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Wisconsin Death Trip
I remember years ago in the mid to late 90's, being on AOL and hanging out in different chat rooms. It eventually got bad press due to predators, and I'm not even sure if they even exist anymore. Got me thinking though....... What if there was a LIVE chat option in FanNation. Say between friends in a "Group" site, or even during live games in the game chat rooms. What if it were even possible to use a service like SKYPE where you could hook up and do a live conference call while watching the game. Both parties computers would need to have video capabilities , but it could work. I'm guessing one of the drawbacks would be that you would have to pay a service charge (perhaps a yearly charge of say $19.95 for the service...just guessing), but I doubt anyone would mind if the service was good, and guaranteed. You would simply look for your friends avatar, double click their name, wait for them to acknowledge, then go from there. A separate screen would appear, and if you both had video capabilities off ya go. Or if not, you could just chat alone without video along side of the regular chat stuff going on. What do you think?
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October 19, 2012  03:43 PM ET

"What do you think?"It's the weekend for me and to tell you the truth I don't want to think at all until Monday morning.

LMAO...ditto mate...ditto! May Scotland never die! HA! Kill all the English! lol

October 20, 2012  02:10 PM ET

So, am I getting the feel that if the service was offered, nobody would be interested in it. Hmmm, very surprising in a way. I guess "APPLE" has your time and money used up....LOL.

October 20, 2012  07:06 PM ET

That would only work if a bunch of people showed up at the same time.....I'm in plenty of groups and can't get 2 people to show at the same time.....

October 20, 2012  10:30 PM ET

That would only work if a bunch of people showed up at the same time.....I'm in plenty of groups and can't get 2 people to show at the same time.....

Just ASK me! LOL, I'm NOT looking for every member of the group to join in, just "friends" or "Group" members who may have a free night to talk via a "SKYPE" like service here on SI/FanNation. I actually think it would be cool to hang out with several members, and watch a game together over the internet (with to see a face 2 face) while the actual game was going on. Just set up a predetermined time and up, and "click" and shoot as it were. EH, just an idea, but I'd love to see, AND hear your commentary LIVE as the game is going on. Might be amusing as it were.

October 22, 2012  02:41 PM ET

Guess I was bizarre! lol


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