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1. LaDainian Tomlinson - San Diego Chargers : There really is no doubt here, as LT is possibly the best running back ever, and is defiantly the best one playing today. He has the record touchdown number in a season (34) and rushing touchdown number (31). He has also won the last two rushing titles and has shown no signs of slowing down and looks poised to lead his Chargers for years to come, and hopefully to a Super Bowl.

2. Brian Westbrook - Philadelphia Eagles : The most versitle running back in the NFL, he led all running backs in receiving yards (771) and receptions (90), while finishing third in rushing yards (1,333) and fourth in touchdowns for running backs (12). Also, after many complaints in the off-season, Westbrook got more hand-offs this season and didn't disapoint. Many believed he would be over-whelmed and would'nt perform as well, but he played better then expectations and was the biggest part of the Eagles offense.

3. Stephen Jackson - St. Louis Rams : After having a career year in 2006, and gaining the most yards from scrimmage, Stephen Jackson was poised to help lead his Rams to a good season and a playoff spot. However, injuries to key players like Orlando Pace, Marc Bulger and himself, stalled there efforts. He still managed to put a good season together, 1,002 yards and 5 TD's, but was no where near the expectations laid on him. I think that next season, he will rebound, along with the St. Louis Rams.

4. Larry Johnson - Kansas City Chiefs : Only a year removed from his 1,789 yards, 19 TD performance and breaking the rushing attempts record (416), Larry Johnson had a very average year. His offensive line was completly demolished, and it showed as he rushed for only 559 yards and only 4 TD's while starting only 8 games. He fell alot farther on many peoples list's, but i believe that he will rebound, and get more carries and be the Larry Johnson of old.

5. Frank Gore - San Francisco 49ers : Like Johnson, Frank Gore had a very disapointing year compared to the expectations placed on him. He was expected to lead his 49ers offense, almost single handedly, to a better record, and possibly a playoff spot. He wasen't able to that, and also regressed in almost every offensive category. Unlike Johnson, however, I don't believe he can turn this around without some help in the offensive line and a better passing game to complment the running game.

6. Joseph Addai - Indianapolis Colts : Now, Joesph Addai is a running back who rose in the rankings from the beginning of the year, having a great season in his first season starting and playing every down. He finished the season with 1,071 yards and 15 TD's while only playing in really 14 games. He also has worked well as an every down back, which alot of people were skeptical about how he would work like that after spliting last year with Dominic Rhodes.

7. Willie Parker - Pittsburgh Steelers : Willie Parker is probably one of, if not the most efficient running back in the NFL. He will get the job done and will get you the first down when you need it. Also, he has won a Super Bowl and made a play that was detrimental in them winning that Super Bowl ring with the longest touchdown run in Super Bowl history. The one knock I have against Parker is that he only scored 2 TD's last year, and isn't great in the red zone.

8. Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings : This phenom started the season on an explosive run, breaking the single game rushing record and on pace to break many more. His pure talent is blatently obvious and he is able to do anything he wants on the football field. The main reason why he is down at #8 is because of his youth and that many above him have had had some longevity to there careers. Another thing is that in the last 4 games he rushed for a very pedestrian 144 yards, 2 TD's, 2.67 yards per rush and 36 yards a game. This also included a 14 rush, 3 yard performance against the San Francisco 49ers. Compare that to his 1197 yards, 11 TD's, 6.51 yards per rush and 99.75 yards a game in his first 12 games, he really slowed down.

9. Clinton Portis - Washington Redskins : After an injured plagued season, and a replacement that stunned many in Ladell Betts, things weren't looking as bright as Clinton Portis had planned when he came to the Washington Redskins in a block-buster trade that also involved Champ Bailey. But, as the year progressed, Clinton began to see more carries and he never looked back. He finished the season steller numbers with 1,262 yards and 11 TD's. If he can reach even close to what he did with the Broncos, then he should vault up this list in years to come.

10. Willis McGahee - Baltimore Ravens: After a less then peaceful departure from Buffalo, McGahee was brought to the Ravens to help a struggling running game recover. He then proceded to come into the Ravens offense and be the only bright spot on one of the worst offenses in the league. Despite being on that horrible offense, McGahee managed to rack up 1,207 yards, 7 TD's and a 4.1 yards per rush average while also being named to the AFC Pro Bowl team, replacing Joseph Addai.


HONORABLE MENTION: Rudi Johnson, Laurence Malroney, Marion Barber III, Ronnie Brown, Maurice Jones-Drew


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