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I work in downtown Manhattan, roughly 2 blocks from the Canyon of Heroes, where I will be tomorrow around 11 am (my boss willing). And my feet haven't hit the ground yet. I haven't felt like this since 1994 when my Rangers won the Cup, and I was only 12 years old. I didn't have the same appreciation, or understanding, of what had just happened. Now, I revel in it.

How many pundits picked the Patriots this past week? How many of them can we blame? Who figured that the Giants would pull off the 2nd best (or THE best) upset in the history of the NFL? Even I had my doubts.

The Giants defense yesterday played like the best defense in NFL history against what was widely heralded as the best offense, and team, to ever hit the field for the Super Bowl. Steve Spagnuolo will get a job soon, which is depressing, but that is neither here nor there on this Monday morning.

There was no doubt this time around that a Manning was the MVP. Eli installed himself among the heroes in NY sports history, which is no small accomplishment. He figured out how to be Reggie, or Jeter, or Namath.

Tom Brady saw too much of the ceiling last night. He yelled at his linemen. He yelled at his receivers. He rushed, he paused, he flubbed. The Giants made him human by beating the pulp out of him.

Bill Belichik is a goat. 4th and 13 with a 48 yard field goal in the balance, and he elects to go for it. That cocky attitude worked during the season. 'Stop us' was the quote. If you can't, then you suffer the outcome. That was why they blew out so many teams. But that arrogance blinded Belichik, and 3 points separated the 2 teams at game's end. He walked off the field with time still on the clock while his defense had to watch Eli kneel for victory. He should be ashamed of himself.

Tom Coughlin gets an extension. I eat my words today. I wanted the man fired last season. I wanted a QB drafted. I wanted Strahan to shut up and play. I wanted, I wanted, I wanted. Well, my team gave me the only thing I wanted in reality - a Super Bowl Championship.

Copyrighting 19-0? Selling advanced copies of the 19-0 chronicles on Amazon? Scoffing at the Giants and even telling them to pack their bags before the end of the game (I believe it was Seymour)?

Well, arrogance has a way of creeping up and ending your run. Karma comes back to bite ya. Boston & the New England faithful don't get another title this year. I'm not a Yankee fan or anything, but that is sweet indeed.

Congrats to the Giants.


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