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Not going to lie, "the stack" is a little thin today.  What with no NHL to talk about thanks to the lockout and the two sides not meeting, the NBA a week away (preview next week), and not a ton of NFL news (MJD will miss a couple of games and the NFLPA is asking a judge to remove former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue from the bounty case), The Stack doesn't have a lot out there to talk about.  Good thing the World Series starts tonight.  Yes, baseball is on tap for today, so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Wednesday, October 24:

World Series Preview

Detroit Tigers @ San Francisco Giants 8:00 PM ET FOX

The Detroit Tigers have been waiting since Friday to play a game.  They now get their chance against a San Francisco Giants club that hopes to build off of the momentum from winning three straight elimination games against the St. Louis Cardinals.  When it rains, it pours as the Cardinals found out Monday night in the ninth inning when a huge downpour happened during their at-bat.  That won't happen tonight with first pitch shortly after 5 PM local time.  Temperatures will be in the upper 50s with a mild breeze about ten miles per hour out of west southwest and partly cloudy skies.  Oh wait, I'm sorry, I thought I was giving the weather.  Back to the game.  Where was I?

The Giants come into the World Series with a ton of momentum.  They had to win three straight elimination games to win the series.  The Giants are very good this postseason with their backs to the wall.  They are 6-0 in elimination games.  That speaks to the leadership in the clubhouse and how cool, calm and collected they are in those situations.

As for game one tonight, the Giants are the team with the momentum and the Tigers are the team who may be a little sluggish having not played since Friday.  But they do have Justin Verlander, perhaps the best pitcher in baseball.  San Francisco will throw out Barry Zito.  Zito has pitched decent so far this postseason, but nowhere near Verlander.  The Tigers will win game one tonight.  Can they win the series though?  There's no doubt they have the better offense and the best pitcher.  Yes their pitching staff has performed very well this offseason.  But the Giants are a little deeper in both their starting rotation and their bullpen.  They can keep the Tigers' bats at bay.  

That is why I'm picking the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series to win in seven games.  When it comes down to an elimination game, the Giants haven't lost this postseason.  Sure they're 3-3 at home this postseason.  But they've gotten by.  It's going to be a very entertaining World Series.  It won't shock me in the slightest if Detroit wins, but I'll take San Francisco in seven.


Ozzie Guillen fired

A lot of expectations were place on the Miami Marlins this year.  New stadium, new logo, slightly new name.  They spent a ton of money on players in the offseason, something the club has rarely done, if ever.  Plenty of people picked the Marlins to make the postseaon this year.  Some even picked them to make it to the World Series.  They finished in last place in the NL East.  As a result, the club fired manager Ozzie Guillen Tuesday after just one year.  He had three years remaining on his deal.  However, that is not the main reason he was fired.  He is a lightning rod of controversy  He created a storm of controversy when he praised Fidel Castro early in the baseball season.  Given the high Cuban population in Miami, and how many of those people's family members suffered at the hands of Castro, coupled with the struggle of leaving Cuba for America, it was not a comment made in the best of taste.  Guillen appologized for his comment, but that still didn't satisfy the Cuban community for the most part.  Remember, the Marlins park is in little Havana part of Miami.  So despite the suspension to Guillen, most were not satisfied.  They wanted him fired.  Perhaps this was a business decision by the Marlins.  One way or the other, there will be change coming to the Miami Marlins, and more may be coming.  A-Rod?


Coming up Thursday: World Series game one reaction plus Thursday night football preview


October 24, 2012  06:33 PM ET

I see your logic behind picking the Giants in the series but I have to disagree. Despite having home-field advantage and the momentum coming off Monday's win, San Fran is facing a hurling staff that made the New Yorker's look like children. With a combined ERA of about a buck 70 (half as much as the Giants pitchers) and about 20 fewer innings pitched and a few extra days rest they'll be able to go deep into games with run support from a triple crowner and an edge in OBP this post-season. I'm going with the Motor City Kitties in this one.

October 24, 2012  08:33 PM ET

Good points.. but I don't like kitties.. so obviously Giants win.

October 24, 2012  08:50 PM ET

Good one.

October 24, 2012  08:54 PM ET

I'm going with Detroit all the way.......and what took Miami so long....

October 25, 2012  12:54 AM ET

Anyone have the Giant Panda belting three homeruns tonight?

October 25, 2012  10:42 PM ET

Touche` stack, touche`. But seriously, 12 homers all season and then he pulls this beauty out of leftfield (or shall we say 3rd base)!? Freak game of his life.


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