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1. ATLANTA FALCONS - The Falcons continued to be on the right side of another close game. Ryan threw 52 times and went over the 300 yrds mark once again. But this game was suppose to be a win for the Redskins. Unfortunately for Washington RGIII went down after a solid hit, and Cousins had to finish out the rest of the game. Rarely does anything go well for a Rookie to jump into the fray with a good veteran defense. Atlanta should go 6-0 as they face the Raiders but should be tested when they visit the Eagles in week 8. Grade A

- The 49ers on offense played great passing and running. So well that they had a total combined yardage of 621. If Alex Smith can come through with another such performance against the Giants than I'd move them closer to the top. The defense continues to come through with a bend but don't break performance. The Bay Area team plays like they are on a mission and the lost to the Vikings have given them a good wake up call and it's what they needed going into their schedule with several heavy hitters. Grade A+

2*. HOUSTON TEXANS - The Texans played good enough to win against a lowly JETS team. Foster was a beast racking up 152 yards and Schaub and the WRs played supporting roles. What was surprising was their defense. They allowed the JETS to get back into the game. Had they incorporated Tebow right who knows how much closer the JETS would have been to an upset or even a win. Their game with the Packers will tell us just how good the Texans really are at this point. Grade B-

4. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - The Patriots did a good job overall on the Broncos but they also left some doubt about their defense. Brady did enough to keep the Broncos defense honest as the Patriots running game has improved with the Ridley and Boldin Combo, or they can Super-size the package by inserting Woodhead into the mix. Peyton Manning almost pulled off another come from behind win and the Broncos could have done it if not for a couple of late fumbles to ruin potential scoring drives and dropped passes. Still a good win for New England. Grade B

5. BALTIMORE RAVENS - The Ravens once again struggled in their game with the Chiefs. They allowed Jamaal Charles to go well over a 100 yards. The defense did make adjustments in the 2nd half and just like their current history bailed out a pathetic performance by the Ravens offense. Brady Quinn came of the bench and showed that he could put up numbers on the Ravens defense, but it was to little to late. Grade C+

6. NEW YORK GIANTS - The Giants offense played well and had their way with the Browns. Bradshaw was back for the Giants and rushed for 200 yards. Eli "Elite" Manning played up to the billing and scored 3 TDs for the GMEN. The defense for the Giants played well but did not record a single sack, and also let Rookie RB Richardson run for almost a 100 yards. But the Big Blue Machine continues their march to yet another possible appearance of post-season play and their game with the 49ers this weekend will be a good barometer for both the teams. Grade B+

7. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - The Vikings are making a believer out of me. Minnesota's defense still has quality pieces and they dominated a terrible Titans team. The Vikings offense is balanced with the likes of Adrian Peterson at Running Back and Percy Harvin at WR. Christian Ponder is a very fortunate QB to have both fine talents at his weapons just in his 2nd year and shows good signs of playing even better. Grade A+

8. CHICAGO BEARS - After shellacking Tony Romo and the Cowboys last Monday night the Bears this Sunday destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars. Who are the real Bears? The one that played the Packers and played horrible or the Bears of the past 2 weeks? Cutler played good and Marshall caught 12 passes for over 144 yards. Forte also contributed over a 100 yards while the Bears defense harassed Jaguar 2nd year QB Gabbert into crucial mistakes. Grade A+

- Yes the Broncos are now 2-3 but this is more of a result of their tough early schedule. First the Steelers, than the Falcons, and the Texans and of course the Patriots. That's 4 of last year's playoff teams and Denver played each of them very close. The Manning lead Broncos are about to take the next corner of their schedule in a positive way and the West Division is still anyone's to win. The Broncos have the defense and their offense is close to settling in. Grade C

10. ST. LOUIS RAMS - MTC. Grade A 



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