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And with that we have two games left in the opening week of the 2012-13 NFL season.  The Stack's picks, eh, not so good.  But man were there some storylines, great games and big surprises so let's get right to some reaction from week one's games in "the stack" for today, Monday, September 10:

Chicago Bears 41 Indianapolis Colts 21

There will be better days for rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.  Three interceptions and a lack of a running game doomed Luck in his first professional start.  Meanwhile Jay Cutler looked pretty good after a slow start  Arfor the Bears and combined with the duel threat of Matt Forte and Michael Bush, the Bears offense looks like it could be pretty lethal if Sunday was any indication.


Philadelphia Eagles 17 Cleveland Browns 16

The Eagles may have won the game, but all Eagles fans will care about is Michael Vick and his four interceptions.  The Eagles barely escaped Cleveland with a win.  That can't happen if they want to win the division.  Browns fans are just hoping four INT's aren't the norm for Brandon Weeden.


Detroit Lions 27 St. Louis Rams 23

The Lions were very lucky to escape with a win.  Matthew Stafford was clearly off, throwing three interceptions.  If this is what he's going to do each week, the Lions will not go very far.  We'll see if it's just one bad week.  Lions fans certainly hope so.  The Rams are definitely a tougher team under new head coach Jeff Fisher, especially on defense.  Their heading in the right direction.


Houston Texans 30 Miami Dolphins 10

It may have taken a little while, but once the Texans got going, they put the pedal to the medal and couldn't be stopped.  The Dolphins proved that they are one of if not thee worst team in the NFL.


Atlanta Falcons 40 Kansas City Chiefs 24

Defense was optional in this game, at least for the first half.  Atlanta's offense was truly spectacular and Matt Ryan in particular was magnificent.  His wide receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White helped get the offense clicking.  Who cares if they struggled to run the ball?  With this passing attack, the Falcons look like a force to be reckoned with.  The Chiefs have some work to do, especially on defense.


Minnesota Vikings 26 Jacksonville Jagaurs 23

Thee best ending on Sunday and one of the better games.  Stunning performance from Adrian Peterson who was able to start the game and scored two touchdowns while rushing for 84 yards and surpassing Robert Smith as the Vikings all-time leading rusher.  Blaine Gabbert was very good for the Jagaurs particularly on the touchdown throw that put the Jaguars ahead 23-20.  But Christian Ponder executed two great plays in the two minute drill and rookie kicker Blair Walsh had ice in his veins when he connected on the game-tying 55-yard field goal.  The Vikings wound up winning the game in overtime, the first overtime game with the new rule change.  How ironic the Vikings win this game with the new overtime rules that stemmed from their overtime loss to the Saints in the 2010 NFC championship game.


Washington Redskins 40 New Orleans 32

Most stunning score of the day hands down.  How on earth did rookie quarterback RGIII do what he did to the Saints in the Superdome?  Unheard of.  With all of the distractions and the terrible offseason the Saints went through, surely myself and plenty of others thought they would take their frustration out on the rookie.  Not the case.  RGII was amazing.  320 yards and two touchdowns through the air and another 42 yards rushing.  He may not be the next Cam Newton, but after one week, it's hard not to wonder if maybe he is.


New York Jets 48 Buffalo Bills 28

Raise your hands if you saw the Jets score six touchdowns on Sunday.  Yeah, me either.  Definitely not me.  How the Jets were able to do it is rather perplexing, but what's even more perplexing is just how bad the Bills looked on both sides of the ball.  Given what they did in the offseason to shore up that side of the ball, there is no excuse for their performance on that side of the ball, especially against an offense that couldn't find the end zone if it was right in front of them.  What a victory for the Jets!


New England Patriots 34  Tennessee Titans 13

The Patriots have a new weapon and its running back Stevan Ridley.  He had 125 yards rushing and a touchdown.  If the Patriots can get a consistent ground game, it's going to make them that much more dangerous, especially with their tight ends.  The Titans face a tough road ahead with their schedule.  Could be a long season, especially if Chris Johnson can only rush for four yardson eleven carries.  Ouch!


