As the NFL season is just around the corner, lets take a look at which teams will exceed and which ones will fail miserably. Some teams, have gotten much better through the draft and free agency periods, such as the Colts with Andrew Luck, the Redskins with Robert Griffin III, Peyton Manning and the Broncos and the 49ers with the veteran receivers they have added. However, some teams have had some miss fortune such as the Saints with the bounty scandal losing coach Sean Payton and the Jaguars and the Vikings who both have star running backs who haven't played all pre-season, making them a high risk injury.

So lets go by Conference, picking all 6 seeds to make an attempt to pick the super bowl champion. Let's start with the AFC.

1.  The New England Patriots- Like last year, they are the best team in the AFC, with the strongest pass offense in the game, even though they'll struggle to protect Brady and their defense is okay...they should win.
2. The Baltimore Ravens- Again, same as last year...their defense is still hard as a rock and Ray Rice does not look like he's slowing down anytime soon.
3. Denver Broncos- Yes, the Broncos, Peyton Manning has played well this pre-season. He picked apart the 49ers defense and when hit got back up like a real trooper. Their division is weak, and should have no problem getting the 3rd seed. (ESPN has them predicted to lose to the Packers in the superbowl).
4. The Texans- with strong running back Arian Foster and a defense that has highly improved over the last couple of years they should have no problem crushing their division. Their the 4th seed because Andre Johnson isn't 100% healthy and Matt Schuab is also coming on a injury.
5. The Pittsburgh Steelers, they have a good defense, although James Harrison is having his problems, they should be good, for atleast a wildcat spot. Big Ben will have an okay season but there's not to much competition.
6. Lastly, the 6th spot is up for grabs, I think it can go anyway. My top 3 choices are between the Jets, Bengals or Chargers. Now, the Chargers could easily have a failure season, like last year, so lets count them out. Personally, I think its going to be the Bengals, they are a good group of guys with a good young qb, and some deadly wide receivers that make some amazing plays. While the Jets, they don't have a solid qb, and lets not forget about last year, Sanchez with his fights with Rex Ryan and Jets players calling shots at him. They have good running game which they rely on and their defense is good, but not good enough... For them, play Sanchez the first 3 quarters and then put Tebow in the 4th, maybe that will work.
That's the top 6 seeds for the AFC, who will come out on top? Once again the New England Patriots.

Now lets go to the NFC, which in my mind is more competitive. Unlike, the AFC the division rivals are much better and that should lead to some fabulous football.

1. The Green Bay Packers, you may be thinking "of course" but think about; what team will play better then them in the NFC. Surely they will have another great season, I'm thinking 14-2, Aaron Rodgers had gotten better, and hopefully the pass coverage has improved somewhat.
2. The New York Giants, last year Super Bowl champions will be back this year, stronger than ever. Eli Manning has found the confidence he always needed, the defense is looking strong and of course the Wide Receivers will have fun this year, (expect to see many salsa dances).
3. The San Francisco 49ers- the reason their not in second is because I doubt they'll start with a 9-1 season. Their division has improved a little, and in the pre season they looked a little shabby. But, with coach of the year Jim Harbaugh and all the new wide recievers they should cruise into the 3rd seed.
4. The New Orleans Saints, although Drew Brees had a record breaking season last year, without coach Sean Payton and a couple of other players they will lack motivation and strength. Still they will beat the rest of their division.
5. The Detroit Lions, a great offense including MegaTron and Mattew Stafford will be able to hook up many times. If Calvin gets the Madden curse, they got a problem, a big problem.
6. Lastly the 6th seed, again there's many teams in my mind, the Bears, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers and the Cowboys. This is hard, I want Cam Newton in the playoffs so badly, but the defense doesn't allow it. The Bears and the Cowboys I think will choke, like they have in previous years. So, then it comes down to the Eagles and the Falcons, if the Eagles stay healthy they have it, otherwise it goes to Atlanta.
There is the top 6 seeds for the NFC, I think there's some great competition that will go down, but who comes up on top: the San Francisco 49ers. They deserved the Super Bowl last year, but they missed because of costly mistakes, this year is their year.

So who will win it all, The San Francisco 49ers 33-27 against the New England Patriots. You heard it here first!
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September 3, 2012  05:16 PM ET

Well, we'll just have to wait and see who's right!

September 3, 2012  05:16 PM ET

I got NE beating SF.

As well you should, sir, as well you should.

September 5, 2012  12:23 AM ET

SEAHAWKS will take home the trophy this year!!!

September 5, 2012  09:34 AM ET

That's a stretch, even if Lynch has a great season.


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