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Sorry I missed the first two weeks.  Been pretty busy lately.  Hopefully I won't miss any more weeks.

There were some up and down moments for our two new schools last week.  Both went into half time with the lead, but in the end both lost.  With A+M, their offense was basically shut down in the second half by Florida.  Blowing half time leads seems to be a common theme for A+M.  I saw a lot of potential on their team, but my gut reaction is it will take at least a few years before they content for the west division title.

As for Mizzou, they gave UGA all they could handle and more the first 3 quarters of the game.  It was a back and forth battle that as a UGA fan, made me very nervous.  But in the end, Mizzou's defense was tired, and it seemed the offense ran out of gas as well.  It was a closer game than the scoreboard indicated, but still, disappointing SEC debut for Mizzou as well.

And I guess the biggest story of the week is Arkansas.  Losing to UL-Monroe in Little Rock.  I can understand losing a defensive battle after Wilson went down, but nearly 500 yards were given up by the Razorback defense.  Was this just a bad game, or is Arkansas just not near as good as we thought they were?  I think it's a mix of both, but it couldn't have happened at a worse time for Arkansas with Bama coming to town this week.

On to the games.

The cupcakes


UL-Monroe at Auburn- This game was scheduled as a cupcake for Auburn, but last week certainly makes this game more interesting.  Was last week a fluke for UL-Monroe, and is Auburn really bad, or just the victim of playing two better teams?  We'll find out Saturday.  Personally, I don't think UL-Monroe can win back to back weeks on the road against an SEC opponent.  35-14 Auburn


Presbyterian at Vanderbilt- Disappointing start to the season for Vandy.  shouldn't be much competition this week though.  38-0 Vandy

Western Kentucky at Kentucky- Don't really know much about this Western kentucky team.  They had a solid season last year, but they lost in a low scoring affair to Kentucky.  I expect much of the same this season.  21-10 Kentucky


UAB at South Carolina- I'm not sure who will be starting at QB for USCe, but either way, this should be a very easy win at home.  I was impressed with thompson throwing the ball last week, and Lattimore should have a field day.  45-3 USCe


Mississippi State at Troy- Mississippi State is a solid team, and the door is wide open for them to finish third in the west.  Disappointing season last year, I'm predicting a bit of redemption this season.  Mullen and co finally getting their first win against an SEC west team not named Ole Miss was huge.  This season, Miss St seems to have a passing game to go with their run game.  45-14 Miss St


Florida Atlantic at Georgia- UGA's offense is clicking on all cylinders.  Murray hasn't disappointed, and I've been impressed with freshman RB, Todd Gurly.  Should be an easy game, which is welcomed after the tough game last week.  45-3 UGA

Idaho at LSU- LSU could probably win this game by 100 points if they really wanted to.  Idaho is one of the worst teams in the country coming to Baton Rouge to face one of the best.  Not really much to say here.  56-0 LSU



You're the cupcake


Texas at Ole Miss- Ole Miss might be off to a 2-0 start, but don't let that fool you, they're still the worst team in the SEC West.  Texas brings a solid offense and a great defense to Oxford this weekend.  Things will get ugly is Mississippi Saturday.  Texas wins 38-7


The Mildly interesting


Texas A&M at SMU- SMU is coming off a solid season last year.  Disappointing start to the season, but they are at home.  A&M should be favored here, but with a freshman QB and a history of blowing leads late in games, I can see this game being a lot closer than A&M wants.  Last season A&M won in blowout fashion.  This season SMU will be looking for redemption, and there's always the possibility of A&M suffering from a hangover over last week's very tough loss in their SEC opener at home.  In the end, I like A&M to take out their frustration over last week's loss, and get their first win of the season.  35-7 A&M

Arizona State at Missouri- Back to back tough home games for Mizzou.  ASU is coming off an impressive win over Illinois, and they are currently 2-0 on the season, and look to contend for the Pac 12 South division.  Kelly has been impressive throwing the ball, and they have one of the better run games in the country so far to go with a solid defense.  ASU has a history of starting the season on fire and falling off late.  This game could be very dangerous for Mizzou.  This game has all the makings of a shootout.  Franklin needs to be at the top of his game Saturday, and sloppy play is what ultimately cost them the game last week, they need to clean up their act.  In the end, I think home field advantage will play a big role in this game.  Mizzou needs a win to get them back on the right track as well.  Missouri wins a shootout 45-42.



Co-game of the week


Alabama at Arkansas- Arkansas' hope of a national title went up in flames last week against UL-Monroe of the Sun Belt.  It was a game where they lost arguably the SEC's best QB all while their defense allowed 500 yards to a Sun belt team, and lost a heartbreaker in overtime, in Little Rock.  If Arkansas has any chance of salvaging the season, they have to win this game.  They have the talent on offense, only problem is Wilson's status for the game is still unknown, and Bama has to be licking their chops at the thought of playing against a backup QB.

