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Another week of NFL football is almost in the books.  One game remains in week 5 with tonight's game between the Houston Texans and New York Jets.  More on that game in a bit. The Stack looked pretty good this week going 10-3 Thursday and yesterday.  We'll give the updated record tomorrow.  For now though, it's time for some reaction from Sunday's games in "the stack" for today, Monday, October 8:

Miami Dolpins 17 Cincinnati Bengals 13

Disappointing loss for the Bengals.  When you turn the ball over three times, it's going to be difficult to win.  And where is BenJarvus Green-Ellis?  What a disappointment at the running back position for the Bengals.  They need to figure out what's wrong with him and quick or their season is going to end in disappointing fashion.  For those of you counting, that is three "disappointments" used to describe the Bengals.


Indianapolis Colts 30 Green Bay Packers 27

What a signature win for Andrew Luck leading his team back from a 21-3 halftime deficit.  You knew they would play hard for head  coach Chuck Pagano who is in the hospital.  What a comeback for them.  The Packers don't have "it" this year.  They just don't have the same mojo they did last year.  Maybe it's still a hangover from Seattle two weeks ago.  Regardless, they need to find it and fast or their season will end a lot sooner than almost everyone thought it would.  


Baltimore Ravens 9 Kansas City Chiefs 6

This game set football back a number of years.  The Chiefs were able to run it all over the Ravens in the first half, but turnovers continue to doom this team.  Hasn't Matt Cassel turned the ball over fourteen times himself on the year?  It's ugly in KC.  The Ravens defense isn't what they used to be and they'd be wise to get Ray Rice more involved in the offense.


New York Giants 41 Cleveland Browns 27

The Browns got off to a rocking start with the first fourteen points, but the shorthanded Giants came back.  When you get performances like 30 rushes for 200 yards and a touchdown from Ahmad Bradshaw and Eli Manning's good play, you'll find ways to win.  The Giants did just that.  The Browns are getting there.  They're playing competitive.  Brandon Weeden looks like he is progressing.  They're just not there yet.


Pittsburgh Steelers 16 Philadelphia Eagles 14

Sloppy game.  Michael Vick is going to play himself right out of the starting lineup if he continues to turn the ball over.  Two more fumbles on Sunday.  Inexcusable.  The Steelers got a nice game from running back Rashard Mendenhall (14 rushes, 81 yards and a TD).  Still don't know if they will be able to make that playoff run.  Losing Troy Polamalu will hurt the defense.  But this was a big win for the battle of bragging rights in the Keystone state.


Atlanta Falcons 24 Washington Redskins 17

It may not have been their best performance, but the Falcons made big plays when it mattered most in route to their first 5-0 start in franchise history.  The Redskins have their own concerns regarding the health of RGIII who suffered a mild concussion after not sliding or going out of bounds in the second half.  He'll probably play this week, but he must learn to make better decisions when it comes to keeping himself healthy.


Seattle Seahawks 16 Carolina Panthers 12

I don't know where Cam Newton is.  Where is the Newton from last year?  Nowhere to be found.  What a dismal performance against the Seahawks (12-29 for 141 yards).  He is a bust this year as is his team.  Setting up to be a bad, bad year for the Panthers.


Chicago Bears 41 Jacksonville Jaguars 3

This just in...the Bears have a really good defense.  Defensive touchdowns in three straight games.  That's pretty outstanding.  The Bears are looking really good and look like the class of the NFC North.


Minnesota Vikings 30 Tennessee Titans 7

The biggest surprise of the NFL season continues to impress.  Christian Ponder may have thrown his first two picks of the season in back to back passes, but the Vikings were not phased and crushed Tennessee.  Defense is good.  Offense has good balance.  Special teams is solid.  This team has all of the ingredients of making it to the playoffs.  The Titans are simply a disaster.


New England Patriots 31 Denver Broncos 21

Tom Brady once again got the best of Peyton Manning though Brady had far more help than Manning got.  The Patriots were plenty balanced on the ground with Stevan Ridley who rushed for 151 yards.  The Broncos had a couple of costly fumbles.  Shows that they are still a work in progress.  The Patriots look like they're starting to click on all cylinders which is bad news for the rest of the AFC.


San Francisco 49ers 45 Buffalo Bills 3

What a whooping the 49ers put on the Bills.  621 yards of offense.  Everyone played great.  The loss to the Vikings has awoken a sleeping giant.  The Bills should be embarrassed.  What a disgraceful performance.  This team has a lot to work on.


New Orleans Saints 31 San Diego Chargers 24

Perhaps it was because suspended head coach Sean Payton was in the building.  Whatever it was, the Saints rekindled a little bit of their mojo back in getting their first win of the year over the Chargers.  They won the game with a big defensive play, forcing a turnover.  The real story though is Drew Brees who has set the NFL record for consecutive games with a TD pass with 48 games, surpassing Johnny Unitas' record mark of 47.  He is truly something special.


Houston Texans @ New York Jets 8:30 PM ET ESPN

It's only going to be a matter of time before Jets fans will be chanting for Tim Tebow.  This is a bad team and they get to face the best team in the NFL and one of the best defenses in the NFL.  J.J. Watt will have a field day against the Jets and the best team in the NFL will have no issues in this one.

Prediction: Texans 31 Jets 7


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction, NFL power rankings and MLB playoff baseball



October 8, 2012  02:48 PM ET

Sunday was a great day for football. The games had something for everybody. Tonight's game will be great for Texans' fans, but predicting 7 points for the Jets may just be going to far.

October 8, 2012  07:36 PM ET

Hahaha, thanks for the laugh Belicat. I struggled giving them 7 points, but they'll probably score against the scrubs who are put in midway through the third quarter.

October 8, 2012  09:26 PM ET

Looks like your prediction of 7 points for the Jets has come true. At least they can't have them taken away, but can they add more before the game is over? I'll go out on a limb and say "maybe"....hahahahaha.

October 9, 2012  11:19 PM ET

Why is this about football? It should be about hockey. Think about it.


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