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The Stack joins you this Monday after a Sunday filled with plenty of twists from the NFL.  It was a wild Sunday.  Picks were a little shaky this week, 7-6 so far.  We're down to one undefeated team remaining in the NFL and no winless teams.   We'll get to all that and more including a preview and prediction for Monday night's big AFC West showdown between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers.  Now let's get to everything in "the stack" for today, Monday, October 15:

Atlanta 23 Oakland 20

It was far from pretty, especially for Matt Ryan (three interceptions), but thanks to the defense who had a pick six and kicker Matt Bryant, the Falcons are 6-0 and the lone undefeated team in the NFL.  They can only get better too and that will keep them hungry.


Baltimore 31 Dallas 29

The Cowboys had plenty of miscues in this game that cost them a victory.  Whether it be the failed two point conversion, the missed field goal, the Cowboys didn't execute to perfection.  It's not all smooth sailing for the Ravens though.  They cannot stop the run and it may be even easier for opposing teams to run against them with the injuries they suffered Sunday.  Ray Lewis (triceps) and Lardarius Webb (possible torn ACL) most likely are done for the year.  Haloti Ngata was also injured.  All is not well in Baltimore despite being 5-1.


Cleveland 34 Cincinnati 24

Whether it was Joe Haden's return or what have you, the Browns played really well on Sunday.  Brandon Weeden played really well on his 29th birthday and the Browns got their first win of the season.  The Bengals are really struggling and need to get it together quickly with their AFC North showdown against Pittsburgh next Sunday night.


Miami 17 St. Louis 14

461 yards to 209 yards.  That's how much the Dolphins were outgained Sunday, but thanks to Greg Zuerlein's first three missed field goals of the year, Miami escaped with a win.  Ryan Tannehill is playing pretty well for this surprising team.


New York Jets 35 Indianapolis 9

Perhaps the Colts were mentally exhausted following last week's win over the Packers.  Whatever it was, they were steam-roleld by the Jets Sunday.  Shonne Greene...hello!  161 yards rushing (career high) and three touchdowns as the Jets picked up a big win.  Don't think the Jets are as good as they showed yesterday and don't think the Colts are as bad as they looked yesterday.  Each team is somewhere in between.


Detroit 26 Philadelphia 23

Detroit should really start trying the first three quarters.  They had six points through three quarters, but rallied to score seventeen in the fourth to tie the game and force overtime where they eventually won.  Calvin Johnson made a spectacular catch along the sidelines.  Puzzling loss for the Eagles.  Failing to hold a lead at home is something that should not happen to a team this talented.


Tampa Bay 38 Kansas City 10

See?  Didn't matter that Brady Quinn started for the Chiefs.  They still stunk up the joint.  The Chiefs have yet to lead in a game this year.  That is awful!  The long year in KC will only continue.  Bucs played well in this one.


Buffalo 19 Arizona 16

Perhaps the Bills really did find themselves in the desert over the week.  Or maybe they were playing a team that really isn't as good as their record indicates.  Whatever the reason, the Bill defense looked good and Buffalo found a way to beat the Cardinals.  The Cardinals quarterback carousel continues as John Skelton came in for an injured Kevin Kolb (ribs).  Who knows who will start for the Cardinals next week or how long they'll be in.  That will lead to more failure for the Cardinals.


Seattle 24 New England 23

Tom Brady's stats will show that he threw for almost 400 yards, but he made several bad throws and decisions that cost his team yards and points.  He had multiple intentional groundings.  And it was Russell Wilson who made the big play to Sidney Rice that got the Seahawks a big upset victory.


New York Giants 26 San Francisco 3

The Giants came into Candlestick Park and popped the 49ers in the mouth.  They were more physical and their defense made life miserable for Alex Smith just like the 49ers defense made life miserable for Eli Manning in the NFC Championship last year.  Six sacks and three interceptions.  The 49ers may have been a little high on themselves following the last couple of weeks.  That will change after this beating.


Washington 38 Minnesota 26

So are we sure RGIII had a concussion?  Boy he was good against the Vikings (what a shock).  He ran for 138 yards, 76 of them coming on a run to sew the game up on a blitz by the Vikings.  Franchise record for a quarterback for the Redskins.  What's more, the win snapped an eight game home losing streak.  Back to the drawing boad for the Vikings.


Green Bay 42 Houston 24

Just as the Minnesota Vikings appeared to have awoken a sleeping giant in the 49ers following their win in week 3, the national media may have awoken another sleeping giant in the Packers following the talk this week and the concerns surrounding the team.  They thumped the Texans on national television.  Aaron Rodgers played angry, throwing six touchdown and over 300 yards.  He looked very sharp.  The Packers suffered some injuries which we'll find out more about shortly, but they were really good Sunday night.  The Texans self destructed a little bit with some bad penalties.  They'll be back. They're still one of the best in the NFL.


Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers 8:30 PM ET ESPN

This is a big showdown in the AFC West.  The Chargers are one game up on the Broncos, but the Broncos offense is starting to click.  It is going to be up to Philip Rivers to lead the Chargers past Peyton Manning who will have another solid game.  The Chargers know how important this game is and will come out ready to roll.  Expect a high scoring affair.

Prediciton: Chargers 31 Broncos 27


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction, MLB playoff thoughts and NFL power rankings


October 15, 2012  04:08 PM ET

Very strange week 6.

Even the 'experts' were fooled. Seems to me all that rain in Seattle had my guys so depressed they couldn't catch a cold never mind QB Russell Wilson. It looked like they thought he had cooties or something and they were afraid they'd get 'em if they touched him. Hope they get their act together for next week when they host the Jets. That's one loss the fans would never let them live down.

Happy the Browns finely won but didn't expect it to be against the Bengals.

As always, Stack, great informative blog.

October 16, 2012  10:43 PM ET

Haha, Belicat. You always make me laugh. Thanks for reading and for the funny comment.


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