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NFL 2012 - WEEK 4

- It was another day at the office for the Texans as they roughed up the Titans rather easily.  The defense scored twice with a pair of INTs and the offense was on cruise control. Their next opponent are the JETS so that should be another win headed into what will be a true test for the Texans, against the Packers and later the Ravens. Grade A

- Matt Ryan was able to perform well while being sacked 7 times. In a game that the Panthers should have held onto to win, the gritty Falcons were able to overcome a great performance by Cam Newton (will be interesting to see how RGIII does against the Falcons, maybe a possible upset is in the making). Could this be the year that Atlanta gains the home field advantage in the playoffs, it's starting to feel that way with their schedule. Right now they have a commanding lead in their Division and they are starting to believe that this could be their year. Grade B

3. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - The 49ers defense played well against the JETS, but New York isn't that good on offense so this was not a good measure of how good the 49ers really are. What I did enjoy was seeing Kaepernick  come into the game when the 49ers offense needed a little spark. Alex Smith maybe the first string QB but Kaepernick showed that Randy Moss can still go and get it in a crowd, it's just to bad that Moss wasn't able to hold onto the ball. Kaepernick also demonstrated that he can run the ball more effectively for potentially large gains. Grade B

4. BALTIMORE RAVENS - The Ravens struggled against the Browns and they nearly lost the game. A Rookie QB in Weeden almost pulled off a miracle win. Joe Flacco did enough on offense to keep the Ravens on the winning side, but the Ravens defense did allow a Rookie QB to throw for over 300 yards. Grade B

5. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - The Patriots played well in the 2nd half and trounced the Bills by scoring 52 points. The Pats incredibly had 2 Running Backs over the century mark and letting Tom Brady have his way against the Bills defense. The defense did a good job on the Bills offense.... but then again it was the Buffalo Bills. Grade A

6. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Arizona's passing game is coming along. Kevin Kolb did throw some picks but he also scored 3 TDs. Sometimes winning ugly develops character and in the long run the Cards will benefit from this. But the defense did show some weaknesses by allowing a Rookie to throw for over 400 yards, maybe reality is starting to chip away and bring the Birds back to the ground. Grade B

- The Bengals played well on defense even without some of their starting pass defenders. The Dalton to Green express was still playing well and remains to be on schedule. After a shaky first game, the Bengals are getting a good stretch of wins to build on. Grade B

8. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - This maybe the beginning of where Michael Vick finally let the game come to him instead of forcing his will onto the game. The Giants defense looked lethargic throughout the game and only managed to sack Vick twice. The Eagles almost let this one get away from them though. Grade A

9. GREEN BAY PACKERS - This was a great game to watch. Both teams showed up for this one and the Packers played against a team that was desperate for a win and came out on top with a victory. The Packers should come away with another win before they face the Texans, this game will show where the Packers defense and offense really is on the rankings. Grade A

10. CHICAGO BEARS - The Bears killed Tony Romo and had him dazed and confused like a TDwh0re after eating a large burrito and downing it with a 6-pack of Four Loko beer. Marshall and Cutler finally did connect and Cutler had a field day against a weak Dallas pass defense, altogether a bad week for the Ryan Brothers. The Black and Blue Division is turning out to be just that and the Bears and Vikings are both leading the Packers. Grade A+



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