Week one is behind us and what a week it was. Lots of high scoring games, and a couple of last minute thrillers. RGIII proved he belongs in this league, and Joe Flacco showed he's on the verge of becoming an elite quarterback. In today's post I will give you 5 bold predictions for week 2.


1. The Saints will fall to 0-2

Watching the game last week, the Saints defense didn't look so hot. It seemed like RG3 could do anything he wanted out there. Cam Newton is a much scarier threat and I think he'll bounce back from his bad performance last week. The Panthers also have a good pass rush, and linebacker corps. Panthers pull off the victory and send the Saints back to New Orleans with an 0-2 record. 


2.  Packers will win by at least 2 touchdowns

Packers offense last week didn't look like the Packers we're used to seeing, but I'm not worrying one bit about them. They were playing perhaps the best all around defense in the league. The Bears defense is decent, but the pass defense is nowhere near it needs to be to shut down Rodgers. Cutler won't be able to back up his smack talk and will throw at least 2 interceptions, with one being to Charles Woodson (of course). The Packers take this one at Lambeau on thursday. 


3. Darren McFadden will score 3 times

Dolphins defense looked absolutely brutal last week, and although the Raiders offense didn't look so good for most of the game monday night they will bounce back against this Dolphins defense. McFadden will perform to the level he's capable of and he'll be the guy everyone wants on their fantasy team this week. 


4. Tom Brady throws for at least 300 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Secondary isn't as bad as the one Brady faced last week, but there isn't anyone I see for the cards that will be able to create pressure on Brady. And like most teams in the league there isn't anyone that can stop Gronkowski. He'll be the main target for Brady this week, and Brady becomes fantasy qb stud of the week. 


5. Joe Flacco, not Ray Rice, leads the Ravens to victory

Don't get me wrong this game should be a very close game. The Eagles probably should have blown out the Browns last week, but Mike Vick wasn't fully healthy, and we all know dismal the offense is without him. They should be able to keep the Eagles somewhat close, and if it comes down to a 2 minute drill in the 4th quarter, Joe Flacco leads the team to victory and cements his status as a top 10 quarterback. 


There ya go, there's my 5 bold predictions of the week. I'll make sure to keep doing them week to week. Please feel free to leave comments, and follow me on twitter @thomas_mooney1


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