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Tuesday was a fairly quiet day across the world of sports, but The Stack was able to find a few things to talk about so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, August 22:

MJD wants a trade

The relationship between Jacksonville Jaguars running back Mauirce Jones-Drew and the team, particularly owner Shad Khan went from bad to worse yesterday.  "Train's leaving the station. Run, get on it," Khan said earlier Tuesday when asked about Jones-Drew and his holdout.  That obviously didn't sit well with Jones-Drew.  Upset with Khan taking that comment public, Jones-Drew's agent says he's open to a trade.  With two years left on his deal, it appears very unlikely that the Jaguars would give into this demand, especially given what kind of player Jones-Drew is.  This holdout is expected to last into the season now.

The real predicament in all of this affects fantasy football owners.  Do you draft Jones-Drew based on what he can do once he does come back?  Or do you stay away from him completely and throw in a waiver for him once the holdout ends?  It is a tough situation.  At first, I would have said take a flier on him and wait this thing out, but given the events of yesterday, perhaps it is best that you don't take the chance on him at all, because he may just be taking up a roster spot on your team.  Is the risk really worth the reward?  I don't think so.

In other Jaguars news, they will be playing a home game in London each of the next four years to build their global image.  Since they can't get fans to fill the stadium on Sundays, then why not go to London and help build a bigger fan base?  Perhaps this is the first step in the Jaguars moving away from Jacksonville for good.


Russell Wilson to start Friday

The run of rookie quarterbacks named starting quarterbacks continued Tuesday when the Seattle Seahawks named Russell Wilson the starter for Friday's game against Kansas City.  Now does this mean that Wilson will start the regular season opener over Matt Flynn?  I don't know.  It certainly seems like it could is leaning that way, but head coach Pete Carroll perhas just wants to see how the rookie responds.  He has looked very good in the first two preseason games and has done very well in camp.  Not saying that Flynn hasn't and he probably will start the season as the starter given the money that the Seahawks gave him in the offseason, but with Wilson starting Friday, things just got a lot more interesting.


No preseason for All-Day

The Minnesota Vikings are taking the conservative and safe approach and holding star running back Adrian Peterson out of the final two preseason games in hopes of having him ready for the regular season opener against Jacksonville.  Originally, the Vikings were hoping to get Peterson into a game to take a hit or two and see how the knee responds, but head coach Leslie Frazier thinks that more practice would be better than risking potential injury before the regular season begins.  Smart move by the Vikings.  The best thing about this decision is that Peterson is ok with it.  His goal has always been to be ready for week one of the regular season.  His recovery from a torn ACL has been nothing short of remarkable.  We'll see how he looks week one.  Toby Gerhart has done a very good job in his place.  I would think we can expect balance between Gerhart and Peterson the first few weeks to see how Peterson looks and to make sure he responds well to a hit.


MLB fast pitches

Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg is fast approaching his innings limit the Nationals have set for him before being shut down in September, but while on the mound Tuesday, he was brilliant striking out ten in the Nationals 4-1 win over the Atlanta Braves.  The win was Strasburg's 15th of the year and with the win, the Nationals pushed their lead over the Braves in the NL East to seven.  Even with shutting Strasburg down for September, the Nationals appear to have the division in control.  The Braves should still get a wild card spot.

And how do you follow up perfection?  How about by giving up one run in 7 2/3 innings and leading your team to a win?  That's exactly what King Felix did Tuesday night against the Cleveland Indians.  The Mariners won 5-1.  It's a shame that the Mariners are struggling to put a team around Hernandez that can compete for an AL West division title and make it to the playoffs.  He is such a dominant pitcher.


Before we leave, the NHL and NHLPA head back to the negotiating table today in hopes of trying to find some common ground to bridge their differences and get a new CBA done.  Please get it done.  The NHL season is coming up quickly.  A lockout would be awful and ruin most, if not all of the positive momentum the NHL has gotten in recent years.


Coming up Thursday: Reaction to top stories in sports from Wednesday.




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