of the headlines from the field over the past few days:

  • Time to panic if you're a Jets fan?  The Jets stunk up the joint losing to the Giants 26-3.  Mark Sanchez struggled.  Tim Tebow struggled.  The offensive line was bad.  Sure it's only the preseason, but through two games, the Jets have zero offensive touchdowns.  In a division with the Patriots and an improved Buffalo Bills team, the Jets could be in a lot of trouble this year.
  • The starting quarterback battle in Arizona looks more and more likely that it will be John Skelton over Kevin Kolb.  Kolb was three for six for 22 yards and was sacked three times against the Oakland Raiders.  This led Raiders DL Tommy Kelly to say that Kolb is scared.  Kolb has looked terrible this preseason, there is no other way around it.  What a bad investment for the Cardinals.  We'll see how this continues to play out.
  • Peyton Manning was decent in his debut before the Broncos fans against the Seattle Seahawks.  He went 16 for 23 for 177 yards, but did have two interceptions and no touchdowns.  Manning is still getting adjusted with the Broncos and he has a little ways to go, he'll be the first to admit it.  But he seems comfortable back there and the Broncos will be just fine.
  • Ryan Tannehill made his debut at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins against the Carolina Panthers and the rookie was neither good nor bad.  Just 11 for 23 for 100 yards, no touchdowns, no picks.  Still doesn't seem like it is a good idea to throw Tannheill into the fire right away.  He has some things to work on to really be a solid starting quarterback, but the Dolphins may have other concerns like wide receiver and their defense.  This is not a great team.
  • Finally, the San Diego Chargers suffered a big loss in their 28-20 win over the Dallas Cowboys Saturday night.  The team lost wide receiver Vincent Brown for at least eight weeks with a broken ankle suffered after catching a touchdown.  Brown was supposed to step up and replace Vincent Jackson who left for Tampa Bay.  Now Brown's out.  Ryan Mathews is out.  They're dropping like flies in San Diego and that may mean their hopes of winning the AFC West are in serious jeopardy.


And finally, the NHL appears headed for another lockout.  With the current CBA set to expire September 15th, both sides are preparing for a lockout.  They are scheduled to meet again on Wednesday.  Come on NHL.  All of the positive momentum over the past few years and all of the progress will be dashed if you have another lockout.  Get a new deal done.

And the Little League World Series is going on in Williamsport.  Always cool to see these kids and their teams and how much they enjoy the game.  Check it all out on ESPN and ESPN2.  


Coming up Tuesday: Reaction to top storylines in the world of sport


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