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A lot of cautious optimism today as The Stack is hoping hockey is close to a new game.  We'll talk about the possibility of seeing hockey soon, football news and more so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, October 17:

Tigers survive 9th inning scare, beat Yankees

Led by Justin Verlander, the Detroit Tigers are one win away from the World Series following their 2-1 win over the New York Yankees.  Verlander went 8 1/3 innings, throwing 132 pitches.  The Tigers didn't need much offense as the Yankees bats it appears have gone to the local sawmill.  Delmon Young got things going for the Tigers with a solo homerun in the fourth.  Miguel Cabrera would tag an RBI double in the 5th.  Two runs would be all Verlander needed.  The Yankees had just two hits entering the ninth inning.  Two!  Their offense is in total disarray.  And this comes on the heels of manager Joe Girardi making some changes, benching Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher.  Didn't matter.  Thank goodness the number nine hitter Eduardo Nunez hit a solo homerun in the ninth to get Yankees fans' hopes up.  And praise the lord that Robinson Cano was able to snap a zero for twenty-nine hitless streak with a single in the ninth.  That gave the Tigers and their fans a brief scare, but it ultimately didn't matter.  The most clutch Yankee of the postseason, Raul Ibanez, went down swinging and the Tigers now have a 3-0 series stranglehold.  Can the Yankees win a game?  Sure they can.  They're going to have to in order to keep their season alive?  But will they win the series?  Absolutely not!  This has been a pathetic offense the Yankees have put together the entire postseason.  Don't know where their bats went.  Perhaps south for the winter.

Wednesday's MLB playoff games:

San Francisco Giants @ St. Louis Cardinals 4:00 PM ET FOX

New York Yankees @ Detroit Tigers 8:00 PM ET TBS


NFL notes

There was some talk in Philadelphia that some changes may be coming to the Eagles.  One happened Tuesday when the Eagles fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.  He will not be retained in any position whatsoever with the team.  This comes on the heels of the Eagles blowing a ten point lead late in the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions, eventually losing the game 26-23 in overtime.  Several players including Nnamdi Asomugha were unhappy with changing the defensive philosophy in the fourth quarter.  As a result, Castillo is gone. Head coach Andy Reid says that that may not be the only change.  He's coaching for his job right now.  The Eagles under-performed last year and they are headed down that same road again this year.  Don't be surprised if Michael Vick eventually gets the hook.  He keeps turning the ball over at an alarming rate.  Then again, when you have almost zero time to look down field with that crummy offensive line, it's hard to put all of the blame on Vick.  The fumbles though are no excuse.  Reid would be wise to shore up the offensive line and run the ball more with LeSean McCoy or at the very least get it in his hands more.  The Eagles have a bye this week to mull things over.  Wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more changes in the city of brotherly love.

The owners Tuesday unanimously voted their approval on Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslem purchasing the team, making the sale official.  As a result, president Mike Holmgren will step away from the team and retire.  It's hard to tell if Holmgren's stint with the Browns was a success or not.  Certainly he seemed to be putting together a roster full of young talented players that make the future of Browns football bright.  This is a very young team.  We'll have to wait and see if they pan out or if the new boss is even going to give them that opportunity.  Same goes for the coaching staff.  It would be nice to give Pat Shurmur and his staff one more year to see how things go in light of the youthful roster, but if Haslem has a specific person in mind he thinks is better suited to get the Browns in the right direction, he'll do that and he has every reason to be able to do that.  Interesting times are ahead in Cleveland.

And finally, a second game will be played in London next year featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Minnesota Vikings on September 29, 2013.  The Vikings will be the home team.  Makes sense for the Vikings to play a home game in Europe.  With the construction for their new stadium about to get underway, this will help increase profits as well as build their fan base.  The Vikings may play a game in London the next two or three seasons until their new stadium is ready.  After that, the Vikings shouldn't be playing anymore games in London or anywhere overseas.  The fan base can't be too upset with this development.  If the Vikings start taking away home games once the new stadium is built, then Vikings fans have every right to get upset.  Not this time however.


NHL lockout ending?

Trying to be cautiously optimistic as I write this, but I'm getting genually excited about the possibility that the NHL lockout may soon be ending.  The league presented the players association with a proposal Tuesday that includes a 50-50 split of all hockey related revenue.  Should the league revenue continue to rise, players would see an increase.  There are other details to the proposal, but this is the major issue.  Hockey related revenue has been the main sticking point ever since the negotiations began.  Should the players accept the deal, whether that be today or tomorrow or two days from now, there will be enough time according to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, to finalize the deal and have a full season start on November 2.  Sounds like some of the players think this isn't a bad deal.  Let's hope most everyone feels that way and the puck can drop on what should be a very exciting season.  Much work remains to be done, but there is a growing sense of optimism that this could be it.  I've been wrong a time or two before.  I'm praying that that is not the case here.  The next few days are pivotal and hockey fans will be on pins and needles waiting for the decision.


Coming up Thursday: NFL Thursday night preview, MLB playoffs and more.

October 17, 2012  09:04 PM ET

Starting to wonder if Rodriguez will be with the Yanks next year, not to may teams want an aging player making $25M a year.....

October 18, 2012  12:44 AM ET

Very few teams if any can even take an aging player making $25 million


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