Arizona Cardinals 20 Seattle Seahawks 16

We really should be talking about how Kevin Kolb came in and won the game for the Cardinals after John Skelton left with an ankle injury.  But no, the replacement officials steal the show for giving the Seahawks a fourth timeout late in the game and it could have cost the Cardinals a victory.  Can you imagine the outrage that would have ensued had that cost the Cardinals a win?  This is why a new deal needs to be done with the locked out officials and it needs to be done now.


San Francisco 49ers 30 Green Bay Packers 22

The 49ers made a statement not just to the Packers, but to the rest of the NFL and that is that they should be considered the best team in the NFC.  The passing attack was very good (Randy Moss caught a TD in Lambeau, what a shock) and that allowed Frank Gore to have a very good day running the ball.  The 49ers have the makings of a very good offense.  And their defense rattled Aaron Rodgers all day long, perhaps giving other teams a blueprint on how to slow down the Packers offense.  Oh yeah and David Akers tied an NFL record with his 63-yard field goal at the end of the first half.  It went off the crossbar!  Big game and statement by the 49ers.  They're here to stay.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 Carolina Panthers 10

Perhaps Cam Newton is heading into a sophomore slump.  He didn't look particularly sharp and the Panthers had what ten, thirteen yards rushing?  Unacceptable.  The Panthers must rebound from this.  Not what we expected.  Especially those of us who traded for for Newton in fantasy football drafts (cough, cough).


Denver Broncos 31 Pittsburgh Steelers 19

So how is that Peyton Manning?  Well pretty good from all indications aginst the Steelers Sunday night.  Manning ran the no-huddle to perfection, showed some moves and made some Manning-like throws against the Steelers defense.  The defense played well as well.  The Steelers need not worry.  They will get some guys back and be just fine.  So long as Manning stays healthy, the Broncos will be in good shape.


So an 8-5 day, 8-6 so far week one.  Two more games wrap up the week as we have a MNF double-header.  First the Cincinnati Bengals pay a visit to the Baltimore Ravens (7:00 PM ET, ESPN).  I believe the Bengals will be a playoff team this year as they have some really good pieces in place, but the Ravens at home at night are just too tough.  Look for Joe Flacco and Ray Rice to have big games.

Prediction: Ravens 28 Bengals 17


The final game of the week is a battle of AFC West rivals.  The San Diego Chargers pay a visit to Oakland to take on the Raiders (10:15 PM ET, ESPN).  The Chargers know that their window of opportunity to win the AFC West is closing fast if it hasn't closed already.  They are the slightly more talented team over the Raiders.  This year, I don't think San Diego gets off to that slow start they have traditionally gotten off too.  I like them in a close one in the Black Hole.

Prediction: Chargers 27  Raiders 23


Coming up Tuesday: MNF recap, plus other top stories from the weekend and Monday



September 10, 2012  11:56 PM ET

Didn't see the Jets game either. Pats game was on in my area. Pleasantly surprised by the D after the lousy showing in the preseason games. Definitely think Wes Welker is playing his last year as a Pat now that Stevan Ridley is getting the calls. Of course, Gronk and Hernandez are back to their amazing selves and Brandon Lloyd is on the path to building a chemistry with Brady.

Looks like Mark Sanchez is really fighting for his QB life with the Jets. 48 points? Unheard of, unless the Bills aren't that good. Haven't seen them play yet either.

I am soooo glad football is back!

September 11, 2012  12:32 AM ET

That was one of the most surprising results of the day. Couldn't believe the Jets beat the Bills that bad. And I have Wes Welker in one of my fantasy leagues. Not too happy about that.

September 11, 2012  04:50 PM ET

Usually Welker is a safe bet, on the field for for at least 90% of the game but it looks like Belichick is going in a different direction this year. Got to keep other defenses on their toes, keep their defensive coordinators scratching their heads. My unsolicited advice? If Welker doesn't see much play next week, trade him.


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