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So I had the drafts yesterday for my 2 Fantasy football teams.  I'm not sure how I feel about either team.  I could be competitive, but I'm not sure.  Last year I was in 1st or 2nd all year long, then got bounced in the semi-finals of my Head to Head pool.  It was a shock, as all year long the other guy contending for 1st and myself were not really challenged by anyone.  He got bounced at the same time I did.

That's a reason I'm not a big fan of the H2H leagues.  At the end of the year, if one or two of your big name players gets a game off or minimal time in the last game because his team is so far ahead (or behind) that there is no point in playing him, you get screwed.  You're at the mercy of the NFL standings and playing time Gods.

In my other league (ROTO), I finished 5th out of 16 teams.  Overall, not too bad last year.  This year I am in two H2H leagues, with similar formats.  My teams:

QB - Cam Newton

RB - Willis McGahee

RB - Fred Jackson

WR - Larry Fitzgerald

WR - Eric Decker

TE - Antonio Gates

Team Def- Baltimore Ravens

K - Jason Hanson

Def. Playesrs - Jason Pierre Paul, Von Miller, Eric Weddle

Bench - Miles Austin, Roy Helu, Matt Schaub, Tony Scheffler

In this league, I was the 7th pick in a league with 12 teams.  I think I have some decent depth and was fairly surprsied I was able to pick up both Fitz and Newton with the place I had in the draft.  I'm a little worried about my RB situation, but in the NFL... one never knows what is going to happen in the backfield.  Look at the year Reggie Bush had last year!

On my next team, I drafted 6th in a 12 team league.

QB - Tony Romo

QB - Philip Rivers

WR - AJ Green

WR - Stevie Johnson

RB - Michael Turner

RB - Ryan Mathews

TE - Jacob Tamme

Bench - Andy Dalton, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jahvid Best, Santonio Holmes, Joel Dressen

Team D - Green Bay, NY Jets

K - John Kasay

I feel better about this team, as I hope Rivers will have a bounce backyear.  I'm also counting on Manning finding a great chemsitry with his TE, as I have both Dressen and Tamme.  Johnson is fighting a nagging injury and I don't know if Holmes is a great replacement should I have to sub him out... but it could definitely be worse.  I guess it depends on how Sanchez or Tebow do..  I might move Holmes into the starting spot if they start out strong.

What do you guys think?

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August 27, 2012  06:34 PM ET

Yes, more than likely MF. I was happy to take him though because of the rushing yards he gets me. If my RB slack a bit, he'll make up for it on the ground.

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