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Another NFL Sunday has come and gone and The Stack is a little perplexed.  Certain things happen and you just go "what was that?"  Or "is this the same team that played last week?"  Picks this week have been decent at 8-5 pending tonight's game between the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals.  More on that in a bit.  Of course they're celebrating in San Francisco following the Giants World Series championship last night.  We'll have plenty on that on Tuesday.  We'll cover all of that and more so let's get right to the reaction in "the stack" for today, Monday, October 29:

Chicago 23 Carolina 22

The Bears looked really bad for three quarters, but came through when it really mattered.  The defense scored another touchdown.  This team is the real deal.  Tough loss for the Panthers.  Cam Newton played better, but the Panthers could not make a stop in crunch time.  That's probably why they're 1-6.


Cleveland 7 San Diego 6

Two weeks ago, the Chargers told everyone to take a "chill pill" after they lost to the Denver Broncos.  After losing to the Browns, the Chargers are 3-4 and done,  I repeat done for the year.  No division title, no playoffs, nothing.  This team is not that good.


Detroit 28 Seattle 24

Season saving touchdown drive by the Lions.  Matthew Stafford played amazing, probably his best game of the season.  They need a legit running back though, especially in goalline situations.  Throwing it late in the game from the one is fine and everything, but if you don't have the confidence that your running back can gain one yard, your offense isn't complete.


Green Bay 24 Jacksonville 15

I know the Packers were without Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson, but seriously, practically going down to the wire with the Jaguars without Maurice Jones-Drew is unacceptable.  Didn't look like the team we've seen the last couple of weeks. Blaine Gabbert played really well.


Miami 30 New York Jets 9

The Jets performance the two weeks prior to this game gave fans and observers plenty of reason and optimism that they could beat the Dolphins.  After yesterday's performance, most people will say that the Jets played like the Jets and that's the team they expect the rest of the year.


Atlanta 30 Philadelphia 17

Wasn't the defense supposed to have a fire underneath them following the firing of defensive coordinator Juan CastilloMatt Ryan torched the Eagles all day.  The Eagles are in big, big trouble.  Michael Vick may be benched.  The Falcons looked like the not only the best team in the NFC, but maybe all of football.


Pittsburgh 27 Washington 12

RGIII found out what so many other quarterbacks over the years have found out.  It's really difficult to win in Pittsburgh.  The Steelers smell blood with the Ravens issues and they may just have enough talent to win the AFC North.


New England 45 St. Louis 7

When the Patriots want to put on a show, they put on a show as they did in London yesterday.  All across the board, the Patriots were the better team and they'll quickly make people forget about their narrow win over the Jets a week ago.


Indianapolis 19 Tennessee 13 

Another step forward for the Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts.  Going on the road against a division rival who had been playing much better as of late, the Colts fought back to force overtime and scored a touchdown on the opening possession.  This team will continue to make noise this season.


Oakland 26 Kansas City 16

Hard to believe the Raiders are just a game back of the AFC West, but they went on the road to Arrowhead and beat a Chiefs team that they should have.  This is a game that in recent years the Raiders might not have won.  The Chiefs are a wreck, but at least Matt Cassel was decent.  Where was Jamaal Charles though?  MIA.


New York Giants 29 Dallas 24

The Giants were dominant early as the Cowboys spotted them 23 points.  The Cowboys did a magnificent job fighting back and what about the ending?!  If Dez Bryant doesn't put his arm down to break his fall, the Cowboys would have won this game.  Bryant by inches placed his fingers out of bounds in the back of the endzone.  The Giants are now in firm control of the NFC East.


Denver 34 New Orleans 14

Peyton Manning was clearly the better quarterback over Drew Brees and the Broncos were clearly the better team.  I mentioned this two weeks ago, but I think I can say it again with certainty.  The Broncos have won the AFC West.


San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals 8:30 PM ET ESPN

The 49ers head to the desert where their defense is going to find an oasis in the Cardinals offensive line.  They gave up seven sacks last week and the 49ers defense is really good.  It won't matter if Alex Smith struggles greatly because the 49ers should win this game pretty easily.

Prediction: 49ers 27 Cardinals 10


Coming up Tuesday: MNF reaction, World Series thoughts, David Stern retiring and NFL power rankings


October 29, 2012  05:28 PM ET

Seems the Patriots had to leave the country so they could "find themselves". I'm still not sure how to take some of Gronk's antics in the end zone. And Brandon (he can't even catch a cold) Lloyd was able to catch two that counted the most.
I was reminded this morning that the Giants have yet to lose a game at Jerry World. For a moment there I thought Dez Bryant broke his hip in the landing of that called-back TD. Bet he wishes his fingers were a bit shorter.

October 29, 2012  08:11 PM ET

I see you changed your profile pick belicat. Is that for the holiday? Patriots certainly came to play. They treated it like a business trip and took care of business. And when Brady and Gronk are on, they're a very difficult team to beat.

October 29, 2012  10:11 PM ET

I see you changed your profile pick belicat. Is that for the holiday?

Yes, it is. Someone called it BatCat but I call it Vampire Cat. lol Cats are pretty good at draining your blood no matter what time of the year it is. ;D


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