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Kyle Busch was caught at Dover slamming Toyota Racing Development for having a terrible car, the radio conversation between Busch and his team included very colorful language, but of course I can't go there, so you're going to have to Google it.

When are teams going to check everything that goes out to the public ?

I'm not for censoring anything, but NASCAR has an explosive high anxiety environment, team members seem to always be on edge.

I've seen a few comments that blame NASCAR's mainstream media for adding fuel to the fire, one blogger described them as " media vultures" I don't agree with that but there are times when they cross the line.

I wonder how one would feel after driving a race car for 400 plus miles in 100 degree weather while having a bad day, and his first contact outside the car is a guy with bugs bunny ears sticking a microphone in his face asking him " how was your day" honestly folks , what would you say?

I can honestly say I would be thinking about where I could stick that microphone, you get my point, don't you?

Kyle Busch is one of the best drivers in NASCAR, charming, unsanitized (you know not Johnson, Gordon like) and fast, he is worth every penny of that ticket, but I'll have to agree with comments that Kyle Busch crossed the line when he discredited the TRD brand who puts up millions so he and his teammate can drive in cup.

That incident should have never hit the airwaves, period, it was an-in the heat of the moment comment, I call it an anxiety attack, this is an internal issue, just like most of us have at our jobs, you know , like calling your boss a horses behind.

I'm aware of "the button" but in moments of extreme anxiety no one gives a darn about that button. I get it, NASCAR wants fans to experience what goes on inside those race cars but how much is too much.

Isn't watching them race enough ? Other sports don't have microphones in the dugout or side lines. Just saying.

If microphones are a must in NASCAR they should at least have a better mechanism to monitor what goes out to the airwaves, that should not be hard to do.

I remember a few years ago when Tony Stewart slammed Goodyear, guess what happened, THEY BUILT BETTER TIRES, he took some heat but he got it done, hope Toyota takes that route , you know, give Kyle Busch a little spanking and then BUILT A BETTER ENGINE or maybe buy some from Hendrick.

As always this is a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough said

October 6, 2012  01:11 PM ET

Kyle has to learn not to bite the hand that feed ya

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October 7, 2012  12:27 PM ET

Not very likely that Toyota or Gibbs will start buying engines from the Felon. would not go that far but you do know I was being sarcastic about the Hendrick

October 8, 2012  03:21 PM ET

First off
A ...
B ...
C ...

As if you knew what I was going to write.

October 8, 2012  03:24 PM ET

OK I'll say it

Bonnie and Clyde were not nice people!

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