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Wednesday in the world of sports was a little quiet.  Mother nature has kept the Yankees alive for one more day and played a game with the Giants and Cardinals.  The Stack did manage to find a few things to talk about though so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Thursday, October 18:

Cardinals take 2-1 series, lead Yankees-Tigers rained out

As we mentioned above, mother nature evidentally did not want the two baseball games to go according to plan.  The St. Louis Cardinals led the San Francisco Giants 3-1 thanks to a two-run homerun by Matt Carpenter in the 7th inning when a rain delay lasting a short three-and-a-half hours.  Carpenter was only in after Carlos Beltran left with a knee injury.  They finished the game late and the Cardinals hung on for a 3-1 win to take a 2-1 series lead.  The rain delay was longer than the game which took three hours and two minutes.  The Giants have to figure out a way to win a game in St. Louis or their season is done.  Game four is tonight at 8:00 PM ET on FOX.

Mother nature really didn't want the Detroit Tigers to finish off the New York Yankees with the sweep.  Game four of the ALCS was postponed and will be played today at 4:00 PM ET on TBS.


Kevin Love breaks hand

The Minnesota Timberwolves haven't made it to the playoffs since 2004.  This was supposed to be the year that they make it back, at least according to the experts and expectations within the organization and fanbase.  They still may make the playoffs, but it will be a little harder with the news that all-star Kevin Love broke his hand in practice Wednesday and will miss six to eight weeks.  With the regular season a couple of weeks away, that means a full month without the team's best player.  The Timberwolves have done a lot of retooling to the roster and look like they are a significantly better team.  But without Love and without Ricky Rubio who is still recovering from ACL surgery, the Timberwolves face a daunting task the first month to not fall too much behind the eight ball.  With Rick Adelman as head coach, I think the team will be ok and the hope is that Love will be able to come back sooner than the initial diagnosis suggests.  Still, you can't fault Timberwolves for looking up at the sky and saying, "WHY?"

However, basketball fans in Minnesota should be happy today after the Minnesota Lynx beat the Indiana Fever 83-71 to tie the best of five series up 1-1.  Game three will be on Friday in Indiana at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN2.  The defending WNBA champion Lynx know how to win on the road in the playoffs.  They did it last year.  They've done it this year.  It has been slightly more difficult for them this year, but they will show no fear against the Fever Friday night.


Donald Fehr appears to not like the NHL's proposal

Perhaps in an attempt to try to unite the players to hold out a little longer for a better deal, NHLPA union head Donald Fehr says that the current proposal the NHL made Tuesday cost the players over one-point-five billion dollars over the next six years.  He has other concerns about the deal, but this is his biggest.  I'm not trying to pick sides here, but the NHL did say that should hockey revenue continue to rise, that players would see more of that money.  So his argument, while fair, may be missing the total picture.  Each side clearly has to give a little.  The NHL's offer, at least to me, seems to be a fairly decent proposal.  Until the union comes up with something better, this seems like a fair deal for everyone involved and it will get the NHL season underway.  A full 82-game schedule will be played, something all NHL fans and I'm sure the players want to see happen.  So yes I am a little biased, but my hope is that the NHL players feel that this is an overall fair deal and that they have the opportunity to make more should the NHL make more in years to come.  Saying no to this deal could really put the season, full or short, in serious jeopardy.


Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers 8:20 PM ET NFL Network

What appeared to be a bit of boring game when the schedule was unveiled in April all of a sudden has signifcan meaning tonight.  Both the Seahawks and 49ers are 4-2 and each team is feeling different coming into this game given what happened last week.  The Seahawks found a way to come back and beat the New England Patriots at home.  The 49ers were blown out by the New York Giants in San Francisco.  Alex Smith played terrible.  They may have been a little full of themselves after beating the Jets and Bills, but thanks to the blowout loss, I think the 49ers come into this game very focused and angry.  Seattle has a terrific defense, but they aren't playing at home.  San Fran is angry and they will play that way tonight, out to show everyone that they are the team to beat in the NFC West.

Prediction: 49ers 20 Seahawks 13


Coming up Friday: Week 7 NFL preview and predictions 

October 18, 2012  01:50 AM ET

If only there was a team currently in the playoffs worthy of my thoughts. I wish all four remaining teams could lose because I'm tired of the same teams winning it all the time.

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October 18, 2012  09:12 AM ET

I wish all four remaining teams could lose because I'm tired of the same teams winning it all the time


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