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The Stack joins you on this Monday morning saying "ouch!"  What happened to our week 3 picks?  I did switch back to the Falcons, but did not update the picks so we are 6-8 on Sunday, 6-9 counting the Panthers pick.  Week 3 Sunday was an absolutely wild day in the NFL.  And The Stack is here to break it all down so let's get right to "the stack" for today, Monday, September 24:

Chicago Bears 23 St. Louis Rams 6

The Bears defense really roughed up Sam Bradford and company, but the talk surrounding the Bears should be Jay Cutler's performance.  Rams cornerback Courtland Finnegan said he wasn't impressed by Cutler's day and neither should Bears fans.  Cutler had just 183 yards and a pick.  If he doesn't play better, it could be a long year for the Bears.


Buffalo Bills 24 Cleveland Browns 14

A win is a win, but the loss of running back C.J. Spiller for a couple of weeks will hurt the Bills, especially with Fred Jackson out still and an angry Patriots team coming to town next week.  Eek!


Dallas Cowboys 16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10

The Bucs offense was awful, but their defense sure wasn't.  They kept the Dallas Cowboys in check.  The Cowboys though just had too many playmakers.  Still, I'd be nervous from what I've seen from the Cowboys the past two weeks if I'm a Cowboys fan, but pretty happy with where Tampa Bay is going if I'm a Bucs fan.


Jacksonville Jaguars 22 Indianapolis Colts 17

So the Jagaurs, Colts and Minnesota Vikings must be playing round robin on how to lose and win games.  Vikings come back late against the Jaguars and win week 1.  Week 2, Andrew Luck leads the Colts to a late win over the Vikings.  Week 3, Blaine Gabbert finds Cecil Shorts III for an 80-yard touchdown with under 50 seconds to play.  Great throw by Gabbert.  This is definitely a milestone in his young career.  MJD running for 177 yards a score helps too.


New York Jets 23 Miami Dolphins 20

Sure the Jets won the game, but Darrelle Revis' knee injury has the coaching staff and fans concerned.  Plus the offense once again looked very bad.  The Jets will take the win though.  Dolphins will be holding their breath on Reggie Bush's knee injury and it sometimes doesn't pay to try to ice the kicker as the Dolphins found out.  Blocked the kick that didn't count and then the Jets made the second field goal.  Tough pill to swallow if you're a Dolphins fan.


Minnesota Vikings 24 San Francisco 13

One of, if not thee biggest upsets of the day.  How did the mighty 49ers lose to the Vikings?  Well for one, Christian Ponder played phenominal for the Vikings.  He just may have the makings of being a franchise quarterback.  Randy Moss was a non-factor in his return to the Metrodome, but the real story was the refs.  How do you award the 49ers a challenge with no timeouts?  Twice?!!  Inexcusable.  You have to know the rules.  There is absolutely no excuse that the Vikings should have had to sweat that game out.  49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is a bit of a cheater, but if the replacement refs can't figure it out, why stop?  If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.  NFL: get the real refs back on the field now!


Kansas City Chiefs 27 New Orleans 24

Though both teams came into the game 0-2, almost everyone thought the Saints would role over the Chiefs, especially with the game being played in the Superdome.  Wrong!  The Saints gave up 18 unanswered points in the second half and couldn't stop running back Jamaal Charles (233 rushing yards) to save their lives.  What a game for Charles! This loss proves more and more just how important head coach Sean Payton is to the team and just how many holes this Saints team has.  No hope for them this year.


Tennessee Titan 44 Detroit Lions 41

What a wild one in Nashville.  Jake Locker was beyond impressive throwing for 378 yards and two scores.  All of this with Chris Johnson continuing to be a no-show.  The Titans got touchdowns from their special teams and defense and would have won the game in regulation if not for Titus Young's great catch off of a tip on a hail mary.  The Lions lost Matthew Stafford with an injury, but he should be ok.  Of more concern for the Lions is their 1-2 start.  They haven't looked good in any of the three games this year.  A loss next week to Minnesota could spell doom on their season.


Cincinnati Bengals 38 Washington Redskins 31

Should have just gone with my gut on this one.  The Bengals spoiled RGIII's home debut.  He started off pretty slow.  But when the Bengals first offensive play of the game was a 73-yard TD throw from wide receiver Mohamed Sanu to A.J. Green, you had to feel like it would be the Bengals day.


Arizona Cardinals 27 Philadelphia Eagles 6

Birds of a different feather flock together and man do the Cardinals have a good defense.  They hit Michael Vick all day wrong...and they were hard hits.  Vick will not last the entire season and the Eagles will not win the NFC East if they don't protect Vick.  The Cardinals are 3-0 and in first place in the NFC West.  Who saw that one coming?  Not I.


Atlanta Falcons 27 San Diego Chargers 3

Looks like the 9,200 or so fans that elected not to purchase tickets to this game to ensure a sellout sure knew what they were doing.  The Falcons destroyed the Chargers...and the Falcons were on a short week.  They certainly look like one of the top two teams in the NFC.  Wow!


Houston Texans 31 Denver Broncos 25

The Broncos made the game interesting late, but the Texans were the better team on Sunday.   They have the defense and a very good offense to be a Super Bowl team.  They certainly are showing that so far.  And talk about tough!  Matt Schaub gets drilled in the third quarter and misses only one play.  You know what else he was missing?  Part of his ear!!  Oh year, he also threw four touchdowns.  The Texans ARE the best team in the AFC, hands down.


Oakland Raiders 34 Pittsburgh Steelers 31

Despite Ben Roethlisberger's career day of 384 yards throwing and four touchdowns (first time that has ever happened), Oakland was the clutch team on Sunday.  They battled back from a big deficit and was able to win the game, but of course, the talk is about Darrius Heyward-Bey and his condition following the scary hit he received in the game.  We should find out more today.


Baltimore Ravens 31 New England Patriots 30

The game needs to be put into perspective, especially considering Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith lost his 19-year old brother not even 24 hours prior to kickoff.  And what a game he had.  127 yards and two touchdowns.  What a way to honor your brother.  Neither defense was all that good, but truth be told, this was a very poorly officiated game.  Over twenty accepted penalties.  And the Ravens squeeked by with a kick at the end of regulation that just went over the uprights, but boy it was close.  Then Patriots head coach Bill Belichick grabbed a ref running off the field.  I'm guessing he'll be hearing from the league and his wallet will be a little lighter later this week.


Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks 8:30 PM ET

This should be a very entertaining game.  The Packers have had a lot of time off since their last game.  Remember they played on Thursday week 2.  Will their defense be just as good as it was against the Bears?  Will the offense start to look like last year's offense?  One thing we know for certain...the Seahawks fans will be loud!  If Marshawn Lynch can maintain some ground control and the Seahawks defense plays like they did against the Cowboys, the Seahawks can very well win.  But, I'm leaning Green Bay just because of the talent.  It won't shock me though if the Seahawks win.

Prediction: Packers 23 Seahawks 17


Coming up Tuesday: MNF Reaction plus highlights from weekend in sports. 

September 24, 2012  10:56 PM ET

If the NFL wants to become the XFL then the Pats-Ravens game will be the blueprint.


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