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After getting spanked (6-8) last week, I've decided to play Week 9 straight up with my picks, not looking for upsets in every corner. There are a couple of games that worry me but I need a good week to get back in the race in my football pool.

Here are the World's Worst Football Picks for Week 9:

San Diego to beat KC: Matt Cassel is back, which I think is a good thing for the Chiefs, but the Chargers' offense is humiliated after last week's performance at Cleveland. I don't really like either of these teams any more but somebody's got to win. Pick the Chargers at home. (5)

Green Bay over Arizona: At some point, the Cards will win a "pride" game, trying to prove that their hot start was no fluke. But the Packers are cooking and looking to make up ground. Only the Arizona defense will keep this remotely close. (12)

Miami to beat Indy: Two teams I can't figure. The Dolphins looked awesome beating up the Jests last week so I think they keep things rolling in a tough test in Indianapolis. (4)

Washington over Carolina: Newton versus RGIII. Both exciting quarterbacks, both struggling to win ball games. The Panthers kept things close last week while Washington keeps finding ways to lose. Not this time. (3)

Houston to beat Buffalo: No miracles required. The Texans are too good. If Ryan the Good shows up and the Bills get some kind of pass rush from their mega-bucks front seven, this may be a close game. But I don't expect either to happen. (14)

Baltimore over Cleveland: Wishful thinking? We'll know it's time to write off the Ravens if they lose this one. Cleveland is improving but this shouldn't even be a ball game. (13)

Denver to beat Cincinnati: I'm itching to pick the Bengals here. The Broncos are coming off a big, emotional win this past weekend in prime time and are vulnerable to a let down. Cincy is good enough to beat Denver if the Broncs aren't focused. But it's Peyton Manning and he's always focused. (11)

Chicago over Tennessee: Again, a pick I'm not sure about. The Titans are playing well with Matt Hasselbeck while the Bears are winning in spite of themselves. Still, I have to go with the favourite. (10)

Jacksonville over Detroit: No trust in Detroit. This is my upset of the week because I just don't think the Lions can string two wins together. And the Jags are desperate. (2)

Oakland to beat Tampa: This one's for LIHI. I can't figure the Raiders out but they're at home and hungry. The Bucs surprised me last week but I just think Oakland will win this one at home. (1)

Seattle over Minnesota: A tough call. Russell Wilson should'a and could'a won last week with a couple of breaks. Meanwhile, are we starting to see teams figure Minnesota out a little bit? The Seahawks are solid defensively and can put points up. I see them winning at home here. (6)

Giants over Pittsburgh: Talk about a wake-up call. New York's near collapse against Dallas should be enough to remind them that no game is an easy win, even if you're ahead by a bunch. The Steelers also won last week, meaning they won't catch the Giants by surprise. I wonder how many times Jason PP and Co will sack Big Ben: nine, ten? (9)

Atlanta to beat Dallas: Naturally, now that I've gotten aboard the Falcon bandwagon, they'll lose their first of the season. And it's November now so Romo should be ready to play his best football. Oh well. I'll take the Falcons anyway. Have I mentioned that I can't stand the Cowboys? (8)

New Orleans over Philly: Let's get it over with already. This loss should cook Andy Reid's goose and maybe clear a space on the bench for Mike Vick. Look for Jonathan Vilma to have a big game as he finally finds his sea legs for the Saints. (7)

October 31, 2012  01:25 PM ET

I haven't settled on my picks for this week yet, but I appreciate the HUGE confidence points you gave the Oakland Tampa game, haha!! I'm not highly confident either...

November 1, 2012  06:03 AM ET

Hey, I picked them at least. No one said I was confident about the pick! Good luck this week...

November 1, 2012  12:04 PM ET

Hey, I picked them at least. No one said I was confident about the pick! Good luck this week...

Just giving you a little harassment! Good luck to you as well :-)


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