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It's a Friday during football season and that means time to make picks for the upcoming week of NFL games.  We've started out the season 0-1 thanks to the Dallas Cowboys, but I digress.  Last year, we were above .500, but The Stack aims to be better this year as the season gets underway.  So let's get right to it and make some picks in "the stack" for week 1 of the NFL season for today, Friday, September 7:

Indianapolis @ Chicago 1:00 PM ET CBS

Andrew Luck looked really good during the preseason and Colts fans are eager to officially being the dawning of a new era, but despite the fact that the Bears will be without a 100 percent Brian Urlacher, the Colts new QB will have plenty of issues against that defense.  The Bears offense will be pretty good too.

Prediction: Bears 27 Colts 10

Philadelpha @ Cleveland 1:00 PM ET FOX

The key for the Eagles is to keep quarterback Michael Vick healthy all sixteen games.  That task begins Sunday in Cleveland.  The Browns will get the first glimpse of their future with trio of offensive rookies (Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, and Josh Gordon).  Hopefully they don't get too worried about the future after this one game.

Prediction: Eagles 34 Browns 17

St. Louis @ Detroit 1:00 PM ET FOX

A lot of people believe this game will be a blowout.  I'm one of them.  Jeff Fisher will make the Rams tougher, but it won't be enough to help them in this game.

Prediction: Lions 38 Rams 17

Miami @ Houston 1:00 PM ET CBS

Possibly the worst team in the league versus a Super Bowl contender.  I think we all know how this is going to go.  And no, I don't need to clarify which is which.

Prediction: Texans 31 Dolphins 6

Kansas City @ Atlanta 1:00 ET FOX

This is one of the most intriguing games of the weekend.  The Chiefs have a lot of talent, but they didn't show much in the preseason and some of their best players (Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry) are coming off of ACL injuries from last year.  How will they do in a full game?  Atlanta has a ton of talent and they are ready to unleash this year.  Last year they failed miserably in their season opener on the road in Chicago.  They won't have a repeat of that.

Prediction: Falcons 27 Chiefs 16

Jacksonville @ Minnesota 1:00 PM ET CBS

Two questions about this game.  One which second year quarterback will play better: the Jaguars Blaine Gabbert or the Vikings Christian Ponder?  I think I'll pick Ponder though Gabbert to Justin Blackmon will be awfully intriguing.  Then there's the other question regarding two star running backs.  Who will play more: the Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew or the Vikings Adrian Peterson?  We still don't know about Peterson's status though he wants to play so I'll take MJD.  Still I'll take the Vikings narrowly.

Prediction: Vikings 23 Jaguars 13

Washington @ New Orleans 1:00 PM ET FOX

For all the turmoil the Saints have gone through this offseason, Sunday's game will be a welcomed relief.  RGIII will see better days.  The Saints will take a lot of their frustration out on the Redskins.

Prediction: Saints 30 Redskins 17

Buffalo @ New York Jets 1:00 PM ET CBS

Neither the Jets or the Bills won a game in the preseason.  So something has to give.  Both defenses will be really good, but the Bills offense is a little better than the Jets offense.  And considering the Jets can't seem to find the endzone, I'll count on the Bills to get there more often.

Prediction: Bills 17 Jets 13

New England @ Tennessee 1:00 PM ET CBS

The Patriots offense is going to continue where they left off last year.  Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are going to have two great years.  Jake Locker is in for a tough start.

Prediction: Patriots 34 Titans 20

Seattle @ Arizona 4:25 PM ET FOX

Rookie QB Russell Wilson gets the start for the Seahawks and with or without running back Marshawn Lynch I think the Seahawks are a better team than the Cardinals and their quarterback carousel.

Prediction: Seahawks 24 Cardinals 16

Carolina @ Tampa Bay 4:25 PM ET FOX

Don't foresee a sophomore slump  from Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.  He is going to have a monster season and it starts against the new look Bucs who won't be seen because they have very few fans who care about them.

Prediction: Panthers 31 Buccaneers 17

San Francisco @ Green Bay 4:25 PM ET FOX

Randy Moss makes his return to Lambeau Field for the first time since infamous "mooning" in the wild card game in 2005 when he was a member of the Vikings.  The Packers haven't forgotten, but that won't be the reason why they win this game.  No I think it will be Aaron Rodgers, his awesome passing attack and the new rushing attack thanks to Cedric Benson.  The 49ers defense will slow them down a little bit, but not enough to win the game.

Prediction: Packers 27 49ers 20

Pittsburgh @ Denver 8:20 PM ET NBC

Welcome back to the NFL Peyton Manning.  As a welcome back present, you get to play the Steelers and that defense.  But the Steelers defense is getting older and there is a lot of fanfare regarding Manning's return and the electricity in the stadium will be hard for the Steelers to overcome.  They lost in heartbreaking fashino last year in the playoffs.  This won't be quite as hard though they will still lose.

Prediction: Broncos 27 Steelers 20


Well there you have it.  The picks for week 1 of the NFL season.  We'll see how they fare.  We'll pick the two Monday night games on Monday.  Enjoy the start to the NFL season everyone.


Coming up Monday: Reaction to Sunday's NFL games plus a preview of Monday night's doubleheader.



September 7, 2012  08:33 AM ET

Id say i have to agree with all ur picks and scores this week!

September 7, 2012  03:17 PM ET

Can't find fault with any of your choices. So it is written, so it shall be done.

September 7, 2012  10:13 PM ET

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