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The Stack is back on this Tuesday and, perhaps you guessed it, football is dominating the conversation.  We have lots of football talk to get to as well as a few other headlines so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Tuesday, August 21:

Michael Vick gets hurt...again

Stop if you've heard this one before.  Michael Vick got injured after taking a big hit.  It's like de ja vu all over again.  Vick had to leave last night's preseason game against the New England Patriots after getting crushed by Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham as Vick unleashed a deep ball downfield.  Yet another rib injury for Vick who has missed parts of the last two seasons with rib injuries.  X-rays came back negative, good news for Vick and the Eagles.  What's not good news though is that Vick is consistently getting hit and getting injured.  He vowed to stay healthy this season.  So far, not so much.  Vick said to wide receiver DeSean Jackson that he can't keep taking hits like that.  And he's right.  Vick's style of play makes him more prone to injury.  But his style of play also leads to some fantastic play from the quarterback and can help lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a division title.  The Eagles are a very talented team and are the favorites, in my opinion, to win the NFC East.  But that hinges on Vick staying healthy and if he keeps taking shots like the one he received last night in the preseason, there is no way he can stay healthy all season long.  And if that's the case, the Eagles chances of winning the NFC East pretty much go out the window though that rookie quarterback Nick Foles looks pretty good.  As for the game, the Eagles beat the Patriots, who were many starters including Tom Brady, 27-17.


Two teams name starting quarterbacks

Several teams entered training camp not knowing who their starting quarterback would be.  Miami and Tennessee were among them.  They aren't no more.  Both teams announced their starting quarterbacks Monday and perhaps as should have been expected, each team went with youth.  The Titans named second-year player Jake Locker their starting quarterback while the Dolphins named rookie Ryan Tannehill their starter.

First to Tennessee and Locker.  Locker has a lot of good qualities.  He can run and escape and he's got a very strong arm.  He's not always the most accurate though.  Matt Hasselbeck I think would have been the better choice, at least to start.  And given the Titans difficult start to the season (Vs New England, @ San Diego, vs. Detroit, @ Houston), there's a pretty good chance the Titans start out 0-4.  What will that do for Locker's confidence?  He's looked up-and-down in camp and through two preseason games.  The Titans know far more than I do about their quarterback situation and have seen the battle play out so I guess we have to trust them that they're making the right decision.  I just think it would have been a little wiser to wait and see how the season starts out.

As for the Dolphins, the decision to start Tannehill I think is due to David Garrard's injury.  Had he not gotten injured and missed time the last few weeks, Garrard had shown through minicamp and OTAs that he was the best of the three quarterbacks.  His injury though opened the door for Tannehill to get more reps and ultimately seal the deal beating out Matt Moore. Tannehill didn't look special last week and I think the Dolphins are rushing him a bit.  He is a project.  But the Dolphins are trying to sell tickets.  Letting Tannehill start right away will perhaps get fans more excited.  Still the Dolphins have the look of a last place team in the AFC East.  So maybe this is the best way to go and let Tannehill grow and learn from the mistakes he'll encounter over the season.  He's still a work in progress and a bit of a project.


Other NFL notes

A few other quick hits to get to.  First, the Jacksonville Jaguars appear like they are headed to London.  No not forever, just for one game over each of the next four years.  Of course the city of Jacksonville will have a bit of a say in that due to the terms of the lease.  This could help the Jaguars help build their global brand and image.

Sources say Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will not play in Friday night's preseason game against the San Diego Chargers.  As much as Peterson wants to get out there and play and get hit, the Vikings are being very cautious with not rushing Peterson back to the field too quickly.  I'm sure they would like to see how he responds after getting hit, but they will be patient and wait for the right time.  That may be in the fourth preseason game against Houston.  You never know.

And Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali has been suspended one game for violating the league's substance-abuse policy.  That's a big loss for the Chiefs, losing their best pass rusher.  At least it is just for one game.


Historic day at Augusta National

Perhaps it was the pressure from outside groups asking for something to be done.  Or maybe it was just time.  However you want to slice it, history was made Monday as August National, home of the Masters, admitted former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina financier Darla Moore as members, the first two women ever to be members at the club.  Ever since its founding in 1932, August National had been a strictly men's course even as outside pressure mounted in recent years.  Finally though, chairman Billy Payne has come to his senses and extended invitations to these two women.  There is no reason why women can't belong to Augusta National.  Don't live in the past.  This is a joyous occassion and hopefully this opens the door for more women to become members.  


Roger Clemens coming back

Yes that Roger Clemens, recently exonerated from any perjury charges against the federal government, is heading back to the mound, but not in the majors.  Clemens signed with the Sugar Land **** of the independent Atlantic League and will make his first start Friday.  Sugar Land is in Texas, Clemens' home state, so Clemens won't have to travel far.  He is 50-years old though.  Hard to imagine how well he can pitch.  Must just have the itch to throw the old ball around again and put on a uniform.


Wisconsin names starting quarterback

In college football news, just like Miami and Tennessee of the NFL, Wisconsin named their starting quarterback Monday.  And it's Danny O'Brien, a transfer from Maryland.  Considering that Russell Wilson was dynamite at quarterback last year and he was a transfer from NC State, I'm pretty sure that Wisconsin knows what they have in this transfer and he will do just fine.  Maybe the Badgers should just recruit quarterbacks to come in right away and not look for transfers.  I guess this way is working for them just fine though.


No-hitter at LLWS

This probably was the best moment of his life to date.  12-year old Will Lucas threw a no-hitter leading his Connecticut team to a 4-0 win over Indiana.  Lucas struck out thirteen.  Good for the kid.  What an experience.  Something he'll never forget.  Connecticut plays California today in an elimination game.  The rest of yesterday's action can be found here.  


Coming up Wednesday: Reaction to top stories from Tuesday

August 21, 2012  05:18 PM ET

The Patriots play three games over the next 10 days. Brady and other starters ran limited reps in practice Monday, according to the Boston Herald. I didn't see the game on ESPN but that's one heck of a baptism of fire for Ryan Mallett.

I don't know why FN starred out the name of Clemens new team but if he does well there, it could translate into a stint with the Houston Astros after rosters expand in September. I wish him well.
<Sugar Land ****>

August 21, 2012  05:18 PM ET

**** = shortened version for mosquitos


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