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Until the fans stop attending NFL games and watching NFL games on national tv the team owners are in no hurry to settle the lockout with the real refs. After watching the replacement refs blow the final play of the Packers and Seattle game tonight I'am boycotting the NFL until they pay the professional refs to officiate professional football games played by professional football players. I don't see the humor in these incompetent officials currently making a mockery of the sport. They are fine for refereeing Pop Warner and High school games but the NFL game is to fast for them. They are not trained or experienced to do the job that the locked out refs have done for years. The fans need to speak up and boycott the games until the lockout is settled. The replacement refs pissed me off for the last time tonight calling a Hail Mary a touchdown when the Seattle player never had possession of the football with two refs looking right at the play along with a national tv audience. What a damn joke! The NFL owners need to settle the lockout now so the fans can enjoy the rest of the season. I will watch baseball, basketball, The Voice, Dancing with the stars, or the Xfactor and not the NFL until the lockout is settled.   
September 25, 2012  11:55 AM ET

watch what you want.... in fact, we fans could all destroy our TVs and the NFL would not care. they will settle this matter when they are ready, but us boycotting games or watching dance shows will play no role in what the NFL does. people seem to think that we fans have some type of power to force billionaires to do things. we do not. and regarless, fans will not stay off their TVs or not use the overpriced tickets they've already paid for. this ref issue will resolve itself, but fans will not be the reason.

September 25, 2012  07:54 PM ET

As a sports fan football is one of my favorite sports. I have no vested interest in the sport. I'am not privy to be a season ticket holder that tailgates before games . I don't drink beer and just because the public gets a heavy dose of it incessantly on the idiot box I don't need it. The fans pay the money at the stadiums, buy the food, the beer, the jerseys, hats, and watch the games anywhere they can. The fat cat owners cannot survive without the fans support. Teams that don't have fan support relocate to another city. Tv revenue is based on the support of the fans. Football is not a drug I have to have on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday. You keep getting your fix on I won't until the settle with the union refs.

September 26, 2012  08:20 AM ET

The one thing President Obama and his opponent Romney agree on is the real refs need to be on the field working and not locked out.

September 27, 2012  01:20 AM ET

I'm looking forward to giving the real refs a standing ovation tomorrow night. I'm all in for football now til the end ofthe season!!!!!!!


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