Bama is coming into this game following an impressive shutout of Western Kentucky and an even more impressive blowout of the then 8th ranked Michigan Wolverines.  Bama is looking for back to back national titles, and they'd eprefer to win the SEC as well this season, and with Nick Saban as their coach, the players know how important every game is.

As for the game, Bama's running attack hasn't missed a beat since losing Richardson.  Yeldon and Lacey is a two headed monster to be reckoned with, and AJ McCarron has come into his own this season.  Alabama with an offense is a scary thought for the rest of the SEC.  If Tyler Wilson misses this game, I don't think Arkansas has a chance, and if Wilson does play, they might get a few more points, but I don't think the result changes.  Bama won in blowout fashion last year.  Arkansas isn't the same team as last year, especially if Wilson is out.  Bama still has one of the best defenses in the country, to go with an improved offense, and Arky just allowed 500 yards to UL-Monroe.  Bama wins big, 42-10

Game of the Week

Florida at Tennessee- Florida is coming off an impressive win in College Sation last week, and Driskel seemed to have ended any questions about who UF's QB is.  Tennesse had a cupcake last week, but in the opening week, they had an impressive win against NC St in the Georgia Dome.  Both teams have aspirations pf winning the SEC East this season, so as you can see, this is a huge game.  Both teams have the opportunity to spot the other team an early conference loss and gain the tie breaker on the other. 

Tyler Bray has some weapons to throw to this season with Cordarrelle Patterson and Justin Hunter to go with Rajion Neal doing a fine job running the ball for the Vols.  They still have a lot of question marks, but Tennessee definitely looks to be improved from last season, and they will be looking to break their losing streak against Florida, and a win here puts Derek Dooley in good graces in Knoxville.

Florida seems to be an improved team over last season as well.  They have a solid defense, no question marks at QB, and Gillislee has been very impressive running the football.  Florida wants to keep the streak against Tennessee alive, and Muschamp would prefer to not head back to Gainesville after losing to one of Florida's biggest rivals.

As for the game, this game will tell us who is a true contender for the SEC East title.  A loss here digs an early hole for playing in the Georgia Dome after the regular season.  It's been rough past few seasons for both teams.  Early on it looks like both teams are back on the road to contending for the SEC crown.  Either way, this will be a hard hitting, tough, smash mouth, vintage SEC style game.  Both teams will know they just played a football game after this one is over.  In the end, Knoxville is a very tough place to play as a visiting team, and I think Tennessee has a better offense, and I look for Bray and co to make a statement this week.  Great game, but Tennessee edges by 28-21

The Next best 3

USC at Stanford- USC's offense has been impressive as expected.  Barkley returning for his senior season makes USC a favorite for the national title this season.  Tough test on the road against a still solid Stanford team.  They may not have Andrew Luck any more, but they still have a solid run game and enough talent to test USC.  Not an expert on the Pac 12 by no means, but I like USC 45-32

Notre Dame at Michigan St-  Not a B1G expert by no means. I hope someone will pick up the B1G and the Next Best 3 blog this season. Michigan State has been impressive so far, as has Notre Dame, but I think Michigan State is a better team all around. Michigan State wins 42-28


BYU at Utah- It's time for the Holy War.  BYU has been very impressive this season, shutting down Washington State's offense, and their 2-0 start is good enough for them to crack the top 25 rankings.  Utah on the other hand just lost to Utah State.  BYU is looking to keep their BCS buster dreams alive against their biggest rival.  Utah is trying to avoid losing in back to back weeks against their in state rivals.  I think BYU is the better team and I think BYU wins 28-17


September 11, 2012  09:51 AM ET

First of the year, might be a bit rusty.

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September 11, 2012  10:55 AM ET

"Alabama with an offense is a scary thought for the rest of the SEC"

Awesome line right there^^^ and you could exchange 'SEC' with 'nation' and it would still be accurate.

Very nice work on your blog with some good depth and insight!

September 11, 2012  06:52 PM ET

"LSU could probably win this game by 100". I was going to say then LSU should schedule tougher teams, but just recalled how Keith Price and UW fared last week.

I don't think USC gives up 32 to Stanford, the Trojans defense is better than the writers give it credit for.

September 11, 2012  07:50 PM ET

"LSU could probably win this game by 100". I was going to say then LSU should schedule tougher teams, but just recalled how Keith Price and UW fared last week.I don't think USC gives up 32 to Stanford, the Trojans defense is better than the writers give it credit for.

I'll take your word on USC. Really, highlight shows and writers are the only things I have to go by for Pac 12 teams. 10 PM on a Saturday night, football is the last thing on my mind.

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September 13, 2012  08:33 PM ET

For a redneck, you write a mean blog, Outlaw.

True dat. Excellent.

The Gators ARE facing a tough situation, but I think this team grew up alot last week at A&M, and that "we can come from behind and snag a W on the road in-conf" mentality will be the difference maker in Knoxvegas.


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