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As the Chase and F1 Championship go on and on there is excitement everywhere. Silly Season? Oh, yeah, it's happening. The only thing I'm not hearing much about (I'm not in the immediate informed group) is IndyCar. No matter what, I thought IZOD would be putting stuff out like crazy - especially since there isn't any racing going on. There seems to be more 'feed' from the development series drivers than anything else; and that's good. It's where tomorrow's stars come from.

So, Massa gets another year with Ferrari. Probably due to reasonable results the past couple races and Alonso saying he thinks Massa "is the best choice - he knows Ferrari." Alonso also knows he can beat Massa 99% of the time. And, Hulkenberg keeps his seat with Sauber but the second driver is still to be determined. More than likely big dollar sponsorship tagged to a driver will be the deciding factor.

For the 'also ran' teams (and I don't mean that as a derogatory statement), drivers bringing personal sponsorship money to the team is key; well, you still have to perform no matter how much money is backing you. Hmmm, sounds like a certain driver in NASCAR without that requirement to perform.

So. Is there a chance for Alguersuari, Buemi or Kobayashi (the latter having a barrel full of dollars) getting a seat? Man, who the heck knows, I just hope CBS can put (or recruit from SPEED) some decent commentators that have a clue.

And for NASCAR? I don't have a clue for next season. Everyone is "all over" the CHASE; and well they should be. I think this year is going to be a real, "shoot out." I'm in no position to pick the winner, but I would love to see Brad get it done (not so much for him) but for Penske - the "Captain" - and for Dodge. How fitting.

Oh, my. The new NASCAR Cup qualifying rule shakeup: How big is that? I'm tossing a ton of different scenarios in my mind. What effect will it really have? And what teams and drivers will suffer most from the new rule (the fast have no fear)? Basically it means the 'free' ride is over - you need to get it done or put it in the hauler. It's possible that Tony Stewart's current #10 could have a problem next year. How does GoDaddy.com handle that?

And, all that is fine with me. I believe the fastest 43, no matter what, deserve a starting spot. You get it in or you go home. Period. Well, I'll have to think a bit more about the 'past' Champion thing.

October 16, 2012  03:54 PM ET

Another good blog.

Indy Car: I follow that a little bit, but more in the line of how the drivers are doing, rather than going deep into sponsor issues.......Nascar sponsor issues are hard enough to follow LOL

Chase winner: I would love to see someone new get it this year.....Bowyer or Brad K.

Past Championship: I think that should be good for a max of 5 races only, then you're done and have to qualify for the rest of your life for each race after that........I don't really like this provisional, but because it honours a past Champion, then max 5 would be more tolerable.

The #10 is currently 33rd in owner's points....which isn't bad considering the drivers of overrated Danica and different engines for Reutimann....who is mediocre at best.

The new qualifying shakeup: it sounds like a good step in the right direction.

October 16, 2012  04:36 PM ET

LittleE~BigMT fan. Thank you for your comment. I always appreciate them, pro or con. You have an interesting point regarding the "past champion" shoe in - I'll need to mull that over.

The only reason the #10 is in the top 35 is because of David Reutimann. And, you are so right. David doesn't get the engines or anything else that Danica gets - it's a totally different car - not the Tony Stewart/Hendrick car she drives. Put the "DP" in the car Reutimann drives and she'll show what she's made of: Not much.

October 16, 2012  07:02 PM ET

You are spot on about Danica driving with same engines as Reuti's.

October 17, 2012  07:02 PM ET

I mostly follow Nascar and occasionally watch other forms of racin. Agree with comments about the #10 car. Not too impressed with Danica so far. She may do better as she goes along but I'm not bettin any dough on it. Someone like Tony who was champ last year, not easily gettin sponsors, just shows how much racin and the cost of it has changed.
My guy is Carl but since he is out of Chase this year,so I would like to see Brad get it, for the same reasons stated in the blog.

October 17, 2012  08:21 PM ET

If it were not for the start and Parker's, the #10 would be 39 or 40th. That is one sad sack team.


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