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NFL 2012 - WEEK 3

1. HOUSTON TEXANS - The Texans played a great game! They showed something that the 49ers need to be able to do on offense, go for the big plays and not be afraid of making a mistake. Foster and Tate Show did enough on the ground and Schaub was able to have 4 TD strikes in the air. The Defense played exceptionally until the very end against a talented Broncos offense lead by Manning. Grade A+

2. ATLANTA FALCONS - Falcons played another undefeated team this Sunday, but it may have been misleading since it was the Chargers after all. Ryan connected very well with his WRs and scored 3 TDs. Turner was able to bounce back from the DUI escapade from this past week. These Falcons continue to make PCH happy and with the wide array of weapons looks capable of doing this all season long. Even the Falcons defense is starting to make turnovers happen on every game. Grade A+

3. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - 49ers has a tough schedule and 2 very emotional wins over 2 playoff teams from last year, this was a perfect game for the Vikings to steal one from the 49ers. Although Smith has shown the ability to manage a good game, he now needs to take another step forward and throw some deep passes early in the game to at least get defenses to cover a larger area on the field and not settle for the mid range passing lanes. The 49er defense also didn't show up on the pass rush. Grade D

4. BALTIMORE RAVENS - The Ravens turned in a good all around game and was able to win this with some bad referee calls. Flacco is not afraid to go deep, and with the stable of WRs that the Ravens have now its only going to help out their running game and give their defense some time off the field to rest. Rice played very well and tacked on another TD, he is a proven every down back and did his damaged on what was supposedly a much improved Patriots run defense. Grade A

5. NEW YORK GIANTS - We finally got to see Giants football as the Giants stomped all over the Panthers. They also found a good RB in Brown as he ran over the century mark and scored 2 TDs. Eli Manning continued to show that as of right now, he is the better Manning QB by throwing the ball at a higher percentage and not throwing any INTs. Martellus Bennett is showing the Cowboys what they could have had if they had actually used him. A young, stronger and taller and more athletic TE than Witten. Grade A+

6. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Defense wins championships and the Cardinals are enjoying the benefits of having one! They contained Vick quite well and limited McCoy to just 70 yards rushing. Kolb has been able to manage the offense and use Fitzgerald for some long connections. As a team the Cardinals did well against a Philly team that is predicted to be a Dynasty. The Cardinals can continue to stay undefeated with their next 2 opponents, the Dolphins and the Rams. Grade A+

7. CINCINNATI BENGALS - The Bengals had a tough first game against the Ravens and they also showed their youth  and experience in that game. But now it looks like they have found their confidence from a year ago as Dalton was able to pass for well over 300 yards and 3 for TDs. WR Green continues to make the big plays and the Bengals defense is playing better by recording 5 sacks. Grade B

8. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Minus the last play of the game, the Seahawks defense continued to keep Seattle close to steal another impropable win from last year's Packers team that had a record of 15-1. Wilson may very well take over the Rookie of the Year honors if the Seahawks keep winning. The NFC West is turning out to be the Defensive Beasts of all the NFL Divisions. Grade A+

9. DALLAS COWBOYS - A win is a win and boy was this an ugly win for the Cowboys. Romo held Cowboy Fans on the edge of their seats by fumbling the ball several times and throwing an early INT, allowing the Buccaneers to have the lead from the get go. Even my new favorite RB, Murray, was contained for the most part of the game. It's a good thing that the Cowboys defense showed up and created a couple of key turnovers. Grade C+

10. GREEN BAY PACKERS - What can you say, the Packers by all accounts should have won this game. If only the Defensive Back chose to deflect the ball out of bounds or even to hit the ball towards the ground all this madness would not have happened and the Packers would be 2-1. But the Football Gods were cruel this past evening and the rules were in favor of the Golden One who happened to be playing for the Seahawks. Still, I look forward to the Packers bouncing back from this lost early in the season. Grade D


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