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This week, we're picking upsets. And we think there's good reason to believe they just might happen. Without further ado, here are the World's Worst Football Picks for Week 3 of the NFL season:

Carolina over the Giants: An upset? Can't say it is anymore. The Panthers are legit and the Giants inconsistent. The game will be close but I can't see the Carolina D folding like a tent in the second half like the Bucs did last week. (8)

New Orleans to beat KC: The Saints have a great chance to break the goose egg this week and find back some of their mojo. At home. Against a Chiefs team that doesn't seem to be scaring anybody. If the Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills can take them apart... (15)

Washington to beat the Bengals: I know. The Redskins are hurting on defense. And the Bengals can score. But I see RGIII doing enough to overcome a strong game from Dalton and Co. (7)

Detroit over Tennessee: I can't figure the Titans out. I thought they'd be pretty good this season but they're struggling. The Lions, meanwhile, need to figure out who they are and if they really consider themselves a top team in the NFC. (9)

Minnesota to beat San Fran: Upset number one. The Vikes are at home and, with Adrian Peterson running hard, can likely play with anybody. Meanwhile, the 'Niners have been reading their own press and are feeling a little too big for their britches. Prime upset scenario. (6)

Indy over Jacksonville: The Colts are at home again and have tasted winning. The Jags aren't bad so it should be a close game but I see the Colts D making a big play to ice it. (3)

Chicago to beat St. Louis: Is this an upset pick? Do we favour the Rams after their win last week? Stephen Jackson is hurting and their defense doesn't impress me. Meanwhile, I think the Bears have something to prove after last week's loss. Look for an offensive spectacle with Cutler and Co doing just enough to win it. (4)

Cleveland over Buffalo: I hate myself. I really do. The Bills are my team. But the Browns have to win one sometime and their defense is pretty darned good. Buffalo may be riding a little too high and cocky after their big win over the Chiefs so I'm going with Cleveland. (5)

Tampa to beat Dallas: I really don't know how this one's going to go but I think I'll take the Bucs hard-hitting defense over that soft Romo-led Cowboys offense. (2)

Jets over Miami: The Dolphins surprised me last week but that means they shouldn't surprise the Jets this time around. I think New York is smarting from the press they've gotten since their loss to Pittsburgh and I see them taking it out on Miami here. (11)

San Diego to beat Atlanta: Oiy, this is a tough one. Atlanta looked great beating Denver. They've got a balanced offense and a strong D. But I think the Chargers passing game is rounding into form and I doubt Phillip Rivers is going to launch a flock of ducks into the gleeful Falcons secondary the way Peyton Manning did. The key will be the pass rush that San Diego can (or cannot) generate to keep Ryan honest. (1)

Philadelphia to beat Arizona: Welcome back to reality, Cardinals. So many things had to go right for Arizona to upset New England and I can't see the stars aligning like that again. Especially not against a much tougher Eagles defense. (13)

Pittsburgh over Oakland: I'm worried about this one, to be honest. The Steelers should win this one in a walk but I smell an upset brewing. (16)

Houston to beat Denver: If you're trying to overcome your worst start in years, you don't want to be facing the Texans and their defense. I'll be surprised if this one is even close. (14)

Baltimore over New England: Again, this is a tough one. On paper, the Ravens should win. But Baltimore's coming off a soul crushing loss to Philly and that Patriots coach doesn't often let his team lose two in a row. Still, if Brady can't throw deep (which I don't think he can), all those playmakers on the Ravens D can focus on a much smaller area of the field. And that's bad news for the Patriots backs and receivers. (12)

Seattle to beat Green Bay: I think this might be considered an upset pick. Just maybe. The 'Hawks are at home, Russell Wilson continues to feel he has something to prove and a Monday Night game is the perfect situation for them all to show what they can do. I like the offense Pete Carroll has installed to suit his quarterback and make him play within himself. And I like what the Seattle defense has been doing. (10)

Note, the numbers in brackets following each pick represent the points I've assigned to each game in my football pool. If I'm right about the pick, I get the points I've assigned. If I lose, I don't. Compare my comments on the pick and the points I've assigned to it and you'll see just how inept I really am at this picking game!

September 19, 2012  03:09 PM ET

Couple of bold picks there Mark. I still haven't decided on mine yet. After two 8-8 weeks, I wonder if I should even bother. Ha!

September 19, 2012  04:07 PM ET

Keep at it, LIHI! It seems I'm on my way down to 8-8 and even lower. I just want to win that pool ONE TIME! That's all I ask. Hence, the bold picks.


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