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The Stack is back for a normal post today, a day after our big college football preview.  Hope you all enjoyed.  College football kicks off tonight with several intriguing games.  We'll get to those games in a moment.  What else made "the stack"?  Find out now for today, Thursday, August 30:

Replacement officials will be the field week 1

The NFL has spoken and for teams, players and most fans, it's not good news.  The NFL will use replacement officials when the regular season kicks off September 5th.  The ref's lockout is continuing and both sides have said that they are ready to negotiate.  Now we just have to see when that will actually happen.  The NFL seems to think that they've given the current refs a good deal, but if it were so good, then we wouldn't be talking about replacement officials.  Both sides need to give a little for a deal to be reach and the NFL just wants to take as much as they can from the current officials and swing their iron fist.  I am in no way on the NFL's side in this lockout.  They want to promote player's safety.  What better way to keep the players safe than have the best officials on the field.  The replacements are not it.  The NFL says the replacement officials are doing a good job and multiple owners and the NFL themselves say you can't see a major difference.  Who do they think they're trying to kid here?  We're not stupid!  We can see how uncomfortable and how unsure these replacement officials are.  For goodness sake, get a deal done.  We want the regular officials back on the field.  The game's credibility is at stake.  Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a few weeks for a deal to be done.  And there will be at least one team that is robbed of a game they should have won and will change their fortunes for the rest of the season.  How will the NFL respond then?


NFL preseason week 4 kicks off

The final week of preseason football is upon us and it is not very fan friendly.  Teams make fans pay top dollar to see a bunch of rookies and other players struggle to make the team.  Rarely do we see any starters.  It's not worth it.  It's interesting to see which players can stand out and contribute for the team, but it is not a friendly watch.  Three games happened Wednesday night and the rest of the matchups are today.  Last night...

New York Giants 6 New England Patriots 3 (Whew!  What a barnburner!)

Dallas Cowboys 30 Miami Dolphins 13 (Hard Knocks way more entertaining than watching Dolphins games this year)

Washington Redskins 30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 (Thank goodness it's over)

If you do plan on watching the final week of preseason football tonight, good luck and try to enjoy yourselves.


College Football has plenty of Thursday action

The college football season is upon us and we have quite a few games on Thursday night to open the season.  Fifteen to be exact and it would have been sixteen if the Texas A&M-Lousiana Tech game wasn't postponed due to Hurrican Isaac.  By the way, hope everyone in the gulf is safe and that the damage isn't too extensive.  Thoughts and prayers to all affected down in the Gulf.  Back too football.  Full schedule can be found here.  The two most intriguing games of the night are on ESPN.  

First #9 South Carolina pays a visit to Nashville to take on Vanderbilt (7 PM ET ESPN). Remember, Jordan Rodgers, brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is Vanderbilt's starting quarterback.  He has plenty of skill.  Do not be surprised if Vandy can pull off the upset here.  They have a lot of people buzzing.  Not saying it's going to happen, but it will not shock me if it happens.

The doubleheader features Washington State against BYU (10:15 PM ET ESPN).  How will Mike Leach do in his debut for Wazzu, a program that has not seen much in the ways of success in quite some time.  

On a side note, can Minnesota beat UNLV?  You would think so, but Gophers fans know this team has been very bad the last few years and has lost to some very bad teams.  Still, go Gophers.

It's great to have college football back on.  Enjoy it everyone!


Twins placed Mauer on waivers

The hometown kid perhaps was close to leaving his home state and the only team he's ever played for.  According to reports, the Minnesota Twins placed catcher/first baseman Joe Mauer on waivers earlier this week and Mauer made it through.  His high contract and drop in numbers will make it difficult for another team to pick him up.  Mauer hasn't exactly been able to stay healthy either and his power numbers have seen a dramatic decrease.  But inevitably, perhaps some team will.  The Boston Red Sox have been thrown out there as a possibility.  Right now, the Minnesota Twins are a bad team.  They don't have a ton of great prospects and pitching is a huge issue with this team.  Mauer is one reason fans go to the games.  He is a native Minnesotan.  That's why so many people love him.  He sells tickets and as much as the Twins owe him, he is still good for business.  Build around him if possible.  But now that it's out there, there is always a chance that Mauer won't stay a Twin for long.

Good news for the Minnesota Twins though on Wednesday and that is that the team will host the 2014 MLB All-Star game at beautiful Target Field.  It is one of the top ballparks in the game.  And I'm sure before it's all said and done, the Twins will host another one as well.  Well deserved.


Quickly before we go, the NHL submitted a second proposal that the NHLPA is looking over.  The NHLPA likely will counter with a proposal of their own today and the two sides will reconvene Friday.  Just get a new deal done before September 15.  This season promises to be a good one.


Coming up Friday: Interesting college football and NFL news

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August 30, 2012  04:08 PM ET

Good stuff as always Stack. Have you done an NFL season preview yet? If not, I'd be interested in seeing your picks, and if you have, when was it?

August 30, 2012  04:15 PM ET

And once again my Pats can't beat the Giants. Oh the humanity.

August 31, 2012  08:05 AM ET

Thank-you very much YankeesFan. I will have my NFL preview next Tuesday. It'll be better the than college football preview I believe.

September 3, 2012  08:49 PM ET

Well Belicat, it is only preseason. In four years we can worry about this, haha


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