Week 3 of the NFL began on Thursday with a stellar performance from the New York Giants, they have really come back from a week one lose against the Cowboys. We have also seen many other surprises but lets jump straight into power rankings.

1. The San Francisco 49ers- No doubt they were one of the best teams last year, and they have had two strong wins against the Lions and the Packers (both playoff teams). There defense is probably the strongest and their offense has improved highly. With help from Randy Moss, they are stronger in the red zones; meaning more touchdowns and less field goals.

2. The Green Bay Packers- Although, they lost week 1 it was against the 49ers, a very strong team. They came back nicely against the Bears and earned back the respect. Aaron Rodgers and the defense played nicely and should have no problem with the Seahawks on Monday. Greg Jennings is still not 100%, should return this week or next week.

3. The Houston Texans- They have played great so far, Arian Foster has done well the past two weeks and their defense is looking a lot like San Francisco. While there pass games could use a little work, and both Andre Johnson and Matt Schuab are coming of injury, hopefully that won't be a heavy toll of them.

4. The Atlanta Falcons- They have the hype, with Matt Ryan's amazing home opener Atlanta really thinks they have a shot this year. With the way the Saints are playing right now, a sweep of the division should be no problem. They are healthy and excited (especially with 3 interceptions of Peyton Manning.

5. The New York Giants- They have come back strong from a week one loss against the CowBoys, with a late stunner against Tampa and a complete blow out against the Panthers, the Giants should have a good season.

6. The New England Patriots- Lets not penalize them to much for the loss against Arizona, it was a series of simple mistakes that cost them. However, what worries me is that Brady needs a WR, not a TE and without Welker that is going to put pressure on Brady.

7- The Philadelphia Eagles- There 2-0; although one was against the Browns a win is a win. Vick isn't looking marvelous though, just to many interceptions and wins by a very small margin. Still they beat the Ravens, which is why there in the 7th spot.

8. The Pittsburgh Steelers- Although a week one loss to the Broncos, they came back against a hot Jets team, even with some key defensive players out. Once they are healthy again, they should be a strong team.

9. The Baltimore Ravens- If the Ravens were to have beaten the Eagles, they probably would be sitting in the 4 or 5 seat right about now. The problem is their defense is getting old, and Flacco and on and off type qb, Ray Rice has done his job however.

10. The Denver Broncos- Great start against Pittsburgh, Peyton proved himself there, but then lost most of it the first quarter against Atlanta. But they got it together against Atlanta, and although down 21-0 with two minutes left, they only lost by 6.

11- The San Deigo Chargers- Some would argue they should be higher, they are 2-0 but that's not a huge deal. Rivers has played well, and although a bad season last year, maybe one Ryan Mattews comes back they should be able to pass the Broncos.

12 The Detroit Lions- They are a good football team, with a pretty good defense and some pretty strong weapons on the offense, they might be able to squeeze into the wildcat spot.

13. The Dallas Cowboys- Man was everything good two weeks ago when they beat the Giants, sadly a week two loss against the Seahawks set them back, hopefully they can recover.

14. The Arizona Cardinals- Now they are 2-0. and they have beaten good teams, just how long can they keep this up for? Well see this week, for right now there in the 14th seat.

15. The New York Jets- They looked pretty good against the Steelers even with a loss; they were without Revis so give them a little break. Sanchez has also improved his game play.

16. The Buffalo Bills- A great running game, perhaps the best so far, the reason their not higher is because of their week 1 loss, sad when Spiller does so great.

17. The Washington Redskins- Griffin is doing well as QB, and although they started of very strong, a loss against the Rams sets them back a little, but again that was a close one.

18. The Carolina Panthers- Look not a great start for the entire team, Cam Newton has done well but he needs a little help. You could probably give the ball to a rock and that would still rin 100 yards against them.

19- The New Orleans Saints- A pathetic start; beaten by two teams that failed to make the playoffs last year, but a good quarterback means a winning team.

20- The Chicago Bears- Last week against Green Bay was a joke, they looked out of form and beaten up. Cutler needs to learn to calm himself down; and the Bears need to get it together. I didn't put them down here because of their loss against Green Bay, just because of how they reacted to it.

21- The Seattle Seahwaks- Bad start, but they played well against the Cowboys; unfortunetly for them they have Green Bay and Lynch has done well but not Beast mode just yet.

22- The Indianapolis Colts- Luck played well last week against the Vikings, although they are week as well, at least Andrew Luck has done something so far.

23. The Cincinnati Bengals- Alright, I could be mistaken here, they are good put a loss against the Browns? Come on Man! Still most likely they should improve.

24. Tampa Bay Bucs- They have improved from last season, but the fact that the Giants came back is in-excusable. They have a decent team improvements are to be made.

25. The St. Louis Rams- They beat the Redskins in a last minute thriller. The Rams will be dominate eventually when they get their value for the 2nd round pick trades.

26. The Miami Dolphins- They actually looked good against the Raiders, thing is can they score when they need it most.

27. The Kansas City Cheifs- The reason why there so close to the bottom is because there defense is lost and there few stars on offense are not producing results.

28. The Oakland Raiders- Let me tell you something, take out the silly errors of week 1 and the Raiders looked decent. But errors will destory you in the end and that's what happened. Macfadden didn't look good last week as well.

29. The Cleveland Browns- They were predicted to be the worst this year, but they haven't been bad, only problem is they still many things wrong and haven't played a powerhouse just yet, Eagles are decent but I think there getting a little lucky.

30. The Minnesota Vikings- They have a win, against the Jags, who are not that great... Peterson came back strong, but not so much in week two.

31. The Tennessee Titans- They are getting completely blown away every time they play, and Chris Johnson returning to his legendary 2000 yard season? good joke.

32. The Jacksonville Jaguars- They really don't have a lot of hope, they have always relied heavily on Jones-Drew and now its coming back to them.


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