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NFL: Now I'm not much of a football fan, watch only a handful of games a year. But to me the stars in the MNF game were Watt (I hadn't seen him before but seems he will always over-excel when playing against guys like Sanchez) and in my book, Tim Tebow. He added much excitement in his limited role - the quarterback-turned-running-back carried for what, 19 yards and at least one first down in five carries? Hell, if what's-his- name could catch the ball Tebow would have had a fantastic, perhaps game-busting completion. With my limited NFL knowledge I don't understand why Tebow is on the sidelines.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NASCAR: Just wondering if Dale Jr. hadn't made his bone-head pit road speed mistake and finished in the top five would he still be doing the 'WHINE' act? It's not very becoming - that style is usually left to the Joe Gibbs drivers ??? I call them Team Whine.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Denny Hamlin, who never really raced all day, salvaged a tantalizing 14th place with his back-marker run. Very stimulating indeed. IMO he ran where he belongs most all race long. Johnson fared no better.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And as for Kurt Bush? His act is getting really, really old. This guy really needs to be set down - maybe the NASCAR Recovery Program would do him some good. He's likely to hurt someone and it won't be pretty.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe Trevor Bayne showed he can get the job done. Unfortunately, his result did not match his performance. Well, to be certain, there were a lot of drivers that put on good performances but had poor results due to the 'Big One' at the end.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, what's your guess on which driver still has a chance at the CUP? Man, when you look at the stats, at least the way I read them, Keselowski has a shot; 5-wins, 12-top fives, 19-top tens. But, for Brad and Penske to get to the finish in first they can't afford any hiccups. And that folks is a tough job in this sport.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Formula One: Certainly can't go without providing huge "cadu's" to Kobayashi for his fantastic drive in the Sauber holding off Button's McLaren with a mere 0.5 margin at the flag. From what I understand Kamui Kobayashi is only the third Japanese driver to have a podium finish in Formula 1. Can't go without saying that Schumacher had a great drive coming from 23rd on the grid to a well-placed, but no earned points, finish in 11th. Oh, and Massa, even though came 2nd was 20+ seconds back of Vettel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's it for now. Attack as you wish: I love it.
October 9, 2012  02:19 PM ET

Dale Jr - The pit road speeding penalty I think has nothing to do with his comments. He made up his lost lap and was racing for the win. The big thing is the pack racing. Something happened that was completely out of his control and he got caught up in it just like everyone else. It's one thing when you do a bonehead move and take yourself out of the race, but its something completely different when you are surrounded by 8 other cars and can't do anything to avoid some else's bonehead move.

I personally think the two-car draft racing was better quality and much safer than the pack racing we are getting now. But since "the fans demanded it" we get a 200 mph demo derby. I know a lot of fans demand the Chase be eliminated with extreme prejudice but that's not happening anytime soon.

Denny Hamlin - I was offended by his remarks of "I know it sucks but running in the back is the only way to race at plate tracks." No it's not. Run up front. If you are just going to click off laps, pull in with the Start and Parks we dont need/want you on the track.

Kurt Busch - I hope Furniture Row Racing has a clause in the not yet dry contract to dump him. His stunt at the track was stupid and put others in danger. It would be one thing if he climbed in the car with no one around and drove off, even if there was a major failure and he hit the wall not wearing the proper safety equipment that's his fault. But to put other people in the line of fire for one of his temper tantrum is inexcusable. I hope NASCAR sits him out the rest of the year at least.

Trevor Bayne - This kid needs a full time ride! He is competitive in the Nationwide Series races he is able to run, and does decent in his Cup starts, although I think being on an underfunded team hurts his Cup runs. It is just sad to see that the 2011 and 2012 Daytona 500 winners both don't have full time sponsorship.

Champion - It's a 3 man race at this point (Brad K, JJ, and Denny) but there might be a spoiler lurking in Kasey Khane. Khane has a win at 3 of the last 6 tracks coming up, and while he is 36 points back that is not completely insurmountable. Martinsville could be his make or break race. But right now I have to give it to Brad. He has matured as a driver, and won't be bullied or toyed with by the guys behind him in points.

October 9, 2012  09:08 PM ET

Great input. Thank you. Your points are well made and well taken. Dale Jr. put himself in the position he was in because of driver error. Auto racing incidents, more times than not, are always out of the driver's control, except for the guy that caused it. That's the sport.

Excellent points on winning the Chase. Thanks, Hugh

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October 10, 2012  01:46 PM ET

Thank you for your input. I rejoice in differing views and every single one is appreciated. I see by the Total Comments stat that you've made over 46,500. Wow. That's great. However, I find it difficult to agree with your statement that Tebow has 'limited' QB skills and your "doomed" reference.

Like I stated in my original post, "if what's his name could catch the ball" Tebow would have been a hero. That pass, in my mind, was extremely accurate - and, it came from a player (Tebow) that was only in two or three plays prior to that. You can't get "in-the-groove or in-the-flow" with so little consecutive play time.

Let the man play. Start him and let him finish. Let's see what he can or can't do. What do the Jets have to loose?

October 10, 2012  03:14 PM ET

Im not to much on football, but a Nascar fan all the way, Kurt Bush needs to go away, and take his foul mouth with him,(no moxey), Dale Jr, BTW today is his birthday, since he went to team HMS has matured a great deal, this year has shown that, Hamlin, he starts out real good then for some reason chokes, Trevor Bayne, in a few years will hopefully be a good driver, he haqs shown a great deal this year, I like Keselowski, this kid is a true driver, granted he has a lot to learn, but so-far so good, he's got some big balls and knows where to put the nose of the #2. Nice Blog Uncle Hubie. Thumbs Up

October 11, 2012  11:52 AM ET

I just stopped in to say hello. I like the respect around here!

October 12, 2012  02:11 PM ET

SLY 1 and pondscum. Hey, I just got on the Fannation.com blog a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love lively conversation and challenging comments. Please, check out my latest post regarding SPEED Channel and F1 doing the adios.


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