Politics blow. For the past several weeks I've been sucked into the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. This theatre of the absurd can pull you in like Kardashian episodes and Milk Duds. Last night, I am embarrassed to admit, I watched the two presidential candidates speak past, underneath, over top and right through each other. What a waste. Mendacity run amok on a journey to Nowheresville. In lieu of this madness, I could have been watching what I'm sure would have been much more enjoyable: the seventh game of the National League Championship Series.

Loser behavior, opting for listening to two men in boring suits try to outsmart, outwit, and out-memorize each other in front of 60 million people rather than watching two teams swing bats, pitch and field on a green grass field fantasizing about realizing their boyhood dreams: going to the World Series.

I can assure you I wasn't having fun watching the debate. How anyone could is beyond me. Nastiness, open interpersonal disdain, and mind manipulation dominated the event. I found myself getting out of my chair and walking around the house wondering why this election has ensnared me. I yelled when my Redskins lost in the last minute to the Giants last Sunday. I brooded contemplating how the United States will become a loser nation if my guy doesn't win.

This yelling and brooding reminds me of the Nearly Nihilistic New York Jets.

Mark Sanchez, you are likable, hardworking, say the right things to the press. At my local Dunkin Donuts there are pictures of you on the wall signing autographs for kids. That's cool. For the past four seasons I've been hoping you can be more consistent, pass more accurately. But I have to admit I've had a sneaking suspicion about you since I first saw you play at USC. You played on a great team and started for them for one year. I don't recall anyone saying you deserved to win the Heisman Trophy. You looked OK, like a decent college quarterback, nothing special, no Andrew Luck while at Stanford.

When Ridiculous Rex Ryan drafted you, I couldn't understand why. You were good but not great in college. The Jets put their faith in you. You have done some good things and some bad. Mostly, you've been mediocre. Last weekend against the Patriots with the game on the line in overtime, you did what you have done, in my estimation, too many times: You made a crucial mistake that lost the game for you team. You fumbled the ball while being sacked.

You never should have fumbled that ball. With the pass rusher oncoming, you tried to make a desperation pass to avoid being sacked behind the line of scrimmage. You should have tucked the ball in and taken the sack so your team would have another chance to make a play, get a first down, and win the game. In that situation you cannot fumble the ball. You can't. It's an egregious mistake.

That play epitomizes your Jets career. Trying too hard at the wrong time to do too much. After four years it's apparent to me you will not shake this bad habit because you cannot. You are just not that great. Your decisions are too inconsistent especially in the clutch.

Which brings me back to street-ball, ugly politics.

In New York it's not a secret that Tim Tebow was brought to the Jets to play quarterback. The political winds now gust in the direction of that happening. They should. Had he been the starter when the season began, I believe the Jets would have at least as good a record as they have with you at the helm, a topsy turvy three wins and four losses. With you as quarterback, the Jets are not going anywhere special this season except to an early off season boat cruise or something. They probably are not reaching the Promised Land led by Tebow either. But he's got something you don't: a record of zero wins and zero losses with the Jets. His slate is clean; yours isn't.

He also has an intangible, spiritual quality that no other NFL quarterback has ever had. He's intriguing, a possibility, a hope. You are known, often disappointing, and not capable of getting much better. He may not be either, but we don't know for sure. With you, we do.

This is politics. But it's also the truth.



October 23, 2012  07:22 PM ET

I think Tebow is the epitome of hope.


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