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I didn't have a good feeling about this game.  Having seen the Raiders winning streak at Invesco go up in flames earlier this year, I was afraid the streak at Arrowhead would suffer the same fate. After all, we barely beat Jacksonville at home...

On the very first play of the game, Palmer goes deep to DHB and it was picked off easily by Routt.  Luckily the Chiefs couldn't capitalize on the turnover and the Raiders defense forced a 3 and out.  It stung to get picked off by Routt considering all the trash talking he did after getting cut.  But that would be the only positive he had all day.

The Raiders struggled with the running game in the first quarter, but then Palmer took over calling audibles at the line.  This was a good move because McFadden was hitting a brick wall over and over again.  Allen at least realized that a change was needed and Palmer has been doing a good job reading the defense and making adjustments to the play calling.

I don't know how it happened, but Brady Quinn got hurt and left the game at the end of the 1st quarter.  He was sacked by McClain and they showed the replay a few times - but for the life of me I couldn't see a clear injury. Nevertheless, Cassel came in and played the rest of the game.

It was a battle of field goals until the end of the second quarter.  Javier Arenas muffed the punt by Lechler and Jon Condo recovered it at the Chiefs 11. Palmer tossed a short TD pass to Denarius Moore and the Raiders took the lead at the half. Guess who couldn't cover?

Something was going on with the Chiefs center.  He was having a hell of a time snapping the ball.  At the very start of the 2nd half, the snap was fumbled and Tommy Kelly recovered it at the Chiefs 18.  Despite being in the redzone, we had to rely on Janikowski's surefootedness to gain points off the turnover.

The Raiders had a nice drive on their next possession and DHB found the end zone on a 32 yard pass. Guess who missed the tackle?

The defense played pretty well holding Jamaal Charles to 4 yards on 5 carries. I think my new favorite player on this team is Phillip Wheeler.  He's a beast and is every where on the field.  He is credited with 11 tackles and a sack. Seymour got a sack. Lee and Giordano each got picks.  The defense did a good job despite being on the field for a good amount of time.

Only two penalties all game.  Still struggling on third down and red zone efficiency. But it was nice to not be on pins and needles, as the Raiders took hold of the game and never let up.  At 3-4, the Raiders are tied for 2nd in the division which is better than I envisioned but there's a lot of football left to play.  Next week is a tough match with the Buccaneers who will have had a few extra days to prepare.  Let's hope the Raiders continue their propensity to play all 4 quarters.

But for now, the streak at Arrowhead continues.

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October 29, 2012  06:04 PM ET

I was thinking one of the other Chiefs players on the sidelines must have given Quinn his concussion after they saw how terrible he is, because I certainly never saw him hit his head.I can only recall the Human Penalty Flag (Routt) getting one defensive holding call, but it was nice to know that he found himself a team that is actually far worse than the Raiders. What a dumpster fire the Chiefs are.We should just fire Knapp and make CP the OC. I would be happier if McFadden could break those runs when the game wasn't already in the bag. Heck, even my "favorite" DB Pat Lee got an INT!Did you know the Arrowhead streak even includes 2 straight wins by Jamarcus?Ha! The Chiefs suck.

Ha! Seriously, I wondered if Crennell made up the injury because I sure couldn't see it.

Yeah, Routt only got one penalty called. I was hoping for more as payback for all the PIs he had while on the Raiders.

In Knapp's defense (did I just say that), Palmer's still using his plays, he just seems to have a much better understanding of when to use them.

I'm not sure if DMC broke some of those runs because of the blocking or because the Chiefs defense was getting tired. He sure didn't look like he would ever get past the line of scrimmage in the first half.

And... wow. Thanks for the Russell reflection. Ha!

October 29, 2012  10:40 PM ET

Congrats LIHI the Raiders have a few cakewalk gms coming up!

October 29, 2012  10:40 PM ET

**Keep in mind that if the Raiders started Pryor Oakland would be 7-0 IMO.

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October 30, 2012  03:11 AM ET

[] is an idiot.

**tHee Speil Chezke,r iZ ] [ n0T { ]

October 30, 2012  11:41 AM ET

Congrats LIHI the Raiders have a few cakewalk gms coming up!

No such thing - as we've seen.

October 30, 2012  11:41 AM ET

It's Crennel.


October 30, 2012  11:42 AM ET

**Keep in mind that if the Raiders started Pryor Oakland would be 7-0 IMO.

LOL! I do appreciate your consistency!


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