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Originally I thought MD Jennings and Golden Tate had dual possession of the ball. Upon further replay, it looked like Jennings had control of the ball and Tate just popped a hand in there to fool the ref, which apparently happened.

So now Argos and JimJ and a bunch of other fans are complaining about how the Replacement Refs stole a victory out of the Packers' collective hands. (Well really just out of Jennings' hands, but you get my drift)

On one side I get it. If the Cowboys had lost that way I would've thrown a temper tantrum, too.

But this isn't really about whether or not the refs made the right call. This is about fault, blame, scapegoats, etc.

(A quick aside - John Clayton says not only will the NFL most likely say the refs made the correct call, but he also says the play should NOT have been reviewable anyway, so even if the refs made the wrong judgement call on the play in question the end result was probably correct, in that Seattle would've won anyway because the call on the field was TD and it shouldn't have even been reviewed under NFL rules)

Everyone is blaming the refs. Maybe they suck. Maybe they cost the Packers a win. Probably, to both of those charges.

But these guys are rookies. They're not seasoned NFL refs, and any ref of any sport can tell you that you will never be a good ref until you have some experience under your belt. Blaming the refs is an exercise in futility. Unless some conspiracy theorists believe that the refs are bungling calls on purpose, then all we can assume is that the refs suck because they're newbs. And that's not their fault. It's just the way of the world. People suck at their jobs until they get familiar with them.

Instead, we should be blaming Roger Goodell. The Commish could've relented and allowed the regular refs to keep their pensions. Remember, the refs aren't fighting for new benefits, they're just adamant about keeping the benefits they already had. Goodell wants to take away the pension they thought ehy'd been working years to earn and replace it with a 401k. That's a major downgrade, and I'd be pissed if I was a regular ref, too.

So blame Goodell. He could've avoided this whole mess by allowing the refs to earn what they were promised. He is mainly responsible for the replacement refs. No matter how bad the replacement refs are, they didn't even have to be on the field if Goodell wasn't trying to pinch pennies. (Which is pretty cheap, anyway, considering how much money the NFL generates, but that's a whole different story) The replacement refs are out there because Goodell tried scewing the original refs and they called his bluff. So now we're stuck with controversies and the potential of an asterisk being placed next to the entire 2012 NFL season. Not because the refs are so pathetic, but because Goodell valued saving money over preserving the integrity of the game.

Again, don't hate the refs, don't hate the players, don't hate the coaches.

Hate the commissioner.

September 25, 2012  02:50 AM ET

IMO you are again totally wrong. The Commissioner is not to blame, it's the Owners who will decide when to agree with the NFL referee's demands. Goodell is their "Puppet", nothing more.

September 25, 2012  03:01 AM ET

But I agree with you regarding the play itself, the play was called "correctly".

What the DB should have done was knock the ball out of bounds or to the ground, leaving no chance for the offense to collect the ball for a catch. Why make a heroic INT in the endzone, knock it away would have been the smartest play.

Also the push by Tate was minor, the DB of the Packers "Flopped" (see NBA) and made the little push look even more severe then it really was. I cannot fault the Referees in this case. The rules helped Tate's cause and he made an alert and game winning effort - in the end he wanted it more and out wrestled the Packer DB.

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September 25, 2012  05:49 AM ET

The replacement refs are new and doing the best they can.................

Sadly the best they can is not good enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 27, 2012  10:37 PM ET

There's a lot of people to blame.

I blame the Packers for only scoring 12 points.


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