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This blog has been published on the Good Sports Group member page as well. I've reposted for the benefit of those who may not have had access to the page before. 

The Superbowl will be played on Sunday. It should be a great game regardless of who wins. I've been looking forward to it all season as have most people. Since I joined FanNation I've made a bunch of new online friends and I've enjoyed chating with all of them. The Superbowl will be the cap to a long and pleasant season spent chatting and making friends.

The Good Sports Group was created so that I had a way of keeping track of the best people that I've had the pleasure of chatting with. The group has fans of a lot of different teams who have a lot of different points of views. They are serious fans and know their stuff when it comes to their teams.

What they all have in common is their ability to talk, debate, argue, criticize, taunt, tease and trash talk to each other and still stay civil and respectful of the other guy... or girl. They avoid the tendency to get personal when discussing their opinions. There is a lot of good natured zingers, ribbing and cat calling between them but very little name calling or personal insults. Something all too common for a lot of posters. Thus the groups name:

The Good Sports Group.

We are all waiting for the Superbowl so we can either beat our chests in victory if our team wins or suffer the barrage of I-told-you-so's if they don't. I'm a Patriots fan and on Monday I am going to do the most outrageous howling and whoop-dee-doing, in-your-face verbal lambasting of all those doubting thomases who didn't back the Patriots... Unless of course they lose.

If thats the case I have several sheets of witty comebacks that no matter how clever they seem now will in no way disuade the onslaught of verbal abuse that the fans of the other teams are waiting to unleash upon me when the Patriots come up short. Logging on after a loss and having to endure the wrath of all those fans who have been predicting the Patriots loss will be the hardest thing I will do all year.

But there is an even worse scenario that I am afraid of. Something that will make it even more depressing and a bigger disappointment. What if no one shows up at all?

I have been troubled by the thought that, once the football season is over, the group will slowly fade away. It has been football all year that has given us the common ground on which we have built this... camaraderie shall I call it? Once the season ends I am concerned that we may lose interest and maybe move on.

So before the Superbowl is played I just wanbt to say to all my friends... which now number 33... thanks for making this a great season. But even more, lets continue to enjoy sports together through the year. I love basketball and I would love to follow the fortunes of the Celtics along with the rest of you and your teams... even if they are going to lose to the Celtics anyway. I hate baseball and I despise the Red Sox even though I was born and raised in Boston. There is nothing I like better than ragging on a Red Sox fan. They are so insecure its almost too easy to bring them to tears.. man that's some kind of fun.

I could enjoy hockey except for the violence that brings what should be a graceful and fast paced sport to the level of pro wrestling. I have some serious issues with MLS, Golf and other sports that I would love to express to anyone who is willing to listen.

Its funny that, while I have watched the games all season with my usual band of friends and family, I have spent a lot more time this year talking about the games with my on-line friends here on FanNation than I ever have with my real live friends. Truth and Rumors has been a great vehicle for getting things started and then following the topics wherever they go. And I've learned a lot more because of the folks I've chatted with. They are all good sports who have provided great conversation all season long.

So again.. Thanks to all of you. Those on my friend list, the members of the Good Sports and the Rumor Mill and all the rest of those I've talked with. I promise you this and I hope you all will make the same promise to me.

What ever happens on Superbowl Sunday... whether the Patriots win or lose, I am going to be here on Monday morning... OK, I have the day off and I'll have a HUGE hangover if the Patriots win... an even worse one if they lose... so it might be sometime after noon when I come to... but I will be here. I will be dishing it out or I will be taking my lumps regardless.

I'm not going to stop posting just because the football season is over. I've been having too much fun with you all. I hope you all feel the same way.

As much as I look forward to the game the teams play on Sunday I am looking forward to the games we play on Monday. Good Luck to all of you rooting for the Patriots... The rest of you have my sympathies and I promise to go easy on you on Monday.

Return the favor if I'm wrong OK?


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