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Much debate goes on these days about who should be the AL MVP.  It's all just blather as there is only one candidate that deserves anyone's vote, Miguel Cabrera.

Let's face facts people, Cabrera looks almost certain to win the Triple Crown (unless Josh Hamilton has a multiple homer game tonight).  The TRIPLE-FREAKING-CROWN.  The very thought of winning it should end the debate.

The triple crown signifies that Cabrera has been the best offensive player in the league.  He did what any offensive player aspires to, hit and hit with power.

Some folks argue Mike Trout should win it.  SHUT UP!  YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!  Trout had a great season and will win the award he deserves, Rookie of the Year.  If you really need to be convinced consider this, the argument for Trout is based on mainly on obscure statistics (WAR, a meaningless, subjective number in a game won by simple objective numbers- which team scores more runs).  The stats that count most in baseball are runs.  If you don't score runs you don't win-end of the discussion.  Considering runs Cabrera scored or batted in 248 total rims. Trout's total is 212.

The MVP vote breaks down two ways, either it goes to the best player in the league, or it goes to the player who most helped his team.  Either way Cabrera gets it, again TRIPLE CROWN people?  That means he was the best player.  Value to his team?  Cabrera's team won the division mostly behind hs bat and Justin Verlander's pitching.  Trout's team isn't even in the playoffs.

Finally history:Triple Crown winners have been elected MVP 6 out of 10 times they've been eligible.  Two of those not elected MVP were Ted Williams and both times it was because one (or a few) writers harbored personal grudges against Williams and refused to give him a vote. 

In the end it should come down to this: Cabrera deserves every MVP vote out there.  Anything else would be a travesty. 

October 4, 2012  07:45 PM ET

I agree. I love Mike Trout and would love to have him on my team.

However, Cabrera was amazing ALL YEAR. His team is going to the playoffs. The Triple Crown is an amazing feat, since it is VERY VERY difficult to lead the league in ANY 3 categories, let alone HR and average by themselves.

October 4, 2012  07:45 PM ET

But it won't be unanimous

October 4, 2012  10:55 PM ET

Though equal in team-value to RBIs, run-totals are way under-valued by fandom and may be harder to achieve. Mike Trout had a terrific season. Having written that, Miguel gets my imaginary-vote for AL MVP too. Funny thing, Ryan Braun came close himself to winning the NL TC. Real close.

1941: I always thought Joe's 56 game hit streak was over-rated. Take away any number of arguably biased scoring-decisions in the middle of the streak and it falls like a house of cards. Teddy "Ballgame" may've had the best offensive season in modern baseball history that year.

October 5, 2012  12:49 PM ET

Real close.1941: I always thought Joe's 56 game hit streak was over-rated. Teddy "Ballgame" may've had the best offensive season in modern baseball history that year.

I don't think a 56 game hitting streak can ever be considered overrated, but your comment on Ted Williams shows you know your baseball history.


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